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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – April 13, 2011 | The entire Iranian community is in chock since an Iranian refugee took his life by setting himself on fire right after his asylum request was denied and that it was announced that he would be extradited to Iran. In the name of every exiled ones, we call the European Parliament to suspend extraditions of Iranians who ask for asylum to the Islamic Republic of Iran.


IRAN : A very depressing December 10th

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – December 10, 2010 | The day before yesterday, on the Thursday 9 December, the mullahs let supposed that they would free 2 prisoners on whom focus foreign media despite that according to the latest statistics, the mullahs hang daily more than 18 men who are less than 28.

It was on the day before the international day of the Human Rights. Western media announced then that the condition of Human Rights got better while the regime hangs more than 18 boys of less than 28 every day.

Then, on the 10 December, International day of the Human Rights, the regime specified that one of the 2 released people was freed temporarily only and that the other one, Sakineh, was not free yet [1].

De facto, on this special day, every media told about Sakineh instead of mentioning that every day 18 young people are hanged in this country and that since the start of this three-day buzz, at least 54 Iranians were hanged.



The website WikiLeaks has just published numerous official documents (stolen by the common soldier who had access to no less than the secret codes of the Pentagon and the State Department!) showing the United States’ intensive secret diplomatic activity in relation to and plans for military intervention against Iran. Such dubious leaks appear at a time when the Obama administration has yet to bring about an agreement needed by the US to dominate the region and, in failing to do so, needs more time to avoid being accused by the American people of carelessness and inaction. Moreover, twenty four hours after the alleged leak, Hillary Clinton intervened to say that these documents were evidence of the Obama administration’s engagement! Washington organized these leaks in order to reassure US public opinion; meanwhile, although the interesting ideas disclosed by the leaks are not the objective analysis they are presented as, they reveal the contours of future US geopolitical projects.



The American press agency AP told this week about some interruption of Iran’s nuclear enrichment activities. The Islamic Republic denied and told it was reinforcing its activities. Pro-American media denounced the mullahs’ lie. This doesn’t surprise us. Washington which has sanctioned the mullahs for long in order to force them to become its allies can’t sanction them anymore because this might overthrow them. It is looking for any means that would delay new sanctions at a time when the mullahs refuse any appeasement with the United States. This is some American media diversion which is destined to the American (or Western) public opinion. This is an occasion to remind the chronology of relations between Tehran and Washington and to review several example of a permanent disinformation which nobody tells about.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – November 10, 2010 | In 1979, the Americans supported the arrival on power of an Islamic Republic in Iran, but in other places as well, in order to induce chain reaction and thus conquer Central Asia which was then a Soviet region. Their ulterior motive was in fine to deprive China from its gas resources and destroy this future economic adversary. In order to keep at sight their pawns that were on power in Iran, the Americans needed the mullahs. Six months after their common victory, the mullahs evicted Washington’s pawns in order to take the power. From then on, Washington has used various means of pressure so to force them to open their political space to its Islamists. It has insisted on dialogue but the mullahs have refused by any mean as long as they aren’t afraid of Washington because the latter avoids very heavy sanctions for fear of overthrowing this regime. In reply to this attitude which is doubly impertinent, on the last Monday, Washington started to organize “anti-Shiite attacks with Sunnite signature” in order to make them angry at Sunnite and deprive them from the support of the Arab street : in order to isolate them and force them to cooperate. Tehran which expected this to happen didn’t take any hostile stand against Sunnite. At that time, we mentioned the necessity for Washington to provoke it further. On Monday, one week after this first wave of attacks, other anti-Shiite attacks of Sunnite origin targeted more explicated Iranians in Iraq.


Iran-GB : The cylinder lent to the mullahs is a fake !

Recently, shortly before the second major strike of the Bazaar, the regime was in “disarray”. The regime feared a popular uprising and tried to scare but also please the people. The British, who are the traditional allies of the mullahs, have lent the Cyrus Cylinder (The first universal declaration of human rights) to the mullahs in order to, in their turn, offer it to the Iranian people who recognize in this symbol, a much more civilized Iran. This was not conclusive because the loan made by the thief of the cylinder to the thieves of the Iranian identity had outraged the people who preferred to look away from the organized Islamizing ceremony in honor of the arrival of the cylinder. We are delighted to announce great news to our fellow countrymen : the cylinder lent to the mullahs is a fake !



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Nov. 1, 2010 | Two weeks ago, the Six offered Tehran to dialogue but the latter refused. Than, 9 days ago, on the 24 October, it told about its own efforts to succeed in dialoguing without being required anything about the matter. But on the 26 October, it called everything into question. Then on the 29, it adopted a different position : it accepted to open dialogue after the 10 November (after the mid-term elections in the United States) and it specified that it would be question of a dialogue on its own conditions that would include among others the world’s nuclear disarmament ! Then Washington called it to order and required some constructive dialogue. Tehran continued to reject any dialogue about nuclear issue and after few hours, it announced that it was ready to resume negotiations about its nuclear program even before the proposed date, i.e. before the American election.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – October 27, 2010 | On Saturday 23 of October, the New York Times reported that the mullahs have regularly given bags filled with cash to Omar Daoudzai, Karzai’s chief cabinet, in order to purchase his loyalty and promote Iranian interests in Afghanistan. The day after, the Afghan president gathered the press in order to specify that the Americans were aware of this and that this was not a secret at all which could not have been ignored by the New York Times which constitutes a kind of American Pravda. As revenge, the average American who used to ignore this knows from now on that the mullahs who help Taliban dispose as well of high-ranked friends who can give them information which would be susceptible to be beneficial to Afghan Islamist fighters. Who could take advantage of such news ? Anybody who would like to pressurize the mullahs. The involvement of the New York Times implies of course that Washington is behind such leaf. The reason lays in the failure of Washington’s latest effort to force the mullahs to reconcile with it and become its regional allies.

Decoding of such warning


© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – October 13, 2010 | At the time of the first strike of the Bazaar on the last July, the regime which usually hides its violation of Human Rights told about some scheduled stoning sentence in order to divert people’s attention from the Bazaar which would be able to overthrow it if it managed to maintain a long strike. Westerners who repeat relentlessly their desire of an entente with the mullahs applied quickly this media manipulation : the proof is that they never tell about the strike of the Bazaar but they mention a lot Sakineh’s affair while the Bazaar is in a state of unrest. This is due to the fact that the United States need an Islamist ally [2] to control the Muslim street and that Europeans dispose of much advantageous oil contract in Iran. That’s why on the last August when the Bazaar tried to strike again, the affair was mentioned again by Tehran and the West. This affair which finally exhausted Western opinion has just been launched again with the so-called arrest of Sakineh’s son because the Bazaar is striking again and on the last week, the regime didn’t manage to break this strike ; it even contributed to its intensification.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – November 27, 2010 | Iranian nationalists have a Nazis mindset and the origins of this ideology go back more than two millennia, according to an article by an “Iranian journalist” writing on France 24, a journalist close to the “Green Movement”, the counterfeit opposition which, contrary to the advertisements, advocates the application of Ayatollah Khomeini’s programme to the letter !



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – October 7, 2010 | Recently, based on American information source (Symantec), Western media have been relentlessly telling about the sabotage of the Iranian nuclear programme by Stuxnet virus which is considered to have contaminated around 30,000 laptops belonging to the employees of Buchehr power plant. In a past article, we highlighted the inconsistencies of the first American tale of such contamination. The Western media machinery went back onto the offensive with new American expertises and reported exactly the same conclusions. This intrigued us. By examining unvarying conclusions, we noticed there was a defect : they tell about Buchehr ! However, the Iranian nuclear programme which is facing American sanctions is entirely independent from Buchehr and is located somewhere else in Natanz, Tehran or even in Esfahan and it is ongoing. The authors of the Stuxnet campaign are trying to make people confused. This doesn’t happen by chance but at a time when Washington needs an entente with the mullahs and tries to avoid any conflict in order to continue dialogue.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – October 6, 2010 | The Bazar’s strike is gaining ground and Western media still hasn’t referred to it. Henceforth, there are two fronts: on the one hand, the regime is trying to break the strike by any mean of intimidation and tricks and on the other hand, Westerners don’t tell about the strike in order to let the regime make people feel disheartened. It results in media coverage of some affairs such as Sakineh’s stoning and whenever the affair appears to be loosing momentum, it is revived with some new development. | Aspects of both fronts |



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 31, 2010 | For two weeks, French media has focused on Sakineh, an Iranian sentenced to death by stoning. Media has commented in depth Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy’s commitment. In this much overexcited context, two days ago, Tehran announced loudly its decision of conducting two other stoning sentences. This information had no repercussion in France because the AFP didn’t release any news about the matter. The same press agency echoed the insults that were heaped by the main Iranian daily newspaper on Carla Bruni because of her commitment. However we read this newspaper every day and we didn’t notice this kind of thing. Insults appeared on a website which is not much popular. Thus we are in a situation of censure and distraction. | Decoding |



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 26, 2010 | Washington sanctions the mullahs in order to force them to become its allies and destabilize China and Russia. As sanctions deprive it of currencies, the Iranian economy is not at all well : SMEs are going bankrupt and thousands of workers are laid off. Additionally the mullahs find difficulties to supply domestic markets. They are heading to penuries that could make them collapse. In order to avoid such penuries, they started to cut the Iranians’ purchasing power by freezing salaries and liberalizing prices. Every ally of the regime, militiamen and especially Bazari, want to leave the boat so to not be lynched by people whenever the regime will collapse. Some of them such as young Basiji who are in charge of urban security have already left the regime. The regime does its best to simulate some unity in order to curb such implosion. Washington which is willing to maintain an Islamic regime in Iran feels quite disturbed because it wants to avoid that its people know about what is happening in Iran in order to prevent them from supporting any regime change. Thus it found THE solution : a campaign to save a woman who is condemned to death sentence, a victim to avert eyes away from people in distress. Tehran which doesn’t wish to get the American people support is participating to this operation via the victim’s so-called lawyer who pretends to be exiled but who doesn’t denounce at all the regime’s exactions.

Some famous people were instrumented for such campaign. There is one letter everyday written by a celebrity in order to focus endlessly the general attention on a sole victim while entire people wait and get hopeless. This is revolting because this is meant to break Iranians’ hope.

Among those letters, some are written by people who are politically involved with mullahs or with Americans. However we won’t mention them because we don’t want anymore to be sued by those pawns that dispose of great financial means. But some letters are written by very sincere persons. Among them, the letter of Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy because it shows elements that prove her sensitivity and her sincerity but that denotes as well the fact that she is misinformed.

That is why we decided to call out the first lady of France in order to inform her so that she can put her energy and the one of her husband at the disposal of truth and of people in distress who expect to get the Western support.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 16, 2010 | One month ago, when the Bazar of Tehran started to strike and when the movement spread to entire nation, the regime which never tells about its own Human Rights violations gave a lot of media coverage to the stoning death sentence of surnamed Sakineh in order to create a diversion for the strike that threatened then its security. Whenever the strike stopped, the regime dismantled such media bomb by adjourning Sakineh’s verdict. Last week, on the 10th of August, the Bazar of Machad started to strike. On the evening, the regime created a new media diversion with Sakineh’s TV confession. Actually the fact is that such confession doesn’t exist. Beware, you are manipulated ! | Explanations |



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 3, 2010 | Ahmadinejad claimed Bush to be gutless and dared Obama to accept a face-to-face debate. The representive of the mollahs at the United Nations as warned that Tehran « will set Tel-Aviv on fire if Israel attacks the Islamic republic over its controversial nuclear programme » whereas neither Israel nor the United States had mentioned any attacks, and that the United States even accepted last week a dialogue under the conditions set by Tehran. Here’s the problem : to remain in its leader figure in the Arab street, which gives the privilege to control Hezbollah, Tehran must avoid any appeasements with Washington. « Clash » must be provoked to ruin dialogues. However its declarations sometimes seem all the more contradictory even though they are very provocative. In fact there is nothing contradictory : its declarations are very technical and in charge of very accurate insinuations linked to its face-to-face history with America.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – July 20, 2010 | Last week, Russia distinguished itself particularly well in its omnipresence about Iran. First of all, it caused much surprise by stating that it would send some warnings to Iran by resorting to resolutions or sanctions in order to force it to dialogue because it was sure that the Iranian nuclear program was of military kind, an opinion it didn’t express before. Tehran protested but Washington didn’t react. The Western media thus concluded that it has just hardened its position toward Iran but we thought it was not true : it has simply opposed to the appeasement policy of Washington. The day after, such analysis was confirmed by Russia’s announcement of gasoline sale to Iran in case of American embargo, which doesn’t appear at all as a proof of hardening. Since then, the media that mistaken avoided to make any comment about the matter. But Moscow kept going and took several initiatives of the same kind. It announced that it has adopted a new approach in its policy, which was already very complex, toward the American policy against Iran.



Whereas more and more countries announced adopting unilateral sanctions against the mollahs, these latter have announced the visit of a delegation of the Iranians in charge for oil in China, in order to sign important contracts that would neutralize the effects of the sanctions announced.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – June 24, 2010 | Two days after he announced that he would forbid the access to Iranian nuclear plants to two inspectors from the IAEA, the head of the Iranian nuclear programme Salehi stated that his team produced “more than 17 kilos” of uranium, enriched at 20%, and that it was able to produce 5 kilos monthly. With the good timing sense which is so typical of it, the regime implies it did some progress it would like to keep secret, a way to deepen crisis and make the West surrender.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – June 8, 2010 | Since several months, Turkey has appeared in the news as an improvised negotiator in the Iranian nuclear crisis. Lately it took part in the signature of a nuclear compromise with the mullahs. For a week it has become very topical as an emerging actor on the international scene in the world’s thorniest conflict. From our point of view, this Turkey superstar is the outcome of Washington’s will and this can’t be a riskless situation for this country.


Iran–Sea Transport : The embargo delusion

Yesterday in Istanbul, at the CICA summit, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Poutine stated that an agreement was “almost made” regarding a project of a resolution that would sanction Iran because of its nuclear program. This resolution will moreover be subjected to the vote today. Last May, one again Russians announced that the draft of the resolution mentioned a reinforcement of inspections of Iranian cargos. Then it would be possible to go through Iranian vessels not only in the ports but as well on international waters. Such step is not unnecessary because Tehran has found some ways to get round the current embargo.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – May 25, 2010 | While we talk about new sanctions against the mullahs and their trade partners (European, Chinese or Russian), an American former senior civil servant revealed that 18 American banks were keeping relations with some Iranian financial establishments that are mentioned on the American black list. In the same way, in April 2009, the mullahs revealed that the main American banks offered them to go further by opening branches in Tehran. In June 2009, London revealed that Washington authorized in secret the Indians to maintain high level trade relations with the mullahs. Yesterday the mullahs themselves announced they won an important Indian oil call for offer that was launched in September 2009 which would not happen without the American’s approval. Washington plays a double game with the mullahs but with the international community as well.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – March 19, 2010 | Two days ago, something amazing happened in Tehran : thousands of people went down to the streets in order to celebrate a ritual that is forbidden by the regime. They danced, they sang together what is forbidden and above all they refused to be instrumented by Mussavi’s Green Movement, this false internal opposition whose leaders sit in the leader decision-maker body of the country. The retraction was so important that the regime needed to change the colour balance of this night’s videos in order to make them green. However, the mullahs are not the only ones to colour anything in green : the Europeans and the Americans have just dedicated entire pages of their press to the Green Movement via long interviews which were made with Shirin Ebadi and Sazgara who claim to be the exiled leaders of the green opposition. | Decoding |



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – FEB 27, 2010 | While it has to square up to its total collapse at every level which is expressed by the permanent boycott of its official demonstrations by Iranians, civilians or militiamen, the mullahs’ regime had the idea to stage an internal revolution against those the West identified as wicked people. Thus this would polish up the image of the revolution and link it with a democratic ideal by making Iranians appear as people who are attached to the Islamic revolution. Such operation which is lead by the Green Movement and Mussavi has focused right away its communication on a comparison between “the Shah’s bloody dictatorship and Ahmadinejad’s one” in order to pay tribute to the Islamic revolution of 1979 -the thing which needs to be rescued. Such speech didn’t have the expected impact in Iran because nowadays nobody believes the tales about the crimes of the Shah. Most authors of those incriminating words have confessed for years that they lied. However such talks were quoted and published solely in Persian language. De facto, the Shah has remained a criminal to Westerners’ point of view and this constitutes a great help for the Green Movement, the alter ego of a regime whose back is to the wall. It appeared necessary to us to expose the facts such as they are known by Iranians.

by Babak Khandani



The Fire Day is the yearly appointment of the regime’s adversaries. It took place yesterday night. The Iranian bureau of the AFP reported that the mobilization was very low further to a request Mussavi made. This is wrong. According to every eyewitness account, participation was much important not only in Tehran but also in the regions. Moreover there was no reference at all to the Green Movement. | Decoding in images |



Tehran announced this week that it broke up an American network of websites which support counter-revolution. Beware, it’s just propaganda !



On Monday 7 March, Vitol Company, whose capital is British and which is Iran’s most important fuel supplier, announced via the Financial Times its decision to “halt to the deliveries” to the mullahs “because of the American sanctions” -according to FT. However, no sanction exists so far and Obama has dismissed expressly any resort to embargo on fuel. In such context, such announcement runs counter to Obama’s wish. | Decoding |



Usually, to mark the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, we are served by a plethoric number of articles in the written press describing the event as an extraordinary opportunity for Iran. This year, we were spoilt with 14 hours of disinformation in the form of apparently impartial reports on all topics dear to Islamic regime, aired on the Franco-German channel Arte. Such simplistic themes as : The bipolarisation of Iranian politics since the revolution in conservative and reformist camps…University is more accessible to the masses…Women have become omnipresent in the social sphere…Young Iranians are enjoying themselves : All lies, repeatedly reported in order to mask the harsh laws of the Sharia and the unpopularity of the regime and the revolution itself...



According to the AFP and other Western agencies, “the main Iranian opponent, Mir Hussein Mussavi, stated on Saturday that the power was seized by a sect in Iran”. According to another French media, this was “his most virulent attack until then against the mullahs’ regime”. In terms of deontology, this is much pitiful because Mussavi didn’t say such words. On the contrary, in his latest discussion, Mussavi solely told about his commitment to the system and to its institutions whose first one is obviously the Supreme Guide’s trusteeship. | Double Decoding |



Three days ago, Tehran announced that within 30 days it would start to “build two enrichment plants with centrifuges that would be 5 times more powerful”. The following day, Hillary Clinton reminded that she attached value by dialogue and maybe by a resolution “within 30 to 60 days”. There’s obviously a link between those both statements. However the connection is more complex than what seems to be.



Tehran has just announced that it intercepted on board a flying plane above its territorial waters Abdol-Malek Riggi, the leader of the armed Baluchi separatist group which is financed by Americans. In a press release they broadcasted on the net, Riggi’s supporters state their leader was handed over by the CIA due to some Iranian-American political wheeler-dealing. We share such opinion because it’s not the first time Washington hands over a combatant of this group so to contribute in the resumption of dialogue with the mullahs whom it needs to establish its authority in the region.



Le Figaro published the opinions page of a certain Hamid Gharavi, lawyer of the Paris and New York Bars, which showed something disconcerting. The author appears critical towards the current leaders of the mullahs’ regime, without naming them, but he considers the Islamic revolution as a democratic and laic great moment. He also considers Khomeini as a kind democrat and laic ruler who solely wanted to re-establish morality into political choices. According to the author, sanctions against Iran would imply some sanctions against the course towards secularity. On the contrary, it’s necessary to cooperate with Iran. For those who know Iran and the exploits of the revolution, Mr. Gharavi chained-smoked ! We would like to ensure you that he didn’t smoke but he wants to smoke us out methodically.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Feb 7, 2006 | The Friday 8 September 1978’s nickname is Black Friday. “It’s the day on which Iranian army opened fire on people. The 8 September is the official date of the beginning of the repression of the Islamic revolutionary movement by the Shah and his army.” This much spread version is nevertheless questioned by Iranian themselves, by those who attended this day’s events, by the contradictory proofs and by several Persian-written or French-written books.



Despite the Green Movement announced explicitly on several occasions its attachment to the Islamic Revolution and to the established model, since 15 days, every pro-American Iranian opponent we denounced on this website in April 2007 are campaigning from the United States and Europe to encourage Iranians who are in the country or in exile to demonstrate under the Green banner on the 11 February, date of the commemoration of the Islamic Republic. | Decoding |



One week ago, Washington caused much surprise by authorizing Iraq to close a 600 millions dollars oil deal with the mullahs at a time when the latter gave signs of exhaustion few days before their revolution’s anniversary. The sum gave the mullahs their smile back since they started to use the offensive mode again against this America that provided them with the proof it’s not willing to overthrow them. But the question is what would be the use of those 600 millions dollars for such a ruined regime. To what were those petrodollars allocated ? The answer is disconcerting and much instructive for those who wish to cook something up with the mullahs.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Feb 1st, 2010 | For years, the Islamic Republic asked Russia to deliver it the defensive system of S-300 anti-missile missiles that would make it invulnerable to any air strike against its military and nuclear installations. Despite the absence of sanctions that would be applicable to defensive equipments, the Russian political leaders as well as the persons in charge of the Russian agency of arms export, “RosOboranExport”, have always denied such requests and Washington has always paid tribute to such refusal. However, on the last Thursday, “RosOboranExport”’s manager announced there was “no obstacle to any military and technical cooperation in the fields that concern Moscow and Tehran” and such sentiments didn’t trigger any negative reaction from Washington.
| Decoding |


Iran : Heading to an impasse

Throughout 2009, Americans alternated reconciliation offers with American embargo threats but they did so without adopting the necessary law at the Chamber and then at the Senate because their goal have never been the mullahs’ overthrowing as long as they wish to force them to become their regional allies. When the adoption by the American Senate of an embargo bill was announced, we could believe that Americans changed their attitude towards the mullahs. This is not the case because the Senate just adopted a text that appears different from the one that was adopted on the last October by the Chamber : it’s the beginning of a new procedure.


Iran : We can fear the worse

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Sept 29, 2009 | The mullahs’ regime which derives its power from its abilities of destabilization of the region with anti-Israeli slogans cannot on any account set up an appeased dialogue with Americans. This week, it multiplied its provocations so to mess the dialogue up. Faced with it, the Six display some restraint so to attract it to round-table discussions.


Iran : Some subering up survey on narcotic prices

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Nov 22, 2009 | In its issue dated of the 6 November, the German newspaper Stern dedicated a report to the situation of drug addiction in Iran. A German journalist, Steffen Gassel, and an Iranian photographer threw themselves into “Iran, the quagmire of drug addiction” to deliver chocking images of this country that shows according to the UNO the highest drug addiction rate in the world.


Iran : The last resort before sanctions

Last week, the Islamic regime announced that the law about subsidies withdrawal came into force. Officially, such subsidies should be replaced with targeted allowances that would be intended for the poorest people. At that time we told about the regime’s will to cut its expenses. However, in the light of the latest economic news, we can state that it made the choice to cut Iranians’ purchasing power. | Explanations |


Obama - Iran : Appeasement and confusion !

According to every press agency, “the representatives of the Six group -United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France and Germany- didn’t manage to agree on Saturday on new sanctions against Iran. However they agreed to meet again with Iranian representatives in order to discuss IAEA’s proposal that offers to enrich abroad a part of the Iranian uranium”. This would have been simpler to state at the end of this meeting whose agenda was the Iranian refusal that the Six decided to go on with this deaf dialogue.


Iran : the Bazaar in a mess

The American bank sanctions made Iranian economy go wrong because it’s based on foreign investments as well as import-export activities. Without this true fuel that made it go for around 30 years, nothing goes well : debts are piling up, banks are going bankrupt. As it expects for the worse, the regime publicized last Monday some balance that appeared closer to reality in order to prepare its domestic partners. Such announcement has spread panic and caused a chain reaction whose effects were unexpected. Iran is on the move.


Petraeus, Obama’s spare wheel !

David Petraeus, the commander of the American Army who is in charge of the Middle-East, stated on Sunday on CNN that his general staff “considered several scenarios” and among them the “bombing of Iranian nuclear plants”. But Petraeus specified that the “Iranian nuclear crisis could be still resolved through the diplomatic way” because “some delay is still remaining before we reach this crucial point”. His sentiments kindled the web while Washington has always taken this yes-but line.



© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Feb 10, 2010 | At a time when, in order to force Westerners to give in, the Islamic Republic is intending to induce an escalation that would be susceptible to threaten the security of the Ormuz, it would have been interesting to know the opinion of the regime’s moderate people. Mir Hussein Mussavi who is described by Western States as an opponent or even a moderate mentioned the issue in a speech about the Green Movement’s objectives. Western media censured his words.

Decoding of the speech and the reasons of such censure

Iran : Mussavi breaks up the Greens

Since 6 months, we have explained endlessly that the Green Movement declares itself as a pro-regime movement and even as the true heir of Khomeini which is struggling to get a pure and harsh Islamic Republic that would be also hostile to any appeasement with the West. Despite such warnings, 5 days ago, while we were viewing the videos that were sent from Iran, many media declared this was an anti-regime revolution lead by the Green Movement. In order to close this subject that was never part of Tehran’s intentions, the assumed leader of the Green Movement, Mussavi, published a 5 points plan to get over the crisis in which everything is about the “safeguard of Islam and the regime in order to resist in foreign dictate !”


Iran : Why Le Monde is getting restless ?

Since yesterday, Le Monde publishes every three hours an article about Iran. This newspaper that used to appear very respectful towards the mullahs’ regime changed its speech. There’s no mention anymore of any running revolution in Iran, the regime would still have two months left… Such mood reminds us the year 1979 when Le Monde was one of the media to be at the forefront of the struggle against the Shah, on the side of Khomeini’s supporters. The regime maker switched presently to the opposite side. We can consider it as a warning. In order to understand the importance of such warning, we need to go back to 1979 and look into the part Le Monde played in the fall of the Shah of Iran, an ally who didn’t suit then Westerners.



The Green Movement is in a mad rush ! This movement that was described as a democratic one because of the criticism it levelled at Ahmadinejad or the Supreme Guide confessed at last that it never had any vague desire to change the regime but solely a will to criticize Ahmadinejad or the Supreme Guide so they don’t forget the founding principles of the Islamic Revolution ! This movement the regime conceived in order to give a democratic hint to any compromise refusal, notably regarding nuclear field, blocked any Western speculations right before they went too far such as it happened on the last June. While we should have witnessed a denunciation for mendacious advertisement, many pro-American journalists such as Michel Taubmann took up their pen to defend the Green Movement, a fact which requires serious decoding.


Iran : 26 Videos of a centralized revolution

Every Western media talk about the clashes in Iran while our contacts in Iran -Tehran, Esfahan and Mashhad- qualify them as “the regime’s playacting that is intended for legitimating the Green Movement”, a fake pro-Khomeini opposition that is hostile to any compromise regarding nuclear issue. They told us that if it wouldn’t be the case, the regime would not have confirmed the “deaths”, necessary victims. So we decided to publish every related video that are getting around in order to prove that it was question of some playacting and not of a real uprising such as we expected it.



Last June in an effort to block negotiations on the nuclear issue the Mullah regime invented the Green Movement who’s leader, Khomeini’s former Prime Minister Mousavi, without taking a clear position is known to be hostile to any compromise with the West in this domain. Despite a very ingenious blurred position on most general issues facing Iran Mousavi’s Islamist past caught up with him depriving the Green Movement of a mass mobilization necessary to become the legitimate voice of the Iranian people. Since June the Green Movement, conceived to give democratic and popular colours to the unilateral refusal of any compromise in the nuclear issue, has been running after the mobilization that would legitimize it with the International community. In the absence of such a mass participation the regime has been diffusing rumours through so-called smuggled videos to convince Iranians and the Western opinion that the Green Movement has momentum. Yesterday the show was in Zanjan.


Iran : Ayatollah Montazeri, a green martyr

rand Ayatollah Montazeri, one of the main artisans of the Islamic revolution and a recent outspoken figure of the Green movement, passed away Saturday at an unconfirmed hour at his home in Qom. Montazeri, labelled as a dissident Ayatollah by the Western press, was according to Iranian political experts close to the regime extremely popular and capable of mobilizing a large number of Iranians on the occasion of his funeral that will take place this Monday.

This event merits a triple deciphering.



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