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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 26, 2010 | Washington sanctions the mullahs in order to force them to become its allies and destabilize China and Russia. As sanctions deprive it of currencies, the Iranian economy is not at all well : SMEs are going bankrupt and thousands of workers are laid off. Additionally the mullahs find difficulties to supply domestic markets. They are heading to penuries that could make them collapse. In order to avoid such penuries, they started to cut the Iranians’ purchasing power by freezing salaries and liberalizing prices. Every ally of the regime, militiamen and especially Bazari, want to leave the boat so to not be lynched by people whenever the regime will collapse. Some of them such as young Basiji who are in charge of urban security have already left the regime. The regime does its best to simulate some unity in order to curb such implosion. Washington which is willing to maintain an Islamic regime in Iran feels quite disturbed because it wants to avoid that its people know about what is happening in Iran in order to prevent them from supporting any regime change. Thus it found THE solution : a campaign to save a woman who is condemned to death sentence, a victim to avert eyes away from people in distress. Tehran which doesn’t wish to get the American people support is participating to this operation via the victim’s so-called lawyer who pretends to be exiled but who doesn’t denounce at all the regime’s exactions.

Some famous people were instrumented for such campaign. There is one letter everyday written by a celebrity in order to focus endlessly the general attention on a sole victim while entire people wait and get hopeless. This is revolting because this is meant to break Iranians’ hope.

Among those letters, some are written by people who are politically involved with mullahs or with Americans. However we won’t mention them because we don’t want anymore to be sued by those pawns that dispose of great financial means. But some letters are written by very sincere persons. Among them, the letter of Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy because it shows elements that prove her sensitivity and her sincerity but that denotes as well the fact that she is misinformed.

That is why we decided to call out the first lady of France in order to inform her so that she can put her energy and the one of her husband at the disposal of truth and of people in distress who expect to get the Western support.

Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy started her letter with the touching mention of the pain of Sakineh and of helpless ones who would assist in her atrocious stoning execution. She tells about the “obscure reasons” that motivate judges and then she incites them to remember the “heritage of the Iranian civilization” to abolish death penalty.

At that point, we stop momentarily this quotation because mullahs are not the heirs of the Iranian civilization and more precisely the pre-Islamic Persian Empire [1]. Mullahs don’t consider themselves this way and they made this revolution especially to erase the “misdeeds of 2,500 year monarchy” whose main assets were equality of rights between men and women and religious tolerance for any cult. However what is terrible is that those people who were bound by restrained political role before 1979 received full powers because France among other Western States helped them to take the power.

Madame, maybe you remember that in 1978 a certain Khomeini lived in France with the same privileges than those granted to a Head of State. France made sheep’s eyes at the old mullah and at his droves of quite unpleasant bearded men (financed by the United States) because it has then problems with the Shah [4] : in 1973, the later warned that he would not renew the much advantageous oil contract that used to link his country with the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and France. At that time he became the man to be shot down. In order to give legitimacy to such uncommon support from their worst enemies, i.e. the mullahs, it was written that the Shah was a kind of torturer and jailed more than 10,000 political prisoners, imaginary prisoners who have never been found right after the Islamic revolution. As revenge, the latter established immediately the Sharia and started its work by burning prostitutes alive ; then it allowed the systemic rape of thousands of women before their execution and at last the first stoning… However your country in which you take pride didn’t condemn such Human Rights violations because it was negotiating its oil contract. Then this regime sullied the Iranian youth by fixing penal majority at the age of 12 and a half for boys and 8 for girls. Each year, thousands of children are jailed with adults. For girls, the situation is even more serious because it’s possible to marry them from the age of 8 and a half. Each year, more than 100,000 girls are victims of such form of legalized paedophilia which is eased notably by temporary marriage and unlimited polygamy. This made Iran become one of the main destinations for sexual tourism. But France which remained busy with the signature of the mullahs’ cheap oil contracts has never condemned those crimes and the mullahs’ other exactions, even not political assassinations. With the aim of pleasing the mullahs, it was hard with the opponents’ reputation and mostly it liked and gave great media coverage to so-called experts who have helped the regime to hide such sickening reality. France even did worse : few years ago, we revealed the case of a young girl of the age of 13 who was raped and sentenced to death by stoning because of adultery : we remember that the Quai d’Orsay denied officially such information so to not harm its partner’s survival.

Nowadays, France is telling about a sole stoning case while the entire country is burning. Madame, you can save Sakineh but you must save Iranians as well. This is riskless for you. This risk will be taken by my compatriots who are “close to a blood drop of freedom” such as says politically committed singer Hatef. Iranians are ready to shed this blood drop. However it’s necessary that their presence in the street gets the support of everyone and that the experience of the 2009 summer doesn’t happen again while millions of them were in the streets and Obama and while his allies, among which your husband, turned their back on them.

In your letter you remind mullahs of changing their laws in order to help Iranians to “turn their back on cruelty”. Iranians are not in question. They have already turned their back on cruelty long time ago, they even endangered themselves to prove it but nobody supported them.

We can erase mistakes, Madame. You can be behind such change because your husband might have to respect international duties or commitments towards his American allies who prevent him from going as far as he wishes. So it’s your responsibility to fight for this cause.

For this purpose, it’s necessary to speak in the name of truth : talk about those mistreated and revolted people, about what they are living currently. It’s necessary to stop giving media coverage to those false opponents who are favoured by Washington or by the mullahs. It’s necessary as well to break all ties with people such as Shirin Ebadi who introduce themselves as defender of the Human Rights but who have never denounced the rapes of female prisoners, decriminalized paedophilia, female condition, children condition, execution of homosexuals or converts or even assassinations perpetrated by the regime. Those persons have always defended the Islamic revolution and they are still looking for supporting it by inciting regularly Westerners to negotiate with the mullahs. We need to forget those tricks and support people who have a simple desire : not the end of death penalty but the end of abject laws and the end of those who apply them. France participated in the rise of those monsters. It can help Iranians to get rid of them.

In 1979, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the president of the French Republic was among those who caged an entire people so to get some oil barrels. Nowadays he participates in the campaign of Sakineh whose goal is to ward the attention of French people off the expectations of Iranian people.

Madame, we ask you to leave this coalition of false defenders of freedom who focus just on a law and not on the entire system, on a sole victim and not on 70 millions people in distress.

Please walk on the side of Iranians. It’s your responsibility to do it because your husband has international duties or commitments that prevent him from going as far as he would like. You should fight for the cause. You are capable to do it and artists are on your side. Help us, help us, help us. Iranian people are waiting for you.

PS : We would like to ask to our readers to spread widely this letter and if necessary, several time a day. It’s necessary to print it and send it to Carla. Help us, help us, help us. Iranian people are waiting for you.

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- (26 AOÛT 2010)

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[1Generally, every Muslim is supposed to consider centuries before Islam advent such as an era of ignorance (Jaheliat). According to such point of view, civilization started with Islam and Sharia. With due respect for cheap barrel, we never mention it.