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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – November 27, 2010 | Iranian nationalists have a Nazis mindset and the origins of this ideology go back more than two millennia, according to an article by an “Iranian journalist” writing on France 24, a journalist close to the “Green Movement”, the counterfeit opposition which, contrary to the advertisements, advocates the application of Ayatollah Khomeini’s programme to the letter !

This pseudo-opposition has found few supporters among Iranians, who have boycotted its demonstrations by affirming their loyalty to their pre-Islamic Iranian identity, personified by such figures as Darius, Xerxes and Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, who freed the Jewish people, among others, and drafted the first charter of Human Rights.

As they feel horror at such affinity, one that is the contrary of the Islamic model providing for their sustenance, the regime’s leaders found no better alternative than to smear such devotion and loyalty by associating it with “Nazism”. This is malicious, but it is not without precedence. Reza Shah the Great, the founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty, has been characterized by the Islamists and their allies as a “an admirer of Hitler” for years.

The preposterous theorizing in question was disseminated via an article written in English by a certain Ali-Reza Amir-Hajeb i on France 24’s website, which promptly provided a French translation as well. In the article, Amir-Hajebi announces the existence of a supposedly “popular” website, and with that as his pretext, proceeds to trace the historical and ideological origins of “Iranian Nazism” to a “racist” text from the pre-Islamic Achaemenid period and the person of Reza Shah Pahlavi. However, it was easily shown that the mentioned historical text was distorted (see details in associated article) and that his “facts” regarding Reza Shah were complete fabrications. To make the matter more comical, the IP address [1] of the creator of the of “Iranian Nazis” website turned out to be located in Paradise Valley, Arizona ! In short, it became obvious that everything about the article was fake.

There’s nothing surprising : Ali-Reza Amir-Hajebi who plays the role of an “independent journalist” on France 24 is the ghostwriter of Sadegh Kharrazi, the notorious Islamist who made an interesting diplomatic career at the UNO, and afterwards in France, thanks both to the protection of Rafsanjani, the big boss of the regime, and his relationship, by marriage [2], with Ayatollah Khamenei, the regime’s spiritual guide !


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The regime, which feels increasingly weaker, is looking to salvage something from the situation in which it finds itself by discrediting the Iranian people. And France, sadly, is lending a helping hand in diabolizing those who are doing Iran, and the Near East, good.

The french version of this article :
- Iran-Nazisme : France 24 devrait être poursuivie pour diffamation
- (27 NOVEMBRE 2010)

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[1American address of “”

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[2Marriage as a tool of political alliance for the mullahs.