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Iran : Mussavi breaks up the Greens

Since 6 months, we have explained endlessly that the Green Movement declares itself as a pro-regime movement and even as the true heir of Khomeini which is struggling to get a pure and harsh Islamic Republic that would be also hostile to any appeasement with the West. Despite such warnings, 5 days ago, while we were viewing the videos that were sent from Iran, many media declared this was an anti-regime revolution lead by the Green Movement. In order to close this subject that was never part of Tehran’s intentions, the assumed leader of the Green Movement, Mussavi, published a 5 points plan to get over the crisis in which everything is about the “safeguard of Islam and the regime in order to resist in foreign dictate !”

Genesis of the Green Movement, front of refusal of any compromise | Several months ago, Americans, who need Iran to reach Central Asia and the mullahs to control this region’s fundamentalist forces in order to turn them against China, noticed they couldn’t sanction the mullahs anymore so to force them to accept an alliance. The sanctions weakened the mullahs too much and they risked collapsing which would have annihilated the American dreams of destabilization of China via its Muslims. It wasn’t a matter of freezing the adoption of new sanctions but of freezing the sanctions that were already implemented. Washington had several brilliant ideas and the first one was the opening of negotiations without previous condition -about every issue that have divided both countries. As this kind of negotiations could take very long time, we were heading toward a long break into sanctions. However Tehran refused by demanding the lift of every sanction. Actually such refusal resulted in one of the issues that have driven both countries apart : the need for more democracy. In case of any agreement, Tehran would have to organize elections that would appear more democratic -opened to any Iranian- and this would let the candidates who are officially Islamists but who are close to the United States be elected in the face of very unpopular mullahs in order to grab the power from inside.

Such refusal put Washington in a difficult situation because it was then urged to sanction Tehran while it couldn’t do so. Then it got a second brilliant idea : it offered the mullahs to exchange their stock of enriched uranium against French-Russian combustible. In other words, it allowed them to eliminate voluntarily the uranium that is suspected to be meant for military use against Israel or against America’s interests while they would gain some combustible in exchange and as well the entire world’s esteem. Accessorily, this was supposed to make the mullahs reputable and make America manage to sign an agreement. The interest of this offer was that Tehran would not be able to refuse or else this would have meant it has carried out of a hostile nuclear programme.

During the month that followed this poisoned offer, Tehran got the idea of moulding an Muslim and revolutionary popular movement that would be hostile to any negotiation or agreement in order to appear obliged to refuse the American offer on behalf of the respect for Iranian people’s sovereign will. As it knew America would not acknowledge this movement as its interlocutor in Iran, the regime got the idea of a colour revolution that would be based on the model of the ones American organized in Ukraine and Georgia.

The green revolution | Then we saw in the streets of Tehran about ten thousand young people marching. They were dressed with green outfits and they claimed for the victory of Mussavi, the candidate who participated in the election “in order to save the ideals of the Islamic Revolution which has been endangered by a man with no revolutionary past and who was ready to accept the worse compromises by selling off cheaply the legitimate rights of Iranian people” -i.e. nuclear enrichment !

The “people” thus defended its right for enrichment. But as the purpose was to trap Obama, there was no mention of Mussavi’s profile but of the “democratic aspirations of the Green Movement”. Besides Moussavi didn’t set himself up as the leader of this movement but he declared himself as the “choice of this headless movement !”

The nuance was interesting because in case Obama would have supported this contesting of electoral results, he would have faced then two obstacles that would have been hostile to any appeasement : Mussavi, the guardian of 1979’s values, and a headless and elusive Green Movement, a perfect mug’s game !

Slip-ups | This should have been the perfect trap but it’s not easy to trap experimented tricky people ! Washington didn’t support the Green Movement or even its Islamist leaders whose speech appeared deliberately woolly so to appear sympathetic. Tehran thus needed to make its stages appear harsher by simulating a real carnage. Washington remained silent but Iranians rose up. Washington which appeared until then silent entered on stage via its media that started to spread the images Tehran produced to trap Obama. It turned the trap against the bearded tricky people. Thus Tehran faced with two guests who weren’t expected to be part of its script and who stole the show from its actors ! The main actor of the script, Mussavi, then wrote an opened letter to the Guide and asked him to kill those counter-revolutionary yobs.

The regime then put the uprising down but it faced with the boycott of Green people and Mussavi. Thus it hid Mussavi and changed the slogans in order to pull crowds in the street. It managed to do it once this summer but people noticed that the regime added pre-registered slogans during their gatherings in order to give some Mussavi touch or some green colour. Then popular boycott became more radical. This constrained the regime to give privilege to the cinematographic production of riot scenes by its own troops in order to simulate some agitation.

Things became more difficult when in September 2009 Washington officialised its offer which was until now confidential by fixing the end of 2009 as a deadline to give an answer. Media excitement entered into the script of the Green Revolution : we heard about Green People who were ready to fight with the power and at last we heard about some Green Army ! 4 days before the script’s deadline was reached, Tehran gave its best with the demonstration of the 27 December at the end of which the regime itself confessed that it killed in order to force Obama to defend officially the Green Movement. But once again, nobody expressed himself officially in favour of the Green Movement. However every allied States of the United States condemned those deaths the State confessed ! Tehran happened to be in the same situation than the last June’s one with guests who took root into its perfect super script.

This time, people -who boycott cinema- were not there anymore but the United States, Europe, their media and also one exiled opponent who is very popular in Iran and who is looking for claiming the leadership of the officially headless Green movement appeared.

Such as it was the case in June, the regime said stop ! This was specified on the 1st January to the media of the entire world under the form of an opened letter written by Mussavi that appeared on the Green Movement’s websites. The bill was stiff : every link with regime change speculations that Westerners used to give a rough ride to the regime is cut. This is the reason why its content has been largely reworked by Western media.

There Mussavi claims the leadership of the Green Movement -censured. He declares that the Movement and his own self display an “identity that is firstly Islamic” -censured- “and then Iranian” -the AFP changed the order. He states that “it’s unfair to link them with a Satan party -Hezb ol Sheytan- that would be opposed to the party of God -Hezbollah”. This was transformed into “there’s no Iran of Satan and no Iran of God” in order to erase the attachment that is ensured to the Hezbollah -that is already present into his electoral programme. In this terrible letter Mussavi states he is ready to “die for Islam” -censured : this becomes “I will die for the reforms”. He declares that “the Green Movement and his own self remain loyal to the constitution of the Islamic Republic”, i.e. hostile to any change of regime -censured, “respectful of the founder of the regime” -censured- and thus “attached to the independence of the country” -i.e. hostile to any appeasement with the West ; censured. At last, he declares the Green Movement and his own self as the “exalted supporters of the freedom that are inspired by Hussein’s Islam” -the Shiite imam who died with his sword in the hand during a Jihad. Obviously censured.

After this profession of faith -suppressed- he blames Ahmadinejad who is accused of “weakening the regime through his violent behaviour, which makes him appear in a condition of being sanctioned and constrained to give up concessions that would despoil the legitimate rights of Iranian people” -passage that is also suppressed.

Actually when the entire identity part that was loyal to the Islamic Revolution was suppressed, it was necessary to invent “I will die for the reforms” in order to be able to display what follows, i.e. the “5 points plan of Mussavi”. But there again, there was some reorganization. What is a plan to avoid nuclear concessions becomes a plan to get out of the crisis. Moreover they forget to specify that according to Mussavi, Ahmadinejad is “free to implement this programme according to his conventions because in order to be able to clear flooded water, it’s necessary to react step by step by adding small trickles of clean water !” We see that he chose the right metaphor when we read the list of Mussavi’s 5 revolutionary claims, a list in which elements that appear too negative are removed.

1st point | Ahmadinejad’s government must accept to be responsible of its acts before the Parliament, the judiciary power and the nation without having any further unconditional support from the highest authorities.

The text didn’t appear rewritten because nothing suspect was noticed inside : this is not a claim but it refers to what already exists in the constitution to which Mussavi swears allegiance into his very long, repetitive and Islamist introduction. But nothing is alright into this 1st point because Mussavi has just acknowledged Ahmadinejad’s electoral legitimacy.

2nd point | We must adopt an electoral law that would guarantee a clear, free and equitable competition among candidates in order to restore electors’ trust. This law would guarantee the participation of every Iranian no matter what are their ideas and prevent leaders from intervening. The model to follow would be the elections that took place at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution !

This phrase of course disappeared from translations because they imagined the worse. Actually it could be a claim to abolish the supervision of the Guardians Council regarding the Islamic conformity of candidatures : this is what Washington wishes in order to insert its pawns. This is a way to incite Americans to defend Mussavi. But the text is too woolly and its gives too much freedom to its author so he could deny this offer which is in entire contradiction with the constitution to which Mussavi swears allegiance in his very long and repetitive Islamist introduction.

3rd point | The release of political prisoners and their rehabilitation because this will reinforce the regime.

It’s necessary to specify that this doesn’t refer to the people who were arrested on the uprising or who were sentenced to death on this occasion. It is question of the false opponents, those belonging to the regime [1], who were then arrested in order to give further credibility to the Green Revolution’s script.

4th point | The press freedom and the reprinting of the newspapers that were prohibited -according to the Western translation.

Western media shortened this point that displayed 6 lines into Iranian version. It became a half line because its content is not common at all. Mussavi states that “the interference of foreign channels and the restriction of Internet are not sufficient”, in parallel it is necessary to reinforce a creative national offer -that must be firstly Islamic and revolutionary of course.

5th point | It is necessary to admit the citizens’ right to gather in accordance with the article 27 of the constitution. This would be a first step that may promote some national friendly atmosphere instead of a confrontation with militias.

The translation states that the article 27 grants the right to demonstrate but it also forgets to specify a nuance : according to this law, public gatherings and walks are allowed only if people don’t carry any weapon and “don’t do anything that would endanger Islam’s fundamental principles”.

Decoding | Actually there’s a program in 5 points but it doesn’t display any proposal that would be worthy of an opposition movement because it’s even question to acknowledge Ahmadinejad’s legitimacy or to reinforce censure ! But be careful, the choice of such points is not due to a lack of imagination. It’s the contrary.

The mullahs are preparing a battle among the Green people who are loyal to Mussavi and the Green people who support the regime and who will never accept the reconciliation that is implied by the first point or the allegiance to America that appears in the second point. Tehran actually linked the Movement with the Revolution in order to end with the takeover bid attempts by dividing the movement in 2 or 3 in order to bring a plausible explanation to the fact that the Green Movement is unable to mobilize. Besides, the regime keeps alive one or two Green Stumps so to link the revolutionary Islamic camp with any hostile popular political future action. In case there is a new uprising, Mussavi will call into question his 5 points to take over such action.

We leave it up to Westerners and Americans in particular to assess what would be the possibilities to agree with such a tricky regime. However, as long as they react by averting their gaze with a childish censure, we need to react at our own level.

Consequently, it’s necessary to translate and spread this text. We also rely on every of our readers and supporters who hope for a free Iran to act by the side of Iranian people and unmask those hypocrites from the Green Stump by making their own investigations on Facebook and Twitter among anti-Mussavi Green people in order to find out if the latter stands for or against the entire regime. If the answer appears to be woolly, we need to denounce them fiercely and eliminate them in order to free Iranians who are compelled to boycott so to avoid any takeover of their revolt.

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[1The political prisoners according to Mussavi | The people who were supposed to be arrested and whom the regime wants to make appear as heroes of the democracy are :

The sinister Behzad Nabavi, former negotiator of the hostage-takers of the American embassy, one of the initiators of the Committees, those look-alike militia stations that were responsible for repression right after the Revolution, co-founder with his friend Hajjarian of the regime’s secret services under Mussavi’s Prime Minister mandate and at last occult great boss of Iranian gas.

Mohsen Safai-Farahani, Behzad’s friend and close to Sazgara, the founder of Pasdaran, associated with Sazgara in real estate building, Minister of Energy under Rafsanjani and one of the rotten bosses of Iranian football since 1997 -not well rated by the Fifa.

Mohsen Miramadi, student from the IMAM -Khomeini- line, former hostage-taker of the American Embassy, current Prime Secretary of the main reforming party !

Mostafa Tadjazdeh, former manager of the political bureau of the Ministry of Interior Department in charge with elections and also husband of the niece of the mullah Mohtashami, founder of the Hezbollah.

Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, also from the regime’s Ministry of Interior Department, under Khatami he switched to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which depends on secret services !

Mohsen Aminzadeh, Khatami’s accomplice at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Behavior -Ministry of Censure.

As well as Said Shariati, Zohreh Aghajari, and the « journalists » Taghi Rahmani, Hoda Saber, Reza Alijani, the bassidji Ahmad Zeydabadi and Kayvan Samimi.