© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Feb 10, 2010 | At a time when, in order to force Westerners to give in, the Islamic Republic is intending to induce an escalation that would be susceptible to threaten the security of the Ormuz, it would have been interesting to know the opinion of the regime’s moderate people. Mir Hussein Mussavi who is described by Western States as an opponent or even a moderate mentioned the issue in a speech about the Green Movement’s objectives. Western media censured his words.

Decoding of the speech and the reasons of such censure

On the last June, Tehran was at the same point than today : in a position of refusal of any reconciliation regarding nuclear issue. It just received an American offer about the exchange of its low-enriched uranium stock against 20% enriched uranium-based fuel. For the United States, this offer couldn’t be denied because by accepting to eliminate deliberately a stock that could be used potentially for military purpose, Tehran would put de facto an end to any tension with Washington and thus to the crisis and the sanctions the latter initiated. This would open a new era between both countries and this would make possible some strategic entente that Washington needs to control Central Asia and its Muslim inhabitants.

The mullahs rejected the offer because they dread the entente it implies. Such entente would force them to allow the come back in Iran of exiled Iranian politicians, who are close to Washington, intruders who could take the power easily on the next Iranians elections and whose purpose is not to come out of Islamism but to make the mullahs become a minority and redefine the regime’s objectives : end of the interference in Lebanon and of the attacks against Israel, beginning of some support to the Muslims of Central Asia and China.

Faced with this colour revolution, Tehran imagined its own one : the Green Movement in favour of Mussavi, a candidate who appears as a “moderate one” and “committed to the restoration of the founding values of the Islamic Revolution” whose first one is “the independence” or the refusal of any consensus with the West ! Tehran thought Obama, the man of Cairo speech, would be obliged morally to defend this movement that is officially spontaneous and without leader. De facto he would have acknowledged his idol that is hostile to his projects such as the legitimate spokesperson of Iranian people. In order to nab the American president, Tehran sent in Europe people such as Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a Cannes award-winning movie-director, who would awaken leftist media.

Such trick of false reformer or false revolution has upset Washington which, in order to make accept an entente with the fundamentalist mullahs, expected to push forward the moderates, the regime’s reform capacity or even the free elections -which the Green Movement misappropriated. Washington retaliated by sticking its “intellectuals” -BHL, Taubmann, etc.- to Makhmalbaf like glue in order to rob the mullahs of the ground and tell about a protest that requires free elections. The journalist Taubmann even organized a 6-hour conference in Paris in order to popularize Washington’s candidates for a “democratic Islamic republic” [1] that would be in the future of Chinese Muslims.

In reply, Tehran expedited abroad its so-called exiled people -who left Iran with a visa given by the regime- in order to reinvest the Western field in which everything happens because Iranians boycott the pro-Khomeini Green Movement as well as its leaders coming from the regime’s higher level.

So to counter the arrival of such reinforcement, the media linked with Washington started to call upon those so-called exiled ones to speak as a proof of contestation in Iran. Generally, Washington’s line was to praise the contestation of this Movement that doesn’t have any leader via its pawns or its media but without legitimating it with some official support. This got on the nerves of Tehran which needed then to stage violent demonstrations in order to tell about the Green Movement’s misfortunes and oblige Obama to take sides. The apotheosis of stages was reached on the occasion of the demonstrations of the 27 December. This time, the Iranians or the French people who are at the disposal of Washington pretended that this Green Movement was beyond Mussavi…

At that time, Mussavi opened up in order to claim in writing for the leadership of the Green Movement and remind the Movement’s commitment in favour of the Islamic Revolution. The letter was censured by the Americans but also by the Europeans who have huge interests in Iran and justify their exchanges with the violent mullahs by reminding the regime’s reforming ability. As it appeared to be piqued by such censure, Tehran tried to pass the message through the other leader of the Green Movement, Karrubi, who was censured as well. Then it induced once more the arrival of new Green exiled people -a dancer, some singers, journalists…- and implemented a media-staged plan of “Green Embassies” with thundering defection of pro-Green Iranian diplomats. Le Monde interviewed recently one of them, Mohammad-Reza Heydari. It’s important to specify that the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a sub-division of the Ministry of Intelligence, which means that Tehran is trying to resume control on the foreign field. Besides Heydari is a code name. Each time we talk to an “Iranian diplomat” and we ask him his name, he introduces himself as “Heydari”. We know several Heydari in Paris, which implies a Mummy Heydari whose parturient abilities would be very high.

In reply to this double offensive in the domestic and foreign field –Karrubi B and Green Embassies, Washington tried a great counter-offensive through a flood of call for demonstrations in Iran or in exile that was made by its exiled Iranian pawns in order to set a parallel leadership of the Green Movement which is a perfect opportunity to require the free elections that would be profitable for its pawns. This is in reply to such a weight that Mussavi came back with his latest speech in which he expressed himself about nuclear issue.

Decoding of Mussavi’s latest censured speech | On the last December, Tehran thought that Washington would take the contesting in hand and tell about some regime change. That’s why the speech focused on the obedience of Mussavi and the Green Movement to Islam and the Islamic Revolution. Meanwhile, Tehran understood it did an appreciation mistake regarding Washington’s intentions, that’s why the theme of obedience to Islam was replaced with the slogan of independence that was chanted by Khomeini in 1979 -a slogan which meant the break of any appeased relations with the United States. As the reason to refuse any appeasement is nowadays the nuclear issue, Mussavi called the students who are members of academic militias as well as Ahmadinejad who was one of their members for reviving the method of Khomeini which is advocated by the Green Movement in order to renounce to diplomacy and announce straightforwardly an IRREVOCABLE NO.

The regime’s future face didn’t forget as well the bid attempt of Washington’s pawns on the Green Movement. According to it, a Green Movement which is also clearly hostile to any consensus and which, contrary to Ahmadinejad, “has never talked to Westerners cannot be accused of connivance with Foreigners”. According to Mussavi, “this Movement cannot accept any deflection of its slogans by Foreigners… The latter should be aware that election quarrels are a dispute that concerns only the Islamic revolutionary family in which we find members of a religious order, Bassidji or even Pasdaran”. Mussavi added that “every of them were brothers”. He reminded that “according to him the 11 February is a day of unity”. Indeed he will go there to show “the unity of the family that will have to be present in order to save the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic”.

24 hours later, the academic militia, which appears as a moderate one, published a declaration which was inspired by this speech. It blamed Ahmadinejad for his complacency with Washington and called for every brother for the necessity to “improve the prestige of the first principle of the regime’s motto : independence”.

This means the mullahs’ regime will never accept anymore any appeasement with the West. Tehran wants some confrontation, a warlike threat on the Ormuz in order to force the Westerners to give in. Instead of taking a note of such reality, the Westerners censured Mussavi’s words in order to avoid sanctions that would go against their geopolitical or oil interests . Yesterday they shirked Ahmadinejad’s provocations for the same reason by mentioning “their doubts regarding the mullahs’ enrichment capacities”. There’s no need to shirk, Tehran overflows with nuisance abilities so to cause an escalation.

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[1On the broadcasting of Tuesday 23 June 2009 “Du grain à moudre” which is dedicated to Islam, Taubmann claimed he was the supporter of a democratic Islamic republic.