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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 16, 2010 | One month ago, when the Bazar of Tehran started to strike and when the movement spread to entire nation, the regime which never tells about its own Human Rights violations gave a lot of media coverage to the stoning death sentence of surnamed Sakineh in order to create a diversion for the strike that threatened then its security. Whenever the strike stopped, the regime dismantled such media bomb by adjourning Sakineh’s verdict. Last week, on the 10th of August, the Bazar of Machad started to strike. On the evening, the regime created a new media diversion with Sakineh’s TV confession. Actually the fact is that such confession doesn’t exist. Beware, you are manipulated ! | Explanations |

Here, something extraordinary is happening : for a week, Western media has reported that Sakineh confessed under blows and torture that she slept with a man with whom she killed her husband. This makes her punishable by stoning death sentence for adultery and by hanging second death sentence for murder. However, you can check out with certified translator : Sakineh declared the exact contrary on television (hereafter).

In her statement, Sakineh mentioned that she just had verbal exchange (conversations and not sexual relations) with her husband’s murderer who was his cousin. Beside she added that she thought that this quite cranky man was joking when he was telling about murdering. She discovered then that he was not joking when the latter killed her husband… In other words, she would have been tortured in order to confess that she was innocent !

Further to such intervention that proved her innocent, her lawyer Mr Mostafai who is “exiled to Norway so to denounce the regime’s horrors” (actually he is a false opponent as far as we know) appeared on several TV channels in order to confirm that “he heard Sakineh confessing the adultery and the murder” and he added that “this would impossible to obtain with no other means than torture”. He said that the regime was preparing the ground to stone her and he called for the launching of an international campaign in order to save her from stoning (not a campaign against stoning or against death sentence, even not against her sentence for murder but against stoning sentence).

Why such request and why such untruthful translation of Sakineh’s statements ?

The answers lie in what happened next. 4 days after, so-called exiled man appeared again on the same TV channels in order to specify that in her statements Sakineh didn’t confess anything and that she was de facto innocent so she should be released ! The reason of such reversal lies in the corridors of the Bazar of Machad where work resumed 5 days after.

When this false lawyer and true agent of the regime told about stoning risk, Machad strike was at its beginning and the regime didn’t know if it would generalize or not. Thus it staged the confessions that proved this woman innocent (in case the strike would have been shortened). When the strike happened to get longer, the regime added Mostafai’s first intervention (with the false translation) ; however in the meantime the strike appeared to be ended. There was then no reason to go on with this affair that is harmful to the regime’s image : Mostafai did his second series of statements in which he specified that he has never considered leaving Iran and seeking political asylum to Norway. This means he will never make any statement about the regime’s horrors !

However since Tehran and its agent Mostafai dropped this untrue case (confessions were not damning for Sakineh), Westerners and in particular Americans decided to not drop the case.

You may think this is very good because it disturbs the mullahs. Here is the problem : this disturbs the mullahs but this doesn’t put them at risk. This is a mean of pressure in negotiations with the mullahs. We tell about it but presently there is an explosive social situation (the Bazar, pillar of the regime, is dropping it and militiamen are leaving bit by bit the regime). However nobody mentions it because the aim is to obtain an entente with the mullahs and not to fire them.

That’s why one year ago when 1 million people were daily in the streets so to overthrow the regime, Obama and other democratic States didn’t express their support. Journalists used as an excuse some prohibition to move (!) in order to not spread the images of such uprising !

The reason is simple and scary : Washington needs an alliance with Iranian, Shiite and Persian-speaking mullahs in order to control the both sites that are vital for its future : Central Asia (Muslim and Persian-speaking) and Cashmere (Shiite). This would make it able to deprive China from a major gas resource and create a back up base for Uyghurs. Such alliance would also make it able to control Shiites in order to create a great Shiite Republic that would encompass Iranian oil Southern region, Iraqi oil Southern region and Saudi oil Northern region in answer to Saudi Arabia’s refusal to renew the exclusive rights that were given to the United States in 1946. For its part, Europeans are censuring any news of social agitation because they don’t want to loose the much profitable oil contracts that were granted by corrupted mullahs.

The interest related to this regime’s upholding encouraged Washington to resort to phoney opponents in favour of an Islamic regime which is so-called democratic and in order to create some mixed power that would include its speculating pawns and the mullahs who have the power to order Jihad against China. In France, the media animation of such false opposition was given to Bernard-Henri Levy. He initiated a petition regarding this stoning issue but we will never see him supporting opponents who wish for laic Iran such as it’s the wish of Iranians after 30 years of Islamism. [1]

We ask you to not participate in this media campaign and we would be pleased if you could help us to fight against the mullahs’ regime and those who want to replace it with some other kind of Islamism.

Moreover this will not help poor Sakineh because the mullahs will not hesitate in using her as the star of a tragic TV serial with many new developments in order to give no coverage to the social situation in Iran. The regime already acted this way with poor Delara Darabi [2] who had as well among her lawyers (or media intermediaries) Mr Mostafai. After several years of media show, she was hanged.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : Lapidation et manipulations
- (16 AOÛT 2010)

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[1We can find among signatory people well-respected persons but as well some persons who are complaisant with the regime : Juliette Binoche (promotion agent for directors who are close to the regime), Marjane Satrapi (supporter of Islamist Mussavi and author of books so to glorify the Islamic revolution and keep Iran’s situation in perspective) and at last Yann Richard (famous lobbyist of the mullahs’ regime). If you know the other signatories, please make them aware of the use of their good faith for a politician purpose which they ignore.