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Despite the Green Movement announced explicitly on several occasions its attachment to the Islamic Revolution and to the established model, since 15 days, every pro-American Iranian opponent we denounced on this website in April 2007 are campaigning from the United States and Europe to encourage Iranians who are in the country or in exile to demonstrate under the Green banner on the 11 February, date of the commemoration of the Islamic Republic. | Decoding |

One week ago, Washington which has forbidden since two years its allies or adversaries to close any oil deal that would be profitable to the mullahs authorized Iraq to purchase Iranian diesel at a plausible price of $1,000 per barrel while the diesel production cost in Iran doesn’t exceed $5 ! Thus it rescued the regime it has brought itself on the edge of downfall because it never had the objective to overthrow it. But it aimed at weakening it in order to force it to accept to become its ally or more precisely its instrument in the region.

The stake of such entente is firstly the domination of Central Asia, a much Muslim region with many oil resources that is necessary for China’s blooming. And secondly, the brigading of this region’s Muslims in order to induce some separatist agitation in the Xinjiang Muslim region, the reservoir of China’s every raw material.

The future of the American empire depends on those both objectives. Washington cannot go without any entente with the mullahs and mostly with the Pasdaran, experts in Islamic agitation, but the latter are not easy customers because thanks to the Hezbollah which is able to destabilize moderate Arabs, they dispose of a wonderful mean of pressure on Washington. In order to deactivate definitely the Hezbollah, since 1995, Washington has found a miracle solution : it has reinforced sanctions by requesting free elections that would be opened to any candidate who respects the Islamic constitution with the hope to insert its own pawns in the system. Thanks to those candidates who would appear more presentable than the bearded ones, they would then grab the power from inside and thus reduce the mullahs and the Pasdaran to a role of subaltern agitators.

This is further to such 1995 strategy that the regime started in 1997 to manufacture false opponents, dissident mullahs, false anti-establishment students or even moderate people in order to simulate its own free elections. Americans have never legitimated officially those tricky simulators whose speech appears woolly. However as they doesn’t want to be out of their depth, they played the game by inviting them in their media, firstly in order to insert their own pawns and secondly in order to introduce debate topics such as the normalization of relations, an essential evolution to make their pawn come back to Iran.

As it’s discontented with such sterile debate, this year, Tehran surprised the Americans with the Green Movement, an entity which replaced tamed and predictable false opponents with elusive anonymous people who asked democratically for the come back to the Revolution’s basic principles. Tehran hoped for trapping Obama to make him acknowledge a Movement that is hostile to any compromise as the legitimate spokes-entity of Iranian people. Then it would not have been able to sanction the refusal to accept the hand that has been held right after the end of the 31 January 2009 ultimatum. Besides, Tehran hoped that this scenario would give no infiltration possibility to the Americans.

After a slack period, the Americans adapted to this new scenario by avoiding acknowledging the Green Movement or its leaders. But it gave it very important media coverage in order to remain in touch. Thus while Iranians have boycotted seriously this movement, Americans took up every topic the mullahs told about -arrests, rapes, trials- with the goal to force Obama to come out for those so-called martyr and false Green revolutionaries. Thus they created a mythical Green Movement that has never been able to mobilize more than 3,000 people in entire Iran. Presently they are still on the same track because they double the invitations made by the regime-derived Green leaders with invitations made by their pawns to the Iranians who are in the country and in exile, officially in order to “create a parallel management that would stand for to a regime change”.

Such strange positioning of a “demonstration under the Green banner but in favour of a regime change” has convinced many Iranian laic opponents that those American-linked opponents changed. Thus they stopped warning Iranians and they made efforts jointly with Washington pawns by spreading as well calls for demonstration.

Those opponents did a serious mistake because on the last June, when everything started, Washington was present via the governmental Persian-speaking channel Voice of America which is much watched in Iran in order to broadcast images of the Green Movement. However when people took advantage of the situation to rise up, the American channel removed the sound from the images it received from Iran in order to not be forced to broadcast the amateur videos in which people were screaming “death to the Islamic Republic” and “we don’t want Mussavi”. At last, it cut as well every image for several days. It doesn’t wish at all the regime to be overthrown and it even doesn’t want this people uprising to be connected with some claim for a laic regime. That’s the reason why it exerts itself to mobilize Iranians under the Green Movement’s banner on the date of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Ten years ago, we didn’t notice this kind of American mobilization because “moderate people or dissidents” evoked through their existence some rejection of the Islamism of the Iranian society. Nowadays, Washington aligned its pawns with Tehran ones because the Green Movement is a media show that was made to simulate the attachment of people to Islam and to the Islamic Revolution. This is such a perfect asset for the American’s regional interests. That’s why Washington gave a free hand to its pawns in order to draw Iranians to common demonstrations under the Green banner.

Washington left nothing to chance because it also forgot to mention in its English-speaking media those invitations that appear reassuring for Iranians and it solely tells about the invitations Mussavi and Karrubi initiate. Thus if on the 11 February Iranians take the streets, their mobilization will be counted on the benefit of the Green Movement and even their mobilization will appear outside of Iran as a Green Movement lead one. The worse thing is that this mobilization outside of the country may overshadow the Iranian’s predictable boycott.

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