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Iran-GB : The cylinder lent to the mullahs is a fake !

Recently, shortly before the second major strike of the Bazaar, the regime was in “disarray”. The regime feared a popular uprising and tried to scare but also please the people. The British, who are the traditional allies of the mullahs, have lent the Cyrus Cylinder (The first universal declaration of human rights) to the mullahs in order to, in their turn, offer it to the Iranian people who recognize in this symbol, a much more civilized Iran. This was not conclusive because the loan made by the thief of the cylinder to the thieves of the Iranian identity had outraged the people who preferred to look away from the organized Islamizing ceremony in honor of the arrival of the cylinder. We are delighted to announce great news to our fellow countrymen : the cylinder lent to the mullahs is a fake !

This is one of our friends and readers who discovered the fraud at the first sight by viewing a video footage took by the mullahs at the open ceremony to celebrate the return of the cylinder at the Ancient Iran Museum : the cylinder brought in a suitcase by an "English teacher" had two ends that differ from the original model seen by our Iran lover with his own eyes at the British Museum.

The model presented to the mullahs by the British Museum has one end slightly concave where it should be concave, cracked and chipped, and its other end is flat and smooth while on the original model, this part is very fractured and excavated. Our friend found a video from the British Museum to prove his words.

There are two facts here. First of all, the crudity of the assumed copy that indicates a disregard from British for their uneducated mullahs. Then the object itself exposed for over two months in Iran and for which nobody caught the fraud.

In Iran, this is not surprising because after the disdain showed by the Iranian people ; the regime did not open the show. Nobody has seen the cylinder. But outside Iran, there are no excuses because this video is available on the Web for ten days. In fact, this damning document was normally intended for Iran-Resist, but our mailbox has rejected the voluminous e-mail the author has sent and the latter who was keen to share his discovery with the world, published the video on YouTube. We noted that websites claiming to be representative of the Iranian opposition where not hurry to share the information. We took the opportunity to test the sincerity of these opponents of the mullahs or lovers of Iranian identity.

We have sent the link to this document to supporters of the Green movement and of a "moderate Islamic republic" : no one gave it any publicity, despite the fact that these people spend their time denouncing Ahmadinejad’s defects. The point here was that we touched a taboo : the defense of the Iranian identity. This document was also sent to pro-American news websites : they have also missed to warn. This approach was also a good opportunity to highlight the lack of authenticity of the so-called supporters of Cyrus who are actually Pasdaran’s decoys to fool the young opponents in order to attract them in rallies to identify them. Our efforts have resulted in 20 visits !

It is therefore imperative for you readers to spread this text and the incomparable attached document to break the enduring ties between the British and the mullahs, to ridicule the mullahs and finally to annoy their invisible guards that prevent us from to get this regime fired which is a shame for Iran but also Islam.

The french version of this article :
- Iran-GB : Ils ne respectent rien !
- (11 NOVEMBRE 2010)

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