The website WikiLeaks has just published numerous official documents (stolen by the common soldier who had access to no less than the secret codes of the Pentagon and the State Department!) showing the United States’ intensive secret diplomatic activity in relation to and plans for military intervention against Iran. Such dubious leaks appear at a time when the Obama administration has yet to bring about an agreement needed by the US to dominate the region and, in failing to do so, needs more time to avoid being accused by the American people of carelessness and inaction. Moreover, twenty four hours after the alleged leak, Hillary Clinton intervened to say that these documents were evidence of the Obama administration’s engagement! Washington organized these leaks in order to reassure US public opinion; meanwhile, although the interesting ideas disclosed by the leaks are not the objective analysis they are presented as, they reveal the contours of future US geopolitical projects.

The documents of WikiLeaks focus on the Islamic Republic of Iran but other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Israel and Turkey are mentioned.

1 | WikiLeaks documents attribute warlike thoughts to Saudi Arabia.

2 | They attribute to Mubarak the prophecy predicting that the mullahs would rule Iraq if Washington started a new war in the Middle-East. This is wrong because politicians who are presumed to be the vassals of Tehran gave the control of oil resources to the Americans and not to the mullahs. They even refuse to share with the mullahs the wells that were seized by Saddam !

3 | The documents accuse laic Turkey to finance Islamist terrorism while the mullahs have acknowledged the fact that they finance the Hamas and the Hezbollah as well as a dozen of other Islamist groups such as the Taleban and Al Qaeda (those facts were besides signalled by the last revelations but one of WikiLeaks) !

4 | At last the documents mention Israel as well and tell about its wish to start military intervention. Nevertheless they attribute to the Head of the Mossad the remark that Tehran doesn’t wish to create nuclear bomb but solely to have the ability to do it !

In bulk, those documents warn against a new war and attribute the responsibility of this war to other people than the mullahs [1]; in parallel, they clear the latter of any accusation of terrorism and of bad intention of getting nuclear weapon. This is an ideal excuse to justify any reprimand against the supporters of a war (such as Israel) and to continue dialogue with the mullahs, especially with the boss of the regime, Rafsanjani who is looked for by Interpol because of crime against humanity. An objective analysis from WikiLeaks presents him as a soft democrat! Other innuendos of the leak have double sense as well such as we will expose it hereafter.

Such attachment to dialogue with the worst Islamists is due to the fact that Washington keeps particular links with them: the United States was the first State to recognize this regime on its coming in 1979. However it is necessary to specify that it didn’t greet the mullahs but the Islamist and revolutionary provisory government that were formed by the Islamist party Nehzat Azadi which it had financed since 1961 in order to punish the Shah for having created the OPEC. The promotion of Islamists in Iran was actually in the heart of a much wider project called the Green Belt. This project was meant to promote the coming on power of ultra Islamist groups in every country neighbouring Soviet Russia and communist China in order to induce a wave of Muslim uprising in Caucasia and Central Asia so to untie those oil and gas-producing regions. At that time, Washington destroyed its adversaries in order to create a multitude of weak countries that would need its military protection and its technological support to exploit their oil. It would have inherited of a large empire and would have become the world’s first economic power.

The Green Belt involved Turkey, capable to rise Azeri up, Iran which had the largest border with Soviet Central Asia, Afghanistan which offers an access to Central Asia and Kashmir, regions neighbouring China’s Muslim territories, and at last Pakistan which claims Kashmir.

As an Islamic republic, Iran was the masterpiece of this project which mainly focused on Central Asia. But eight months after the coming of the Islamic regime, the mullahs who didn’t have any share in the new regime took by storm the American embassy in order to get every document linking Washington to the government on power: a kind of WikiLeaks trick that discredited the pawns of Washington and force them to resign to let the mullahs take their place.

After then, Washington started to sanction the mullahs and deprived them of any access to technology during the war in order to cause internal discontent and make the mullahs give the power back via free elections (i.e. opened to Islamists linked with Washington) for fear of internal destabilization.

The mullahs were disturbed by those sanctions but as long as they thought Washington would never be able to destabilize them while this is what people have expected so to end Islam power, they have never panicked. However the regime disposed of a weak point: its State economy which was mostly based on the sale of oil contracts to collect currency from which a part was destined to the supply of domestic market. In 1996, on the pretext of financing of Islamic terrorism by the mullahs (contrary to phoney analysis published by WikiLeaks), Washington forbade its partners to close oil deals with Iran in order to cut currency flow and put the regime in a situation of penury and generate more serious discontent. As it remained aware of the impact of such action, it authorized however the closure of important deals before the implementation of this measure in 1997. After then, it has adopted relentlessly new economic sanctions but it has never applied them at 100%. Despite the irregularity of pressures, the mullahs’ regime appeared to be quickly exhausted. It was quite upset when, under the pretext of insignificant nuclear activities, Washington added in 2007 bank sanctions of its package of pressure.

The first reflex of the regime was to freeze salaries and increase prices regularly in order to cut people’s expenses due to a lack of currency that made them unable to supply the market accordingly. Consequently it lost the support of very poor people and the rate of participation to its official demonstration decreased. At that time, Washington raised the pressure. As long as it was trapped, Tehran started to rob its Bazaari allies by emptying their foreign currency account. Bazaari who are the historical allies of the clergy distanced the regime which was then endangered. Washington feared that they turn against the regime and it decided to get around its own sanctions via allies such as India, Brazil, Argentina or Turkey in order to bring cash on the foreign currency accounts of the mullahs and prevent them from collapsing. Nevertheless it didn’t let them build up again because it still has Central Asia in mind which is meant for destroying its enemies and make it become the world’s first economic power.

As it turned weaker and weaker by this war of attrition, the regime continued to cut Iranians’ purchasing power and it lost the support of Basiji people, those militiamen who are in charge of the security of towns and official places. In summer 2009, the latter refused to put down the popular upraising. This year, they boycotted every official event of the regime. Such disruption freed people who started to boycott every religious event. The Bazaar went twice on long strike and this paralyzed the Iranian economy for several weeks. Besides, a new strike started on the last week: 45% shopkeepers follow it.

While militia took distance and left the regime defenceless, Washington appeared constrained to provide secretly for the fuel needs of the regime via Iraq and Turkey at a time when it was telling about imposing some embargo in order to reassure American people who fear the Iranian nuclear threat.

This week, on Thursday 25 November, the regime had to organize the celebration of the creation of Basij militia which counts officially 1 to 9 million members. But it managed to gather solely 4,000 people and a majority of them were old extras. In the meantime, people and its supporters deserted mosques at a time when Iran which is officially Shiite had to celebrate the greatest Shiite holiday which is presented as a Shiite Nowrooz. The fact to sanction the mullahs in such conditions and in order to generate popular discontent would lead to the death of the Islamic regime which the United States need.

On Thursday 25 November, Basiji confirmed that they rejected the regime. On Friday 26 November, Philippe Crowley, the spokesperson of the State Department, announced that WikiLeaks was about to release secret messages of this ministry. Thus Washington confirmed in advance the authenticity of those preposterous documents regarding the kindness of a mullah who is searched by Interpol. It confirmed as well the doubts of the Head of the Mossad regarding the mullahs’ intentions (dilatory sentiments which were attributed in the past to the Head of the CIA) in order to mitigate the seriousness of such threat and justify dialogue continuation instead of implementing tougher sanctions. Naughty America is lying to its citizens and is looking to avoid the collapse of a regime which is rejected by 70 million Iranians.

WikiLeaks’ leak is the result of some logical failure of a shaky war of economic attrition which was conceived to weaken the mullahs without endangering them. WikiLeaks will be a part of our lives because Washington is willing to continue at every cost this war of attrition in order to take control of the Islamist regime and launch the Islamist green Wave of its Green Belt. This is the sole mean to become the economic head of the world. Every document published on this occasion is linked with this project.

Thus the leaks tells about the purchase of R-27 missiles (an old American rumour) in order to not remove sanctions while the end of an accusation of terrorism leads necessarily to the lift of 1996 oil sanctions! Consequently, Tehran remains in a regime of economic war of attrition.

WikiLeaks is a puzzle in which it’s possible to add pieces according to the needs. WikiLeaks’ leaks are an efficient tool of tactics adjustment. Here are some examples [2].

1 | Thus the attribution to Turkey of the financing of Islamist terrorism is not a coincidence. We could have expected some accusation against Saudi Arabia. No, it’s question of Turkey. This is here an attempt of making the Islamist Turkish ally appear as a minor member of the Green Belt project, as the spiritual leader of Islamism while 70 million Iranians excluded Iran from this project. Besides, we signalled such project of transformation of Turkey into leader of armed Islamist movements when the Turkish government staged the Flotilla affair in order to express its support to the Hamas without causing Washington’s anger.

Such media metamorphosis of Turkey into the champion of Islamism will continue soon with the release of the Turkish-American movie “Five Minarets in New York” which stages a Turkish Ben Laden whose codename is “Dajjal”, an insult in Arabic because this word means antichrist in Muslim vocabulary. This is meant for provoking any fundamentalist and giving to Turkish Islamists the opportunity to take the lead of fundamentalist trends.

2 | Other documents are useful as well. Then while people abhors the Islamic revolution and its heroes, WikiLeaks disclosed in its papers the project of elimination of an Iranian opponent who appears to be by great chance Ali Reza Nurizadeh, a pro-regime Islamist who joined the camp of the Islamist pawns of Washington, those whom the latter wishes to take the control of Iran. The document concerning those pawns is an attempt to introduce them as opponents to Islamism followers so that the future Iranian laic leaders can’t refuse the come back to Iran of those agents of the Americans or even prosecute them for their crimes. Naughty America.

3 | Documents tell about Merkel: this brilliant physician is introduced as a stupid person. She would lack of the necessary imagination to adopt sanctions against Tehran. Washington offloads on a partner of the mullahs who has adopted a much imaginative behaviour which is similar to the American policy but which goes against Washington’s interests.

4 | President Sarkozy is mentioned as well in those documents that Washington redacted. He would have called the mullahs a Fascist. Actually, the contrary happened. Since the Clotilde Reiss affair which proved some lack of American solidarity, France thinks that it could get on well with the mullahs without waiting for any American entente. De facto, while Washington could be excluded for a while from Iran, it tries to prevent others from getting close to this country. In France, media linked with Washington presents the WikiLeaks rag as an inestimable document and encourages the French opinion to go for it [3]. Undoubtedly many French will diffuse WikiLeaks’ gossips because of anti-Sarkozy snobbism and they will serve at sight the interests of the American oil companies [4].

But let’s leave France with its problems because on the one hand, we don’t approve its cynical policy which is meant for imitating the American policy on the detriment of the security of our compatriots; on the other hand, we have our own problems. In a way, we suffer from this cynical naughty America which erases truth and real opponents in order to delay the mullahs’ collapse or to fit its pawns. Additionally, we suffer from the mullahs’ regime which erases everyday those young people who are capable to resist in it.

We are in the era of erasers. However we are far from being over because the mullahs who remain under this arid regime of American economic war of attrition have just denounced WikiLeaks’ gossips by qualifying them as a trap to incite Muslims to hate each other. They called for the creation of a unite front of Islamists, which might put Turkish ill-at-ease (as they are attracted by Europe) as long as the latter are not fit to assume the role of terrible Ben Laden. Besides, faced with this American war of economic attrition, Tehran has always looked for causing a military escalation so that the risk of a new war forces the Americans to capitulate. It will go on with the most unexpected provocations that will be hidden by no document of WikiLeaks.

All this is vain. Washington will need sooner or later to renounce to its impossible objective of Green Belt. We propose to make this guilty project be the sole fact of its theoreticians such as Brzezinski and his fellows in a final leak of WikiLeaks.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : WikiLeaks et la vilaine Amérique
- (1er décembre 2010)

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[1Anti-mullah sentiments which were attributed to moderate Arabs will make them disowned by their people who are quite often fond of the mullahs. Washington is trying thus to destabilize moderate (or lukewarm) people who have no room in its regional projects.

[2An infinite puzzle (1): Further to the publication of this article, on Wednesday 1 December, WikiLeaks broadcasted documents stating that Iranians were extremely religious and much respectful of the advice of Shiite rulers and ready to fight and die whenever they order it !

[3Everything was organized to mislead public about WikiLeaks website. On the past days, after the website address was typed, a message “the page cannot be found” was appearing. It was necessary to retype the address to make the page appear. This stage was programmed for each page so to give the illusion of a website under reprieve and make people eager to read everything and especially diffuse widely the website’s content! At present, when we type the address, intermittently, a message announces that there is no access: a teasing method which is meant for arousing curiosity.

[4An infinite puzzle (2): Further to the publication of this article, on Wednesday 1 December, WikiLeaks broadcasted documents stating of President Sarkozy’s pro-Americanism in order to sabotage definitely his re-election. Other documents ridicule him…