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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – June 8, 2010 | Since several months, Turkey has appeared in the news as an improvised negotiator in the Iranian nuclear crisis. Lately it took part in the signature of a nuclear compromise with the mullahs. For a week it has become very topical as an emerging actor on the international scene in the world’s thorniest conflict. From our point of view, this Turkey superstar is the outcome of Washington’s will and this can’t be a riskless situation for this country.

On the 31 May 2010, Turkish boats that were heading to Gaza were attacked by the Israeli army. The day after, Turkey organized demonstrations all around the world on which it was matter of mourning for its nationals who were killed during the attack, of bemoaning Gaza’s fate while it didn’t sustain any direct damage in such operation. It became the champion of the Arab Street instead of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The mullahs’ regime gave up its crown because Turkey didn’t include it at first in the Flotilla operation and because, contrary to Turkish, Pakistanis, Malaysian or even European Muslims, Iranians aren’t particularly fond of the Palestinian cause and they didn’t take massively to their cities’ streets. Such boycott of the Iranian people was foreseeable because on January 2009, when Gaza was being bombed, Muslims all around the world assured of their support while Iranians didn’t make a single move. Such as it was the case in 2009, a sole demonstration gathering 50 people took place outside of Tehran, what doesn’t match at all with the mullahs’ promises to raise an army that would save Gaza. As a matter of fact, the mullahs and the heads of the Pasdaran were forced to abstain from taking to the streets personally and thus they were obliged to shut up as well.

Due to the much foreseeable boycott Iranians made and which induced the mullahs’ forced silence, due to the fact the mullahs were put intentionally on the sidelines in the preparation and the organization of the Flotilla operation and at last due to the presence of armed people on board the Turkish ships that caused the clash, we can suspect Turkey of frame-up (a foreseeable accident) in order to invest in the Palestinian issue which has been monopolized by the mullahs.

This seems to be a takeover bid authorized by Washington on the Hamas because one of the first acts of the newcomer was to express its support to the Hamas, a movement which is ranked among terrorist ones according to the Americans, and this didn’t make the latter protest. Suddenly the Americans even accepted to implement mechanisms against Gaza’s blockade. We would be naïve if we wouldn’t notice that Washington had a hand on this takeover bid which Turkey was allowed to make and there’s inevitably a connexion with Iran.

In order to understand, we need to remind the context. Washington is in conflict with the mullahs because it wants to force them to become its allies in order to assist it in shaking the Muslims regions of Central Asia and Caucasia and to replan those regions. It’s a matter of making the existing States disappear which would abolish the current contracts with European, Russian and Chinese competitors. Thus Washington would take their place and control around 55% of the world’s hydrocarbon reserves.

The entire projects rests on an alliance with the mullahs, thus Washington can’t overthrow the mullahs. Consequently it needs to avoid the implementation of very harsh sanctions and try to submit them via a process that combines dialogue offers with a war of economic attrition. The mullahs are well aware that they will be defeated by such war of attrition and that they may become provisory and disposable allies. So they are trying to avoid this war of economic attrition by involving Washington into some dazzling escalation in which the latter would shrink back for fear of a war that would affect its allies’ oil supply. The mullahs’ agitation makes the United States ill-at-ease because its public opinion demands sanctions. So to avoid this, the Americans assessed that they wanted sanctions to be applied; but they exposed in the news 2 of their greatest strategic and trade partners, Turkey and Brazil, in the role of the regional powers that are hostile to sanctions. Within the framework of such scenario, we assist in confrontations between Washington and those both countries and Washington is always defeated.

Such dishonest approach drove the main States whose interests are threatened by this Iranian-American alliance, i.e. United Kingdom, Russia and China, to declare they are favourable to sanctions in order to drag by force Washington in a process of confrontation instead of dialogue with the mullahs. Lately, France which teamed up with Washington out of economic interest joined the anti-American trio and then Washington which is officially in favour of sanctions happened to be isolated. Thus it played this new act which presents Turkey as a strong actor on the international scene because it intervened in order to break the blockade and defend the Arabs (without disparaging Tehran) right before it obtained results! Thus it gained a stature which let it oppose to the adoption of new sanctions.

Appendix | Erdogan who was the great host of this show is of course beside himself with joy because in a way he is reconstituting the Ottoman Empire, which will instil lots of pride in Turkish people. Otherwise he is delighted because thanks to this kind of helping hand he gave to the United States, the Brazilian president Lula was rewarded with the promise of a nomination at the head of the UNO. However his wish may not be fulfilled owing to his Islamist commitment. But he is not the only one to be concerned: Erdogan’s support to the Hamas (so tensing for the European citizens) and his complicity with the United States against the Europeans’ oil interests may harm as well the adhesion of his country to the European Union. At last, it’s highly probable that Turkey comes off the loser in the end because whenever Washington will transform Central Asia and Caucasia, the centre of the expanding Islamic world will move to the East and the Iranian corridor will outclass the Turkish corridor towards Central Asia and Caucasia.

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Conquête de l’Asie centrale

The US influence area after an Iranian-American entente

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- Iran – Gaza : La Turquie superstar !
- (8 juin 2010)

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