Tehran announced this week that it broke up an American network of websites which support counter-revolution. Beware, it’s just propaganda !

On Saturday 13 March, the Pasdaran, a militia founded in 1980 in order to preserve and export the Islamic revolution, announced an unprecedented victory of its Internet section : the breaking up of a virtual network financed by the CIA and lead by Ahmad Balevi in order to allow Iranian net surfers to connect to counter-revolutionary websites which encouraged them to attend prohibited gatherings. The operation consisted in hacking 28 active websites and arresting the 30 persons who were in charge of their management.

However Batebi is one of the most recognized false opponents of the regime. Despite he stems from the BCU or Bureau of Consolidation of the Unity between the Mosque and the University, in other words it’s the sinister academic militia which is in charge of filing Iranian students, Batebi was acknowledged internationally as an “opponent” thanks to the detailed tale of his tortures he described in an open letter that was published in Iran. Afterwards, we received regularly news of “his much worrying health condition” another prisoner gave on the phone from his jail to Iranians radios based abroad. But that news was also broadcasted in Iran ! We remember this : a sputtering and endless serial which convinced Iranians of a much powerful internal resistance within the regime. It reached such a point that each one thought he would be ready to set on the adventure of an internal revolution for lack of regime change. Shocked at such details, nobody wondered how this prisoner who was maintained in solitary confinement managed to talk to another one and how this other one was authorized to talk for two hours on the phone and address to every Iranian. We were even among the naïve ones who swallowed those misleading tales and militated so to save this exemplary guy who didn’t hesitate in riding roughshod over from the bottom of his cell against the regime. Thanks to such melodramatic stage, Batebi became a hero. After he was overwhelmingly supported as the best spokesperson of the people so to describe the regime’s cruelty, Batebi was released and sent to Washington. But once he was saved from the mullahs’ clutches, instead of denouncing the regime and its crimes in solidarity with the other political prisoners and with Iranian people, he said he preferred to forgive the regime and then he started to promote the idea of a dialogue and of an entente with the mullahs that would replace critics or sanctions. It was in 2007, the year of the adoption of the first American sanctions against Tehran.

The American State which wishes mostly for an entente with Tehran entrusted this person and other opponents who were sent at the same time to Washington with the position of commentator on its public channel Voice of America. The idea was to make Americans familiar with the principle of an entente with Tehran. But in the long term, the speech of such people didn’t appear in conformity with American interests and they were kept out of the air to the mullahs’ despair. At a time when Tehran encourages its lobbyist to promote dialogue instead of sanctions, it appeared obvious that the name of this person who fell from grace implied some reflationary attempt.

As we were warned by such attempt, we started to be doubtful of the authenticity on the Pasdaran’s announcement regarding the breaking up of websites network. In order to set our mind at rest, we verified such websites by clicking on Whois. We discover that a great number of those 28 listed websites were created in December 2009 and January 2010 [1]. Besides, whenever we typed their name, we were redirected to a sole website -created in 2007 :, the website of the “Human Rights Activists-Iran” which is actually a misleading designation because this organization maintains that the Bureau of Consolidation of the Unity between the Mosque and the University, the famous academic militia which is connected to the Pasdaran, is the vector of democratization and of every freedom in Iran. Moreover, for years, elder Iranian opponents have noticed this logo of HRA-Iran -hereafter- only on BCU gatherings. In other words, this network of anonymous connexion the Pasdaran denounced as an abroad-connected network is actually connected to the Pasdaran and to the regime itself which tries through this false affair of breaking up to convince opponents who are more and more young and inexperienced to connect to it.


This process of false misleading announcements is not a new thing coming from the regime’s secret services. In the same register, Tehran announced recently some restrictions towards several exiled media and underlined specifically two of them which were by great chance voices which express in favour of its interests by encouraging Iranians to not distrust the Green Movement, the false opposition which is unable to mobilize crowds.

In the present case, we find again the same motive since the HRA website is a mean to mobilize Iranians in favour of the Green Movement thanks to announcements of ill-treatment against young people -following the same model which was applied so to make Batebi popular. Thus the regime is looking to promote him.

However the situation is even worse because the one who owns a website of access providing can access any information concerning the connected net surfers, i.e. their IP address ; in other words, their true identity but as well their correspondence, their codes and also their passwords in case -which happens quite often- people would forget to use a secured connection.

Nevertheless, we cannot know the exact number of detected or exposed opponents but this figure could be quite high because on one of the sites of the list,, created in February 2009, we found by chance a page of statistics which mentioned a number of 499 daily visitors only.

The case could be even more serious : the regime mentioned only 30 arrests and not hundreds or thousands ones. This implies that it doesn’t apprehend the detected opponents : it makes do with watching them in order to prevent the creation and the development of hidden cells that would be hostile to the regime.

We talk a lot about the Green Movement, the false pro-revolution opposition the regime invented.

This seems necessary but while we are busy proving wrong the regime’s lies, the latter doesn’t loose time and takes action against the true popular opposition which weakened the regime’s foundation on the last June. That’s why we started to inform our friends in Iran of the existence of such misleading publicity and we encourage you to do the same in the shortest delays.

The french version of this article :
-  Iran – Internet : Fausse interdiction pour un site lié au régime
- (16 mars 2010)

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