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IRAN : A very depressing December 10th

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – December 10, 2010 | The day before yesterday, on the Thursday 9 December, the mullahs let supposed that they would free 2 prisoners on whom focus foreign media despite that according to the latest statistics, the mullahs hang daily more than 18 men who are less than 28.

It was on the day before the international day of the Human Rights. Western media announced then that the condition of Human Rights got better while the regime hangs more than 18 boys of less than 28 every day.

Then, on the 10 December, International day of the Human Rights, the regime specified that one of the 2 released people was freed temporarily only and that the other one, Sakineh, was not free yet [1].

De facto, on this special day, every media told about Sakineh instead of mentioning that every day 18 young people are hanged in this country and that since the start of this three-day buzz, at least 54 Iranians were hanged.

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We can read nowhere a sole line denouncing those hangings which would force Westerners to appear quite firm with the mullahs. But there’s no chance this happens because Europe is an important trade partners of the mullahs and Washington is looking for becoming its ally in order to use their Islamism and shake China’s and Russia’s Muslim regions. With sakineh, the Western world found a buzz proper to keep its public opinion occupied at precise moments such as the international day of the Human Rights !

Since the start of Sakineh’s affair, we have denounced this deliberate buzz by reminding the number of hangings and the amputations the regime itself has announced in order to intimidate revolted people. However this remains a taboo subject because if the regime collapses, on the one hand European contracts will be cancelled and on the other hand, the Islamism which is useful to Americans will be cancelled. That’s why during this day dedicated to the Human Rights, nobody told about the revolt of Iranians, about their boycott of the events organized by the regime and about its false internal opposition, the Green Movement . Instead of this, France attributed the price of the best journalist of the year to Abdol-Reza Tajik who introduces himself as an Islamist activist in favour of the Green Movement, an opposition which supports at 100% Khomeini, the Hezbollah and the Sharia !

This 10 December was certainly a day of depression.

However we, Iranians, are used to this because this is not the first time it happens and it won’t be the last time. Our country has been grumbling via thousands of active or passive oppositions against the regime but nobody tells about it. People who are close to the mullahs and linked to Americans have been focusing on Sakineh or on Derakhshan, a famous informer of the regime, who has lent himself to this kind of stage.

Lately, those agents with great media coverage even glorified Shahla Jahed, a crazy woman who killed the wife of her ex in front of the daughter of the latter by stabbing her 38 times in the throat.

Murderers or Islamists are introduced as heroes because we know that nobody find himself in those people and the country will remain silent whenever their staged misfortunes will be announced. Iranians are incited to shut up in order to deny the existence of their anti-regime revolt. However it really exists and the more ill-intentioned people will deny it, the more exaggerated and violent it will become.

However we can’t be delighted at this because before that this revolt rages to make the country free, more then 18 Iranians who are less than 28 will be hanged daily.

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- Iran : Un 10 décembre très déprimant
- (11 DÉCEMBRE 2010)

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[1Actually, the regime announced the release of Derakhshan right before it specified that it was just a provisory release. However it confessed to one of its agents in Europe, the false opponent Mina Ahadi, that it would release Sakineh. Then it waited until the 10 December to deny such information and then focus every debate on this matter and not on the collective hangings that worry people and opponents, except from people such as Mina Ahadi.