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Whereas more and more countries announced adopting unilateral sanctions against the mollahs, these latter have announced the visit of a delegation of the Iranians in charge for oil in China, in order to sign important contracts that would neutralize the effects of the sanctions announced.

The iranian minister of oil, Massoud Mir-Kazemi (مسعود میرکاظمی) and Ahmad Ghaleh-Bani (احمد قلعه بانی), the general director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) will be leaving Iran for Pekin at the head of a significant delegation. The story of the assertion of their business trip by the press agency of the NIOC is blurry : one can’t really know if they are going there to look for some new investments or to finalize some investment promises.

Ever since, the blur has been a permanent element into the communication with the mollahs’ regime. It has shown its usefulness in any matters. In the political or diplomatic matter, it proved effective to change endlessly its promises or to keep a large opaqueness on its intentions. In the economical matter, this blur has helped to hide some abysmal deficits, the extent of the donations to the favorable States of the mollahs at the UNO moreover the shameful details of the sales at loss of oil in exchange for an international diplomatic protection.

Since the decision of the American oil sanctions in 1996, the blur that could hide the loss leader sale rates changed affectations to become a disinformation partner to conceal the lack of customers despite the generous gift offered by the regime.

Thus one week ago, at the time where Tehran learnt the take of sanctions by Europe on it, it claimed a turkish loan for the construction of a gas pipeline linking Iran to Turkey to be a 1 billion euro gas contract, whereas this country never finalized an investment promise in Iran.

In the present case, one can notice that the situation it nearly similar. In the official statement of the business trip of the Iranian delegation in China, the regime has indeed evoked 40 billion dollars of investment. And yet, according to the iranian official information, this amount turns out to be the sum of all the investments made by China in Iran !

In fact, Tehran is pretending projects signed before 2005 and currently exploited whose money of the sale has already been spent to be a stream of currencies up to outwit the sanctions. We believe it all the less as during the past 3 years, China signed no new contract and that it gradually went away from the mollahs by cancelling large investments or refusing attractive permanent contracts. This past january, China even slit by 5 the degree of its dependance to Iranian oil. The announcement of the investment of a blurry amount is clearly part of the propaganda made to make believe that they still have a certain ability to neutralize sanctions.

This propaganda is supposed to convince the members of the militia who must protect the mollahs or even the Bazaris who run the economy that the regime hasn’t finished, for them not to give it up. But nobody believes in it especially with the hard time the iranian economy is going through.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : Le mirage chinois
- (4 Août 2010)

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