The Green Movement is in a mad rush ! This movement that was described as a democratic one because of the criticism it levelled at Ahmadinejad or the Supreme Guide confessed at last that it never had any vague desire to change the regime but solely a will to criticize Ahmadinejad or the Supreme Guide so they don’t forget the founding principles of the Islamic Revolution ! This movement the regime conceived in order to give a democratic hint to any compromise refusal, notably regarding nuclear field, blocked any Western speculations right before they went too far such as it happened on the last June. While we should have witnessed a denunciation for mendacious advertisement, many pro-American journalists such as Michel Taubmann took up their pen to defend the Green Movement, a fact which requires serious decoding.

The Mullahs’ green adventure lasted six months : from mid-June to December 2009. Actually, the situation couldn’t be different because the Green Movement was the negative answer of Iran’s Muslim and revolutionary people to Obama’s offer of appeasement and mutual understanding whose deadline was set in 2009.

Such offer is repeated constantly because the United States needs Iran to reach Central Asia and its oil wealth but it also needs the mullahs to control this region’s Muslim opinion and turn it against China. Tehran cannot accept under any circumstances the American offer to which several economic advantages were added because the entente would imply a normalization of the relations with the United States, a fact which appears harmful for two reasons. On the first hand, the regime would not be able to play the part of the country that appears hostile to the existence of Israel, a role which assures it the Arab street’s active support. On the second hand, in case of entente, it would need to open its elections to every Iranian, i.e. mostly to pro-American Iranians who would then grab the power from inside and deprive the mullahs from their unlimited hold on Iranian wealth and from the advantages that are included in the offer. This is the reason why before the offer’s deadline and before the sanctions restart so to force it to accept, Tehran needed to shape a Muslim and revolutionary popular movement that would be hostile to any negotiation or entente in order to appear obliged to refuse so to respect Iranian people’s sovereign will.

In order to make such a scenario come true, it was necessary that the United States acknowledges the Iranian street’s sovereignty. This is how the idea of a new revolution that would appear as the expression of the people’s sovereignty was born. Tehran chose the same scenario that was applied by the United States in their colour revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia : the contesting of elections that were marred with frauds ! In the American scenarios, Washington disposed of its own established candidate each time. In the mullahs’ version, such role was assigned to Mussavi because he used to be a sympathizer of Nehzat Azadi, the pro-American element of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Explanations | In 1979, the year on which the 25 years contract between Iran and the oil consortium including United Kingdom, France and the United States came to its end, the latter financed a revolution in Iran against the Shah who informed them that he didn’t want to renew the contact that was very detrimental for Iran. Such revolution was Islamic because the United States wanted to create in the South of the USSR a string of ultra Islamic and unstable states in order to disseminate an Islamist separatist shock wave into the Soviet and Muslim republics of Central Asia that would make the USSR blow up from inside. This string that is named the Green Belt would upset afterwards the Muslim West of communist China. So to install an instable Islamic state in Iran, Washington’s choice was to bring to power Nehzat Azadi’s political party and its armed branch, the People’s Mujahidin, who was created respectively the year of the creation of the OPEC by the Shah and the year of the emancipation of the countries who were OPEC’s members.

Those both American creations used to lack of the necessary popularity to be able to overthrow the regime ; the Americans solicited the clergy’s support in the person of the most fundamentalist mullah, Khomeini, who was then placed in a revolutionary cell in France and surrounded with members of its candidate for the power : Nehzat Azadi’s party.

The alliance was beneficial : with the help of the mullahs who disposed of the people’s trust, America overthrew the Shah in order to replace him with a Nehzat Azadi -as well as its ramifications- 100% Islamic government lead by Mehdi Bazargan, the party’s last alive founder.

It’s the ayatollah who won the revolution but also the United States’ friends who won the power. The ayatollah got his revenge with the seizure of the American embassy and the publication of the financing files of Nehzat Azadi’s supporters. Bazargan died from a suspect heart-attack, some of his ministers -from the party’s leadership- were simply killed and others such as Ebrahim Yazdi or Mohsen Sazgara forgot the Uncle Sam and joined the ayatollah. Nehzat Azadi’s allied activists also split into two groups, a part joined the regime and others went into exile in the United States and dream to come back on the occasion of a second Islamist revolution.

Mussavi, Khamenei’s nephew, has never belonged to any of these groups because he used to be a simple sympathizer of the entourage of Ali Shariati, one of the three founders of NA. That’s why instead of being eliminated, he was firstly appointed as Khomeini’s Prime Minister and then, when the latter disappeared, as one of the 22 life members of the Expediency Council of the Interest of the Regime, the plenipotentiary organism of the mullahs’ regime. Whenever it appeared necessary to find a man who would play the role of Washington’s candidate in the colour revolution, he was chosen because he was in the meantime a former pro-US man but also a 100% secure element.

By choosing him, Tehran thought it would make its scenario come true and then trap Obama. However Washington had something else in mind, i.e. forcing Tehran to go further in its Green scenario and lead the country on the threshold of a second Islamic revolution in which its exiled NA pawns would quickly show up from Washington and have a new chance. That’s why Obama remained silent when the colour revolution broke out : he didn’t make his opinion known on Mussavi and the Green Movement.

Therefore Washington didn’t express any spontaneous support and Tehran had to turn to the B plan : attraction of big crowds in the street in order to force Obama to take a stand. Thus it activated one of its dormant agents in the United States : Mohsen Sazgara, a former member of Nehzat Azadi. The latter who is consultant to Voice of America set up in a single night an on-line TV channel from his suburban house in Washington. Dressed with a pale-green T-shirt, he encouraged young Iranians to take action because the time to operate a regime change was here at last. Washington allowed this crafty little so-and-so to do whatever he wished. Some other agents of the regime who work for so-called opposition media spread such disinformation in order to make elder ones take to the streets. Washington did nothing again and all of them managed to make Iranians overcome their fear of Mussavi, a permanent figure of the regime. On the 15 June, there was a flood of people. The so-called revolution which was supposed to reassert the people’s support to the founding principles of the Islamic revolution turned out to be a national uprising !

Today we dispose of proofs showing that the regime planned to bathe this day in blood or even to announce deaths -such as the day before yesterday- in order to force Obama to take a stand quickly and prevent this from going too far -according to Washington’s wish. But once again, Obama didn’t take up a position. As revenge, the channel Voice of America which is financed by the State Department started to tell about the protest and in order to dispose of the monopole on this affair directing, Washington interrupted the broadcasting in Iran of the opposition channels that back Tehran. Thus Washington took control of the news management in order to stop any broadcasting of any evidence that would be made by demonstrators who would be hostile to the regime and whose slogans or anti-Islamic sentiments would be in contradiction with a second Islamic revolution in Iran. As an example, on the 20 June, a day of great tension on which Neda was killed, the VOA claimed it faced some technical problem in order to not broadcast any sound and thus avoid broadcasting this kind of slogans.

Then Washington outclassed the mullahs in their own project. At that time, we could notice Mussavi and the Greens backtracked, they dropped the counter-revolutionaries and they deserted the scene during the 10 days of uprising and regime repression. In order to take the situation in hand in front of the patriots in the street and the Americans who kept information under control, the regime people intensified the publicity for the Green Movement abroad.

Washington intervened in order to sort things out but also in order to isolate the true opponents who denigrated Green people and required that we tell about the true opposition that is against the entire regime, the one that makes crowds move in Iran. Thus BHL organized a conference with Jahanchahi, the mullahs’ preppy lobbyist in Paris. Michel Taubmann, the leader of the circle of the intellectuals who are in favour of the American intervention in Iraq, appeared in the role of the promoter of democracy in Iran. On the 29 June, he organized a conference that supported the protests in Iran and in whose speech were made at 90% by the exiled agents of the deposed Islamist party Nehzat Azadi who was the first leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This party was also behind the executions that were necessary to eliminate the national army and replace it with the Pasdaran.

Thus 4 days after the Iranians’ failed uprising that was quelled by the regime, Washington for its part buried this non-Islamist uprising and steered the discussion back to the Green Movement, the catalyst that is necessary to make what remains from its 1979 Islamic-federalist pawns get the power back.

From now on, its policy was to silence the true opponents by focusing its efforts on the Green Movement with the hope to encourage this movement to go beyond its limits in order to make the regime be caught at its own game. Each time Tehran tried to pull a trick to mobilize the Iranians under the green banner in order to force Obama to acknowledge the Green Movement as the spokesperson of the street, Washington was there to support it indirectly via its journalists or even its so-called “experts in politics and Iran specialists” -such as Taubmann. The latter often appeared on the side of the lobbyists of the Green Movement without sharing the same final objectives. This is what still happens today.

Whenever the mullahs launched their Green Movement, they needed to mould a Muslim and revolutionary movement that would be hostile to any negotiation or entente before the end of 2009. As they failed and were pressed for the schedule, on the last Sunday, 5 days before the deadline Obama gave, they tried to make Iranians move by simulating a mini revolution, an operation during which they also announced several deaths. However this didn’t convince the Iranians and they didn’t take action. In the absence of the expected mobilization, the deaths were the sole thing left, proof the regime’s nastiness. So to pull through in the end, the regime tried to create some media distraction with so-called arrests and the green people forgot quickly their deaths in order to focus on the arrested persons and they hastened to specify that they never wished the end of the regime but the return to the founding principles of the Islamic Revolution. Obviously this surprised Western media which became then more receptive to our analysis. So to prevent the Green Movement from losing credibility as opponent, we have noticed some simultaneous interventions of lobbyist experts from Washington or Tehran. As their final objectives are different, the speeches are not identical but each one defends obediently the democratic nature of this puppet movement which went past its expiry date on the last 15 June.




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