Last June in an effort to block negotiations on the nuclear issue the Mullah regime invented the Green Movement who’s leader, Khomeini’s former Prime Minister Mousavi, without taking a clear position is known to be hostile to any compromise with the West in this domain. Despite a very ingenious blurred position on most general issues facing Iran Mousavi’s Islamist past caught up with him depriving the Green Movement of a mass mobilization necessary to become the legitimate voice of the Iranian people. Since June the Green Movement, conceived to give democratic and popular colours to the unilateral refusal of any compromise in the nuclear issue, has been running after the mobilization that would legitimize it with the International community. In the absence of such a mass participation the regime has been diffusing rumours through so-called smuggled videos to convince Iranians and the Western opinion that the Green Movement has momentum. Yesterday the show was in Zanjan.

Very early in the morning of December 24 the western press evoked “violent confrontations in Zanjan between the security forces and protestors assembled in homage to the memory of the late dissident Ayatollah Montazeri,” one of the founding Mullahs of this regime. But where is Zanjan ? Not many can locate this provincial Iranian city on a map and that is the entire interest of this false rumour/news diffused lately. Rumours crediting a strong mobilization of the Green Movement in Tehran was not only verifiable by Iranians (that the regime is desperately seeking to convince to take to the streets) but also for foreign states interested in the reality of such a movement. That is the reason why the regime has delocalized the latest demonstrations of the Green Movement to a remote provincial town. A rumour that is difficult to verify in a country banned to the International media.

In order to pretend that such a mass demonstration took place even in a remote location, the Green Movement had to deliver images as proof, preferably videos that are easy to make with the most basic cell phone. Many efforts have been made since June to present videos proving a mass participation in the numerous Green demonstrations around the country. The filmmakers used ingenious methods to give the illusion by filming from above or from a sidewalk, filming short or blurred, filming in the night or simply by filming simple passer bys on a busy high street and adding the sound of pre-taped slogans chanted by a hostile crowd to the regime. The latest trend is to film in very low definition and to focus on the buttocks of a compact crowd thus delivering extremely pixelized videos giving the illusion of a mass participation. Another trend is to film with the phone in a 90° angle in an effort to scramble the image. Yesterday in the case of the Zanjan protest we were served with a revealing video of buttocks that you see below :

A new media strategy | It is thus in the objective of detouring such a constraint that Tehran chose to delocalize its rumours to “Na Koja Bad” (the boonies). The Mullahs have now the luxury of multiplying the rumours of great turmoil in the country in order to convince Iranians, who’s majority is hostile to this regime, to move rapidly and descend upon the streets to protest without even waiting to see the videos attesting of its existence, giving the regime without clear knowledge the mobilization it’s been after for the Green Movement.

First test | Yesterday at the same time as the so-called repression of Green protestors in Zanjan (with tardy videos of buttocks at which we can make no clear sense) we were also served with the diffusion by the Green media and official media of the astounding news of a popular rebellion in Sirjan accompanied with a ten second video for proof. The regime then went on by testing their new method, the Green Movement announced (that was not communicated to the western media) that a great anti-regime assembly was forming in the Toop-Khaneh Square in Tehran and that the population was growing hour by hour. The test was a failure for despite additional dispatches that the situation was getting critical in Sirjan, the Tehran population did not go to the streets. We would like to underline the significant role played in this masquerade by the pro-Mullah leftists of the website Peyknet.

In an effort to mask their failure and the fact that the protest never existed the Greens diffused a video filmed at a 90° angle to blur the image. Whilst our Webmaster will come up with a technical solution to unscramble these videos, you can vision the video in slow motion and you will see that in the background we see normal traffic and no special bustle. It was just a normal day with no protests.

Deceived by the failure of their strategy and the absence of the wished for mobilization in Tehran despite the amplification of rumours by accomplice websites such as Peyknet, Tehran in a desperate last move diffused a long video of the revolt in Sirjan showing a man killed by gunshot ! The video was certainly made in haste for the bullet miraculously exploded the victim’s chest without making a hole in his sweater that was just slightly spotted with blood. There wasn’t even any blood on the ground.

Being incapable of the least compromise the regime is going towards more and more realism in their scenario. This folly can only end in a veritable blood bath from which the regime will not survive undamaged.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : 3 vidéos révélatrices sur le Mouvement Vert
- (26 DÉCEMBRE 2009)

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