© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – October 7, 2010 | Recently, based on American information source (Symantec), Western media have been relentlessly telling about the sabotage of the Iranian nuclear programme by Stuxnet virus which is considered to have contaminated around 30,000 laptops belonging to the employees of Buchehr power plant. In a past article, we highlighted the inconsistencies of the first American tale of such contamination. The Western media machinery went back onto the offensive with new American expertises and reported exactly the same conclusions. This intrigued us. By examining unvarying conclusions, we noticed there was a defect : they tell about Buchehr ! However, the Iranian nuclear programme which is facing American sanctions is entirely independent from Buchehr and is located somewhere else in Natanz, Tehran or even in Esfahan and it is ongoing. The authors of the Stuxnet campaign are trying to make people confused. This doesn’t happen by chance but at a time when Washington needs an entente with the mullahs and tries to avoid any conflict in order to continue dialogue.

Since the 14 September, the entire world has been telling about the attacks against the Iranian nuclear programme while this programme is ongoing without any problem ! The mullahs continue the nuclear activities which are sanctioned by Washington. The latter was supposed to sanction them even more. But here is the problem. Washington can’t do so, not because it doesn’t dispose of the necessary economic capacity but because it chose those nuclear activities as a pretext to sanction the mullahs in order to weaken them and force them to become its allies. It was never question of overthrowing them. However the mullahs denied the most conciliatory offers because such reconciliation would make Americans able to go back to Iran in order to introduce their pawns and grab the power from inside. De facto, contrary to its will, Washington had to harden its pressures against the mullahs but this didn’t make them take a softer line. On the contrary, this induced a break between the regime and the Bazaar which has been more hit by sanctions. This organized social entity which helped the mullahs against the Shah started a long general strike which is paralyzing the country and stroked for 20 days on the last July. Washington which pretends to help opponents didn’t make any mention of it at that time and didn’t express its support ; it appeared in the necessity to pause sanctions in order to avoid the mullahs’ collapse. Whenever the strike ended, Washington hardened its pressures and incited its allies to reduce their cooperation with Tehran. But the Bazaar contested the regime again : it is striking again for the third time in less than 3 months. This requires that sanctions get paused for a long time which explains why this campaign appeard. Firstly it makes people forget about the enrichment plant of Natanz (which raises a problem) by attracting our attention on the civil power plant of Buchehr : this is meant for pacifying debate. Secondly this campaign is supposed to spread rumors of sabotage of the entire Iranian nuclear program in order to justify the absence of new sanctions. De facto, we may assess that the Stuxnet affair and not the virus bearing the same name has been an agent of contamination of people’s mind and of the media informing Western and American citizens.
The technique of alteration of our perception of the crisis is simple : the sleight of hand. Media always tell about Buchehr and about the contamination of 30,000 laptops belonging to the people in charge of the Iranian nuclear program but nobody tells about the possibility that the virus contaminates the control systems of the industrial plants of every site of this program, i.e. the nuclear power plants of Natanz or Esfahan. In other words, Stuxnet worn is kind of stay-at-home and it prefers staying in its castle of 30,000 rooms in Buchehr instead of sabotaging the heart of the Iranian nuclear program. Such sedentary style is by definition contrary to the nature of this kind of virus. We may believe that this figure of 30,000 computers is a worm to make us rise to the bait so that we don’t ask any other questions (about the origin of the worm and its sedentary style). We have already challenged the invoked origin and we may even question as well the 30,000 contaminated computers. Indeed, this much impressive figure is actually unfounded because the power plant of Buchehr doesn’t have 30,000 employees. Such as in other power plant of this kind, there are maximum 300 skilled employees which means each one of them would dispose of 100 laptops ! We are considered to be half-wit.

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Le Figaro took this manipulation a bit too far by publishing the photo of a policeman in front of the power plant of Buchehr but it forgot to specify that this photo was taken on the 21 August 2010, the power plant’s inauguration day.

On our side, we were very sceptical from the beginning regarding the origins and exploits of this kind of stay-at-home worm because it’s not the first time that we assist in this kind of manipulation which is published in much serious media and that we see very serious journalists or experts who put on airs. When Washington started to use the pretext of the Iranian nuclear threat, which is a fantasy if we consider the mullahs’ technological abilities , it pretended that the latter disposed in 2005 of sufficient quantity of uranium to produce a bomb. However Washington didn’t manage to enforce sanctions which are necessary to make the mullahs surrender and as if by magic, produced quantities were revised downwards. Those quantities of enriched uranium as well as the equipments which are meant for producing them has changed constantly depending on Washington’s needs or even when Tehran overvalued them in order to make any appeasement with Washington impossible and avoid a dreadful reconciliation. At last, after that it manipulated relentlessly figures, Washington even buried debate about enrichment and replaced its demand of abandonment of enrichment with an exchange of the Iranian 3.5% enriched uranium stock against combustible with 20% enriched uranium for the research reactor of the university of Tehran. The regime which appeared dispossessed of a wonderful mean of sabotaging any appeasement refused the exchange and stated that it would start a second activity : enrichment by 20% ! This incited Washington to ask to the IAEA a report specifying that the enrichment capacities of the mullahs would remain very limited as long as they have at their disposal the power plant of Natanz only.
Presently, things go further as long as they try to make people forget about this nuclear power plant. Tehran appears different because of its nuclear pretentions that aim at sabotaging any reconciliation with Washington or even pleasing the Arab street ; it seems paying a great interest to this affair because it frees it from the promises it did to the Arab street. This grants it as well the opportunity to arrest and hang some opponents at a time when the Bazaar strike ridicules it capacity of intimidation.
However it remains true that the mullahs’ regime must refuse any appeasement with Washington and sooner or later it will need to resort to provocation again by mentioning an increase of its stocks of 3.5% and 20% enriched uranium. Washington will need then to find something else than this stay-at-home worm or even invent a cousin in Natanz in order to avoid sanctioning the mullahs and hasten their collapse.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : La méthode de contamination de Stuxnet est percée !
- (7 OCTOBRE 2010)

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