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Iran : Westerners are trying to create a distraction

One week ago, the Iranian news was about the mullahs’ questioning of their Geneva commitments and the fact that this didn’t give rise to any negative response from the Six. Western media thus covered up this information by filling in the gap with a phoney rumor about “Ahmadinejad’s Jewishness”. Presently Iranian news is still the same but this time we keep the lectors busy with the case of “Fariba Pajooh, the translator of the Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo in Iran” who was unjustly arrested by the regime because of her support to the Green Movement.

Appeasement | It’s clearer that Westerners are ill-at-ease with Tehran’s appeasement refusal. Americans and their European allies do everything to hide this awkward refusal because they always linked it with military nuclear ambitions and promised to oppose this serious threat with very heavy sanctions. The absence of sanctions confirms there was neither emergency nor impending danger.

Agreement | Actually such as we have told it on this website since several years, Americans always used the impending danger of Iranian nuclear program to drag the issue to the Security Council. Thus they made their Russian and Chinese adversaries who are besides the mullahs’ allies acknowledge the reality of such danger. Then Americans gave an absolute legitimacy to the sanctions process before they implemented their own sanctions to weaken the mullahs’ regime and oblige them to become their exclusive ally in Central Asia without the fact that Tehran requires in return for this gigantic oil manna an expensive price such as the recognition of their agitating role in the Middle-East.

Stakes | Washington lead this complex policy because a regional agreement with the mullahs, Islamic agitators, would permit them to redesign the Middle-East’s map in order to create new States, then make the OPEC explode from inside and gain back the oilfields that were lost by big oil companies after the creation of this syndicate. Washington could thus become the unrivalled master of the oil planet, the one that fixes the barrel price and that consequently controls the economic ambitions of its adversaries. This global project which is dated of 1976 depends on a sole element : an alliance with Islamic agitators -the mullahs or any other ones- because the region is Muslim. That’s why it was never question for the United States to overthrow the Islamic regime in Iran but to weaken it economically so to urge it to sign.

On the Iranian side | Sanctions weakened Tehran but it has refused to back off. Actually Tehran refuses because thanks to its speeches that are hostile to the United States, it benefits from the Arab street’s support which makes it to appear as the nuisance leader among Arab allies of the United States, countries that abound in oil. Any lesser agreement would deprive it from the Arab street’s support and then it would lose the sole pressure mean on the United States’ feeble border, its Arab allies.

Meanwhile Tehran would need then to re-establish relations with the United States which would be a nightmare for the mullahs because this would mean the return to Iran of the to Iranian Islamists that would be subjected the United States and thus would hold the regime from inside during elections to convert it into an Islamist republic such as Iraqi or Afghan one. Any normalization of relations would be synonymous of the mullahs’ planned end. That’s why they can’t accept even under the worst sanctions threat. They need to take to the very end. It’s an option that doesn’t match Washington’s expectations because it fears the mullahs’ fall and the emergence of a laic State right after this regime that put Iranians off Islam.

Diversions | From the end of 2007, the United States were forced to find a way to slowdown sanctions promises in order to not rush the end of Islamism in Iran. At that time, they wrote an official report -NIE2007- stating that Tehran froze its military nuclear activities but that it could take them up again. Then current sanctions were maintained and they banked on some war that would wear the mullahs down.

Here again the mullahs took it because they drew into Iranian banks’ reserves. When they reached the depths because coffers were empty, the United States then had to distance with their sanction promises. In Moscow, in the presence of Russians who became the straight men to any agreement, Hillary Clinton announced there was no urge for new sanctions !

We could almost have guessed that the day before, Iranian media announced Total was about to sign a 7.5 and 8 million dollars contract, a thing that is inconceivable without Washington’s consent. Iranian media also mentioned that today a 2.37 million dollars contract would be signed today between the Korean GS Engineering & Construction (GS E&C) for the un-acidifying of the phase 6 and phase 8’s gas in South Pars. Such as France, South Korea is an ally of the United States. Washington authorized the saving of its possible Islamic allies for fear to see it swept away by its revolted people.

Last June, for the same reason, the Nobel Price present laureate turned his back on Iranian people. His Nobel Price will give an additional backing to peace with the mullahs. However this peace is not in the bag and Washington would have preferred that Tehran doesn’t reveal the present-contracts that were offered by its ally countries’ oil companies. In order to conceal its absence of reaction, it pulled the media saturation trick with diversion news.

A week ago, in order to divert the opinion’s attention at the moment of Tehran’s first refusal, media was foolishly occupied with Ahmadinejad’s Jewishness which annoyed the regime at the level of its Islamist ties that are so respected by Washington. This time we drew the attention on Fariba Pajooh who declares herself openly as a supporter of the Green Movement of Islamist renewal in Iran. We couldn’t choose better subject. Fariba Pajooh pursued her career into the Islamist association of Tehran’s University, a subsidiary of the BCU academic militia that is even linked with the Bassij anti-protest militia. The one we introduce as a feminist who is supposedly ill-treated by Amadinejad was two years ago into registered service in Paris with a passport that was issued by Ahmadinejad himself to describe as a journalist “the Islamic Republic as a true democracy !”

This militiawoman -who commended Delphine Minoui’s admiration-, then portrayed “Hamas and Hezbollah as vectors of democracy in the Middle-East !” She also criticized harshly “the bad French democracy” or even “the very bad image given by France of Iranian female condition”. More interesting, she didn’t miss an opportunity to support Ahmadinejad and she surpassed him by saying she was “quite attached to an Iranian nuclear bomb”.

The United States and their allies can try anything : the mullahs won’t retreat from their position. It’s question of their survival. Westerners signed gas contracts in return for an appeasement. Tehran took the money and unveiled its affairs to owe nothing in return. Meanwhile it thinks it will raise again the interest for Iranian gas market. In fine Americans may need to pay billions just to annihilate this living regime. And then ? It may be necessary to exterminate 70 millions of Iranians to dispose of an Islamic republic on power.

That’s it. Change it.

On Monday 12 October, the latest hanging toll since the beginning of the year 2009 stand at 255. In 24 hours, we counted 261. Iranians pay with their lives indirect supports to Tehran. They deserve better leaders.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : Les Occidentaux cherchent à faire diversion
- (14 OCTOBRE 2009)

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