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Iran : The Six are pushing the mullahs into refusing their offer

Last October, in order to escape newer American sanctions, the Mullah regime accepted a compromise project, first offered by Americans last April, of an exchange of their low-enriched uranium stocks against higher enriched nuclear fuel rods supplied by France and Russia. The Mullahs had an explicit tactical retreat, for when the Americans suspended their project of new sanctions Tehran started taking specific actions to sink the agreement. Without clearly refusing the offer, in fear of sanctions, Tehran pointed out a series of clauses they wanted changed knowing that their claims were unacceptable by the Six. Since, Tehran announces on a daily basis newer demands and the next day the contrary.

…Tehran wants to exchange its uranium stock enriched by 3.5% against Franco-Russian fuel rods enriched by 20%... But Tehran cannot exchange its uranium stock enriched by 3.5% against the Franco-Russian fuel rods enriched by 20% for it does not trust… That is why Tehran demands guaranties that it will be supplied with the fuel rods. Tehran has propositions in that direction but prefers that the Western nations (in which it has no trust) propose guaranties !

It is obvious that the regime will reject any propositions in that sense, for it already makes the precision that no matter what they “have no trust in the Six !” It is a carpet seller’s negotiation tactic, not surprising for a regime historically linked with the Bazaar. In making contradicting announcements the Mullahs are deploying their defence strategy.

It is therefore useless to play naïve as the French Foreign Ministry did this week by proposing guarantees, for they only comfort the Mullahs in their strategy. It is also useless to accord the regime international respectability by inviting its President to an important democratic nation like Brazil, for it will use their new respectable position by either pretending to be the instigator of compromise with the Six, or demand more important concessions.

The contradiction is not only in the Iranian camp but also in the Western camp, for they are being complacent by interest and therefore encouraging the Mullahs to refuse their offers.

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