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Iran : With Obama’s agreement, Israel is arming the Hamas

According to a reliable source in Israel, a major part of Iranian missiles that are intended for Hamas passes in transit to Gaza via Israeli border. In Israel, Ha’aretz mentioned links between Pasdaran and local mafia. This is not a much realistic explanation but this doesn’t explain the inaction of the Israeli army and the strange silence of this democratic country’s government which doesn’t denounce those deliveries. There’s no mistake but a strategy. | Decodings |

On the occasion of Shimon Perez’s trip to Moscow, we again talk about Israel’s opposition to the delivery of S-300 Russian anti-missile systems to Iran, which lets suppose some strike project within few months. It’s obvious that Israel, but also its American ally don’t wish to see the mullahs being kit out with this much performing anti-aircraft defense. However by the light of the news about implicit authorization to deliver Iranian missile to the Hamas, we may suppose that those both allies dispose of other project for Tehran.

Those projects don’t concern Tehran’s inexistent ballistic ability but its real deterrent power : its ability of regional nuisance via Islamist channels that work in tandem with armed militias such as Hamas or Hezbollah. The goal is to attract the smallest deterrent power into a war that will make it loose face, as this happened during Gaza war in December 2008.

At that time, the mullahs dreaded Obama at the White House and his free of pre-conditions dialogue, a trap-process that was conceived to commit them on the way of concessions, notably regarding this deterrent power. To dissuade him, they decided to strike a blow by showing their deterrent power ability before his arrival into the Oval Office. Tehran then had to white-hot the Arab street with its Islamist channels, shortly before the Hamas announces on the 19 December it would not continue the truce because of the non-respect by the Zionist enemy of its commitments. Straight away the Hamas started to fire its small Iranian missiles to Israel although it even didn’t have the capacity to resist in an Israeli response as we could notice it afterwards.

Actually the Hamas didn’t expect it. According to a former Iranian diplomat, a respected person of Iranian opposition who is based in the American capital, and according to some sources at the Congress, in mid-December, Washington sent Jimmy Carter to Damascus in order to meet for 5 hours Khaled Mechaal, the Hamas’ chief. During this meeting, Carter ensured his interlocutor that he was free to get on Israel’s nerves because in time of presidential transition, Bush would support no response. He implied that the Hamas would then clean out everything for Obama who would inaugurate an anti-Israeli era, promises that appeared plausible with the democrat statements that were made at that time.

The mullahs swallowed such story, the Hamas sank and we assisted in the Hard Lead operation which wiped out the Hamas’ low military capacities. Worst of all, everybody noticed that Tehran wasted its breath when it promised it would send combatants or launch its long-ranged missiles.

By rearming the Hamas, Washington gave to the mullahs the means to commit themselves into the same trap in order to weaken their pretentiousness as well as their regional aura. Obviously Tehran may avoid this trap by refusing confrontation but this would have meant some appeasement that would have been susceptible to harm its relations with the Hamas. Whatever the choice, it will appear as weakened.

The American policy toward the mullahs remains the same since 30 years : weakening them by any available means in order to urge them for compromise.

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