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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 3 2009 | The former president Khatami described the trial of his reforming friends as a travesty of justice. Some conservative deputies requested as for them that Mussavi should be judged for “extremist acts” and Rafsanjani asked everybody to keep calm “so to not endanger the regime.” We don’t mention anymore contestations but political class.

Four days ago, on July 30th -last week’s working day in Iran- about ten thousands of people went on the streets after the call of the national opposition that is hostile to the regime.

This day, we heard in several places of Tehran the same slogan that was clearly hostile to the nature of the regime : “Independence, freedom, Iranian Republic” which refers to the key slogan of 1979’s revolution : “Independence, freedom, Islamic Republic.”

Iranians screamt the un-Islamized version and each time, they were greeted with the unison klaxons from passing drivers.

Normally, we should have talked and discussed sharply about it all the more that the only one reaction it aroused was a negative one and came from Mussavi. In an interview granted to his own website -hereafter- he clamed : “The single slogan of our movement that is composed of millions of sympathizers is an Islamic Republic and nothing else.”

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Today, this debate vanished into oblivion thanks to the noisy judicial production of the regime so to focus information on its politicians, those ones the street rejected four days ago.
Everybody help to hush up this hampering slogan : one denounces this travesty of justice, another one asks for an additional trial, a third one protects himself from an indirect accusation that was mentioned during the trial. People were forgotten.
Such deliberate will to occupy media space is all the more much obvious that Khatami denounced the travesty of justice for those of the first ranges and not those from people. However this doesn’t change the bottom of the problem. Those who came down to the street and lost friends -400 deaths and 3,000 arrests- know who the victims are. The regime only widened the distance that separates it from the street.

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