© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – July 7, 2009 | The Islamic Republic gives an image of a very upset regime : this is due to an immoderate series of lies -fake pretentions of fraud and fake protests- that were meant to call into question the legitimacy of the latest elected president so to block legally any dialogue between the latter and the West. Presently he is forced everyday to invent new lies to not lose face or capitulate.

The arrival of Obama upset every outlines that were known or planned by the mullahs ! He offered them an improbable appeasement that is contrary to their assumed vocation of regional agitator, defender of every enemy of Israel and the United States. Since then the main priority of the regime turned out to be the search for a solution to make impossible such appeasement.

The first reaction of the regime was to multiply nuclear provocations and so-called ballistic exploits. Washington then set a sidestepping policy against. The regime also searched for inciting Europe and particularly France to double the United States and offer an agreement to Iran but this didn’t work. At the time of the Iranian presidential elections, Obama’s inconvenient offer revitalized the candidature of Ahmadinejad, the president of refusal, despite a sanctions’ reinforcement.

Lately Tehran got the idea of a miracle solution : an overwhelming and slightly fraudulent reelection for Ahmadinejad, a victory that would be contested by his unfortunate rival, Mussavi, the so-called moderate. Tehran hoped that Obama would side with the moderate trend of the regime. It would have been synonymous of an American legitimization of Mussavi’s nuclear program, a program which is identical in every respect to Ahmadinejad’s one.

However Obama didn’t side with anybody. Tehran then accelerated its flight forward with a much more radical outlet in which Mussavi mentioned the absence of any legitimacy of Ahmadinejad by implying he would be able to block any compromise given in by the latter due to the weight of the sanctions. This would have been a mistake because Mussavi became the obstacle of any Iranian-American agreement and thus an enemy.

Panic on board : Tehran changed the scenario to position him as a victim of possible legal proceedings to make Obama intervene in the name of Human Rights. The latter didn’t react what gave cause for the diffusion this week-end of a new rumor linked to the security of the American interests in the Persian Gulf.

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A fake “press article” that was broadcasted on the Web pretends that “further to his fraudulent election, Ahmadinejad who doesn’t have any legitimacy made the promise that he would allow the Russian army to install on the Iranian coasts of the Persian Gulf to threaten the American interests with its missiles”. A “patriotic” comment going with this article specifies that “Mussavi is against such decision and he was solely alluding to this as he declared himself hostile to recognize the legitimacy of the decisions taken by Ahmadinejad !”

We understood it, Tehran searches for revising downwards Mussavi’s hostility for an agreement regarding nuclear activity by scaring the United States so to force it to intervene in favor of Mussavi who would be peace’s friend on Earth !

It’s not the first time Tehran uses such argument of Russian missiles that would aim the American interests in the Persian Gulf. The past time, in December 2007, it did it in a more open way via Iranian press, what was followed by a firm denial from Moscow less than 24 hours after. This time, for fear of angering its great ally, Tehran didn’t resort to any rumor. Despite a praiseworthy effort of its rumor broadcasting relays via mass mailing, Obama didn’t react to this tensing news the day before his trip to Moscow.

With the absence of any echo, Tehran thus let this eccentric option down and took up again the basic outlet in which from now on we mention a possible hanging of Mussavi because of treason ! This is not probable at all : he is too precious for the regime. However Tehran will do everything, via its articles telling about the misfortunes of his supporters or companions, to make such hypothesis very probable and obtain Obama’s support for its miracle candidate.

But if this fails, it already disposes of an alternative plan : for lack of support, an assertion of such support ! The collaborators of Mussavi -who are actually real second-hand knifes with no political future [1]- would have confessed they work for Americans, a pretext to deny any dialogue with Obama.

This has no sense and doesn’t solve anything but the regime is involved into a process of flight forward which surpasses it : it can’t stop lying, it would lose face.

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[1The moderate collaborators of Mussavi | The persons who were supposed to be arrested and the regime wants to make appear among the ranks of democracy heroes are :
The sinister Behzad Nabavi
, former negotiator of the American embassy hostage takers, one of the Committees initiators, those militia imitation stations that were in charge of repression after the revolution, co-founder with his friend Hajjarian of the secret services of the regime under the mandate of the Prime Minister Mussavi and at last the great unseen boss of Iranian gas !
Mohsen Safai-Farahani
, friend of Behzad Nabavi and close to Sazgara, the founder of Pasdaran, associated with Sazgara into real estate building, Minister of Energy under Rafsanjani and one of the nasty bosses of Iranian football since 1997 -not well rated by the Fifa.
Mohsen Miradami
, student of the IMAM line -Khomeini, former hostage taker of the American embassy, present First Secretary of the main reforming party !
Mostapha Tadjzadeh, ex-responsible of the political bureau of the Interior Ministry in charge of elections and also husband of the niece of the mullah Mohtashami, the founder of Hezbollah.
Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, also from the Interior Ministry of the regime, he’s been under Khatami at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which depends on secret services !
Mohsen Aminzadeh, accomplice of Khatami in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic conduct -Ministry of Censorship.
And also Said Shariati, Zoreh Agharaji and the “journalists” Taghi Rahmani, Hoda Saber, Reza Alijani, the Bassiji Ahmad Zeydabadi and Kayvan Samimi.