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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – March 21 2009 | As they are always looking for a way to open the dialogue and drive the mullahs to a compromise, right after mediations, pressures and sanctions, the Americans since then took up again with friendly methods –flattery and small presents. After the flatteries of the emir of Qatar and a new threat of expulsion of the Iraq-based Mujahidin from their city of Ashraf, Obama went up a gear with a message for the Iranian New Year that was addressed to “the people and the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, a message that didn’t convince or even weakened the mullahs.

From his election, Obama lent the mullahs a helping hand as he mentioned a change of the US diplomatic line, a change that would appear as a direct dialogue with no preconditions. Teheran quickly considered that change as superficial. Indeed the new American president renounced to the prior preconditions imposed by his predecessor George Bush but not at all to the sanctions adopted by Bush. If Teheran would accept such dialogue offer, this would signify that it was defeated by the sanctions and it must capitulate faced with the United States to concede a great number of compromises regarding all the subjects that oppose them and motivated the adoption of such sanctions -nuclear technology, Hezbollah.

So Teheran refused while notifying that its condition to dialogue would be the lift of all the sanctions and the cancellation of the charges that justified them. Teheran even started to play with such refusal in order to exasperate the United States because it knows that the offer of Obama is not motivated by the admiration the new president would show for the mullahs but by the necessity for his country to make them become docile and dutiful allies so to help the United States to open up Central Asia and subtract it to the hold of China and Russia. The objective is to control most of the oil suppliers in order to dominate the oil market and set the prices. At the same time of this economic war it intends to win, Washington would settle military bases in the neighboring territories of China and Russia so to keep watch on those both adversaries and support their local separatists who would finish the work through the dismantling of China and Russia in the name of the freedom of people.

Due to the importance of the stake and the usefulness of its implementation in the shortest delays, Washington does everything to attract Teheran into its direct dialogue, the antechamber of the mullahs’ capitulation. From its side, Teheran reminds that the condition to dialogue would be the lift of all the sanctions and the cancellation of the charges that would justify them. This would come to the same thing than accepting the regime as it is and making do with the Hamas and the Hezbollah.

Since Washington has to dominate the mullahs and not to make do with them, so to jam them, it recently had the idea to invite them to the negotiation table under the politically correct pretext of discussions on the stability of Afghanistan which has a large border with Iran. Once again, Teheran refused. In order to neutralize such refusal, Washington firstly tried mediations, then a very heavy sanction before coming back to the flatteries it used at the moment it held out first its hand to the mullahs. The first sign of this return to the sources was to flatter via a regional ally, Qatar, the mullahs’ diplomatic action in the hope of obtaining an Iranian participation in conference on Afghanistan. Without becoming demoralized by the persisting refusal of the mullahs, Obama is trying again with a greeting message for the Iranian New Year that was written with words that would flatter the mullahs’ ego.

Obama Iran Nowrouz

The answer of Teheran didn’t wait any longer, Ali-Akbar Javan-Fekr, the media consultant of the Islamic Republic presidency declared that : “Such reconciliation message is encouraging but the United States must first correct their past mistakes. Obama only talks about changes but he must stop talking and embark on concrete actions that would be a proof of his reconciliation will. If this would be the case, we wouldn’t turn our back to him.”

In the Iranian version of this statement, the consultant mentioned “mistakes to correct” but in the Western version, he specified that “mistakes” referred to the “sanctions that were recently renewed.” Teheran considered such precision as a useful one because the foreign press agencies mention endlessly and wrongly apologies expected by the mullahs regarding Mossadegh. Teheran changed the tack to not waste its breath. So it agreed that our analysis that always specified that the word mistake meant sanctions and accusations in force against the regime are right.

No matter what are the versions, the answer is the one that was given during the first TV speech of Obama and the mentioning of his hand hold. However, the past time, the rulers also made a contribution towards the answers that were given for this opening to such an extent that we assisted in a verbal ping pong between Obama and Ahmadinejad. For fear that those greetings would have the objective to get them involved into this kind of direct dialogue, prelude to a real dialogue, Teheran differed its highest level official answer. It opted for an immediate answer given by a character which is less than insignificant, that shows the advantage to minimize the impact of this message Washington would qualify as historical. This curt and distant approach gives de facto an enormous weight to its answer and to its demand of concrete acts for a fresh start between both countries.

So we can bring up a failure for Washington. This failure is double because despite the flattering phrases, the message didn’t seduce or trick the mullahs. It chocked the Iranians. This is such an enormous lapse of taste to assimilate the Iranians with a regime that is from any point of view a vile one, that oppress them and moreover that always, since its achievement to power, fiercely fought against Nowrooz, its festivities and its mood inspired by the humanism of Zoroaster.

As they heard such politicized message -concocted by Vali Nasr, the Iran consultant of Obama, the Iranians undoubtedly felt betrayed. But as he held his hand to the archaic and vile clique that occupies the power in Iran, Obama didn’t lie to the Iranians. He simply turned his back on the memory of what was the United States when it was founded by free people. At the beginning of the 20th century, this country used to inspire the Iranians who were ill-treated by the British and the Russians. Nowadays its wrongdoings overtake the ones of those both together.

Such situation reminds the words of one of the founder of Iran, Darius Achemenide. He made engrave on his tablets : “May God preserve this State from the enemy, drought and lie.”
our wishes | This new year starts as Iran is ruled by enemies, solicited by other enemies whose speeches are friendly, hit by drought and plunged into lie. So we wish to our friends from here and from Iran strength to denounce lies and a torrent that would regenerate our earth and carry our enemies off.


بزن باران به نام ِ هرچه خوبی ست

بیفشان دست ، وقتِ پایکوبی ست

مزارع تشنه ، جوباران پُر از سنگ

بزن باران که گاه ِ لایروبی ست

م. سحر


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