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IRAN-AEIA : Back to the norm, the mullahs are breathing

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – Feb 24 2009 | The latest AEIA report was conceived in order to deprive the United States from their stranglehold on the intimidations and sanctions management so they cannot use those pressures against Teheran to impose a separate understanding with the mullahs. Such understanding would turn upside down the numerous international balances and would harm the vital interests of the other members of the Security Council. Thus the report went beyond Washington’s accusations to become the main source of pressure against Teheran and force the mullahs to accept a multilateral agreement, i.e. with the Security Council (the Six). Since its publication we assist in a latent war between Washington and the AEIA that ended by saving the mullahs.

Four days ago, the latest report of the AEIA revealed that Teheran stocked enough enriched uranium to produce the quantity of highly enriched uranium that is necessary for a bomb. The AEIA stipulated then that the sanctions failed and that it was necessary to find a compromise with Teheran. Washington only picked out of this report the mullahs dissimulation will and their potential to create a first bomb to require still more sanctions. The AEIA then claimed that Teheran didn’t act intentionally to conceal its stock and this implied that new sanctions weren’t justified.

The day of its publication, the report left the mullahs voiceless because they found themselves faced with two adversaries who attempted to excel themselves mutually to intimidate Iran. The situation was doubly penalizing for Teheran because it put it in entire baseness and also deprived it from its exclusive trial of strength with Washington. It is a confrontation they hope to exploit in order to obtain an American recognition of its regional role and the lift of the American sanctions against Iran, its militias, the Hamas and the Hezbollah.

Four days after the confrontation between Washington and the AEIA, everything goes for the best for the mullahs. They gained their confidence back because the AEIA doesn’t want visibly to engage into a process for a new resolution that would legitimate one more time the American sanctions against Iran.

With a wealth of such noticing, Teheran came back to offensive in order to weaken the most vulnerable among both, i.e. the AEIA, so to favor the American stranglehold and thus revive its trial of strength with the United States. This is why Hassan Ghasghavi, the spokesman of the Iranian ministry of foreign Affairs, specified officially that contrary to the conclusions of the AEIA the nuclear activities of Iran didn’t slow down at all.

Iran means to exploit also the meetings that were programmed several days ago with the European emissaries among whom the French Gérard Araud, member of the Six’s negotiators group, such as a proof of tone change and European alignment with its positions.

The situation that was then very unfavorable to the mullahs is coming back to an informal and appalling normality which is the proof that the Six remain frozen regarding their relations with Iran.

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