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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG | Today, Saturday 25 July, will take place the world action day to support Iranian people. It’s an excellent initiative but it is introduced under the green banner of islam, with a green logo and it is launched by persons and organizations that are much linked to the regime right after the 17 July, the black day for the mullahs’ regime which then noticed the death of the green movement. Such initiative of world solidarity will be one of the last attempts to revive a movement on which the regime relies to strengthen its bases. Thus this 25 July won’t be a day for the Iranians who are hostile to the regime but a day for their enemies.

The green movement is in trouble : on the 17 July, it promised to mobilize 2 million people in Tehran but it fielded less than 5,000 of its own supporters ! On Tuesday 21 July, it promised again 2 million but this time it gathered together less than 100 people ! We are far from the 15 and 25 June demonstrations that gathered together more than 1 million people every day in the streets.

Such demotivation is due to the fact that the 15 and 25 June demonstrations were independent from the green movement, Islamic pretence of a color revolution. Iranians don’t pay attention to the calls that are made by the green movement, its leader Mussavi and its intellectual counterparts because they don’t want to be instrumented and be used as walk-ons into a green revolution that wishes to renew the youth of 1979’s Islamic revolution.

Nobody in Iran is taken in by the fact that on the 13 June the regime, i.e. Rafsanjani, authorized demonstrations against Ahmadinejad because the atmosphere was very strange. Civil militiamen and yobs who are usually numerous and permanently present in Iranian streets disappeared by allowing green-dressed demonstrators to show off in the streets and chant freely and mostly in front of the cameras of foreign journalists slogans that were against Ahmadinejad, pro-Mussavi or about electoral fraud.

Everybody in Iran knows that this radically changed on the 15 June when, by benefiting of the militia’s absence, people went massively down to the streets to chant slogans that were hostile to the regime.

Then yobs and militiamen came back into the streets and journalists were asked to scram so to let the regime take control of information and the street. The regime needed 10 days and as soon as the protest was put down, it decided to take over from its green revolution that had been interrupted by the 15-25 June revolt.

Presently this green revolution is the priority of the regime : a mean to remind the attachment of the society and mostly young people to the values of the revolution so to have a legitimate reason to refuse any compromise and even any dialogue with America, the great Satan !

Since then its single worry was to find the means to attract a great number of Iranians in the streets under the green banner, a thing without which it cannot stage its new Islamic revolution on Youtube. The observation of a month of successive failures explains why the regime got the idea of a world day under the green banner to support Iranian people !

From the 28 June to the 9 July | Since the interruption of the revolt and under the effect of a massive repression, the regime immediately got down to work so to be successful before the 9 July, the date that was announced by the exiled opposition to resume the revolt. Its first attempt on the 28 June on a call from the Green people was a bitter failure. After that, it had to manage everything on the 9 July. So to neutralize this day, Green people launched their own call for demonstration on the same route chosen by the opposition in case there would be a massive demonstration but the regime didn’t organize a great police system to prevent it from happening for fear of an overflowing such as the 15-25 June’s one. It thus pulled it off by preventing the fusion between around 20 average-sized demonstrations. Thanks to the regime, on this 9 July, Iranians noticed that it was not possible to take advantage of a new demonstration that would be allowed by the regime to resume their protest.

10 July | When the danger of a revolt resumption was avoided, the regime again made efforts to attract a great number of Iranians in the streets under the green banner. It thus chose the date of the 17 July by inviting Iranians to support the green wave so to help Mussavi and Rafsanjani who were then about to announce the creation of a great democratic party. Each one understood that Rafsanjani is the political boss of the regime but as he lacks of legitimacy because of the fact he is corrupted, he is seeking for becoming the hero of the struggle for freedom ! This call was badly received by Iranians : the regime then decided to conceal its intention by giving up the green signature or any positive reference about Mussavi or Rafsanjani.

17 July| | Groups that were -so-called- very patriot and very hostile to the regime then emitted hundreds of calls stating that to overthrow the regime, it was needed to surf temporarily on the green movement by going firstly to the Friday prayer to support Mussavi and Rafsanjani ! Iranians weren’t taken in : on the 17 July, except from the regime’s professional demonstrators, nobody came to this ceremony that was a symbol of respect toward Islamic revolution.

Less and less green | In order to not make the same failure happen, the regime gave up any reference to Mussavi and to Green people. This time, the call for a giant demonstration came from the National Front, a party created by Mossadegh who belongs to the opposition that is authorized by the mullahs’ regime and that regularly call Iranians for participating to every election of the regime.

The green agony of the 21 July | Those old front people who are accomplices of the Islamic revolution are allowed each year to meet in memory of the 7 demonstrators killed in 1952 who were trapped between Tudeh’s supporters who were shouting on the army and the soldiers who retaliated. We’ve been told that at 4 pm GMT -7 pm in Tehran- there would be at least 2 million people this time thanks to the aura Mossadegh benefits from in Iran.

On Tuesday 21 July, we expected evidence to know the rate of mobilization. At 5 pm GMT -8 pm in Tehran, testimonies mentioned dozens of militiamen who prevented people from meeting. This makes suppose that a small crowd answered to the call of this strike which is allowed and even supported by the regime since 30 years to remind the “Shah’s crimes”.

Then, as they understood their mistake, the executives of this microscopic party changed their version : firstly they mentioned “hundreds of militiamen to contain the crowd”, then “thousands” and finally “dozen of thousand militiamen who struggled against hundred of thousand demonstrators who wore green ribbons !”

But as usual since the 25 June 2009, there’s no image anymore to prove the figures. Moreover foreign press who weren’t put in the picture forgot to mention us this incredible crowd.


PNG - 158.7 ko

Toward a reanimation plan | Concretely on this 21 July, the regime noted the green movement’s death. It had to expect it since the 28 June when Iranians denied outright the first demonstrations that were organized by the regime after the 25 June’s repression. It’s at that time the regime started the website United4Iran with green logos -created on the 2 July 2009 for duration of one year.

It’s the day after the boycott of the 17 July’s demonstration in favor of Rafsanjani that we heard for the first time about this website and the day of support to Iranian people with the help of every avowed and non-avowed lobbyist of the regime !

Firstly organizations such as the AINAC -new version of the NIAC- the official lobby of the regime in the United States, with some people such as Mahrangiz Kar and another one, Shirin Ebadi. To sum up, people we didn’t hear at all from the 15 to the 25 June.

United4Iran | Born on the 18 July, the initiative imagined an intermediary event to make it known : the hold of a 3 days collective hunger strike of 60 Iranian artists and intellectuals -those from the regime- on UNO’s square in New York which started on the 22 July at the moment when the name of Mossadegh should have mobilized 2 million people in Tehran. Mossadegh wasn’t successful in Tehran and in New York, Homa Sarshar, a Jewish Iranian intellectual who has always supported the mullahs, found hard to gather together the renowned artists. The main obstacle to mobilize exiled Iranians was the refusal to allow the presence of Iran’s historical flag and the promise to call the police to arrest any offender as it was the case in every demonstration organized by exiled green people.

Thus several Iranian artists refused. Such as in Tehran, organizers cheated by adding the name of those people in their signatories list. Finally 26 people met in New York for a 3 days strike before the beginning of the solidarity day and thus 26 heroes who will be able to carry on interviews to talk about their objectives.

What do they want ? Initially the requests of the green movement’s supporters concerned the ballot and the results. They asked for new elections and also ask that Westerners and particularly Obama refuse to acknowledge Ahmadinejad. Actually they wanted to commit Obama to legitimize Mussavi and de facto his nuclear program which is the same than Ahmadinejad’s one. As Obama resisted, this request was still available and were amplified at the end of the day.

But Tehran will also benefit from this day to implement a way to attract Iranians in the street. This Saturday demonstrators will take responsibility of the call launched on the 22 July by Shirin Ebadi who asked Ban Ki Moon to go to Iran !

The objective of this call was to encourage Iranians to go out and be seen by the prestigious emissary ! A dreamt occasion to dress every militiaman with casual downtown clothes and a green ribbon on their wrist so to scatter the crowd with green touch and give to the world the spectacle of this color but Islamic kind revolution.

The solution would be for our compatriots to go down to the streets with a flag relieved from its Islamic logo. We launch a call to our friends, Iranian or worldwide, to squat the demonstrations of United4Iran with a slashed regime’s flag. Let’s make it our banner.

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