During his intervention in Manama at the Conference on the Persian Gulf security, Robert Gates insisted on the US wish to establish direct negotiations with the mullahs with a view to getting an agreement. The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz has just published the names of the people who will support Robert Gates and also Hillary Clinton for such mission.

According to Ha’aretz, the Obama administration will set up a group of 5 consultant-canvassers who will be in charge of having talks with the local intermediaries in order to prepare negotiations or agreements at a higher level. Those 5 people will be in charge of the various Middle-East files. We immediately think about Iran, Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or Iraq. But the newspaper quotes the names of Collin Powell, Dan Kurtzer, Martin Indyck and Dennis Ross (who would assume as well the coordination of this group).

The architecture and the composition of such group are very interesting. There’s a great concentration of specialists of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict such as Dan Kurtzer and Martin Indyck, two former ambassadors in Israel. Kurtzer is nearly interested in the revival of the peace process and Indyck is a supporter of the Israeli-Syrian dialogue.

An Israeli-Syrian rapprochement would be a setback for the mullahs setback for the mullahs. Washington plans to deprive Teheran from its asset of Lebanese-Palestinian nuisance in order to weaken it diplomatically. In the meantime it’s carrying on to weaken it economically with its unilateral sanctions. Its objective is to impose to the mullahs an agreement in accordance with its interests, an agreement that is essential to ensure the American hegemony in the oil field. The team of the 5 super American emissaries will be in priority in charge of taking the mullahs regime from the rear.

However in order to be successful they have to achieve two challenges (the Israeli-Syrian peace and dialogue), that explains the strong presence of the American friends of Israel who will be in charge of obtaining concessions that may be painful for the Israeli leaders.

That explains also the choice of Dennis Ross as a coordinator : he is close to the Jewish institutional lobby of the AIPAC and he belongs to the WINEP Think Tank, the coordination organism that manages the whole steps (pressures or incentives) that are susceptible to encourage a policy change from the mullahs.

The necessity of an agreement with Teheran doesn’t really modify the Iranian policy with the United States but the architecture of the present alliances and notably its relations with Israel.

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