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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG - Oct 29 2008 | Within the framework of secret negotiations and exchange of emissaries between Teheran and Washington, the United States attacked the Syrian territory, a raid that was wrongly interpreted as a warning toward Teheran. Such nano-reading doesn’t distance sufficiently : it was not question of a warning but it was the kick of a fetus who aims to become a giant.

Such interpretation results in a lack of geopolitical vision ! When all experts were mentioning an impending attack of Iran, we wrote then : Iran is not Iraq ! There is also some ignorance of history : this means the links between the mullahs in power and the United States : the Americans contributed to their power seizure ! Besides they wish that the power ends up to laic Islamists such as BaniSadr or the Iranian National Front. However the mullahs allowed the Americans to eliminate the Shah whose regime was a major obstacle to their project of destabilization and balkanization of the Middle-East and Central Asia. In 1979, the Americans needed such destabilization and they still need it nowadays : this is why they attacked Saddam and not the mullahs whose regime is a regional actor of destabilization via its militias and the Americans wish to get those militias as allies.

The Americans will do anything to preserve the mullahs even if it means admitting reluctantly a certain role into such revolution in order to justify the dialogue resumption and make their citizens acknowledge an agreement that is introduced as a necessary historical continuity.

The Americans even ask to the famous fake opponent Abbas Milani to write the history of Iran in their way ! For its part, Teheran works also in this sense with the production of an unreleased official version of the revolution in which the American fellow feeling toward the Islamic revolution is mentioned (the website “planète non violence” edited one of those versions that were committed by Omid Memarian, a notorious agent of the mullahs’ regime).

It’s not the same thing for Syria whose integrity doesn’t suit the Americans. Washington wished to create a super Kurdish State, the first milestone of its project of balkanization of the region. Such balkanization would blow up inside the OPEC and restore the oil market to the great American companies that are privileged by the American military presence in the region. The new created countries would be small and weak and would need the American military protection. The American empire whose death was announced by each one is even not born. It is in gestation (in the mountains of Kurdistan).

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Syria that pretends to join the American camp is irritating this one because it chose Russia. It is attacked. The warning was for Assad. In the meantime, visas are given to the emissaries of Teheran in order to get an agreement with its regime. Such agreement will change the balkanization axis. Iran is spared for a while that leaves to the beginning empire a single issue toward Syria. Things are changing also on the side of Afghanistan, a pivot territory to trouble the Muslim territories of China. Blocked in Iran, the empire accepts to dialogue with Taliban. It is adjusting but without the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the empire would not exist.

We remember that at the moment when the Europeans were criticizing the invasion of Iraq, Brzezinski, the designer of the empire, spoke to claim that a so-called American stalemate in Iraq would ring the knell of the United States decline. The naive Europeans swallowed such story and avoided to go to Iraq which has been given away de facto to the American makers of empire. The Americans also relied on their expert friends, members of the European think-tanks, who repeated tirelessly this agreed truth. The Europeans are nowadays remote out of Iraq.

America that was playing to the wounded empire set a financial trap for its adversaries encouraging them to finance its so-called announced decadence. It just inflicted a sizeable punishment to the ones who hoped to live handsomely thanks to its debts.

In 1979, the Americans founded the bases of this empire but their plan has been thwarted by the mullahs who were protected by the British and then by the partners of Europe. This time, the empire cannot resume its expansion because the Americans learnt of their failures : to not rely on third-parties (they just mauled the bank systems of their whole adversaries) and to not focus on an obstacle (Iran). The Bush administration led this project to its most unexpected limits : to resume for the time being the empire expansion without Iran.

However Washington doesn’t forget its case : the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Bush entered in contact via a secret mail with the mullahs in order to normalize relations and that he would announce it after the presidential elections. Regarding Iran, the Bush administration remains loyal to the initial plan of Brzezinski : to normalize relations, to encourage widening and the democracy can restart from scratch its 1979 project with the same actors (without the mullahs) in order to lead into a transition government with a great presence of federalists. It’s not surprising that the mullahs claim that they didn’t hear about Bush’s secret mail. They are clearly hearing the caterpillars of the empire’s invisible army. And this is only the fetus of a giant.

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