The Bush administration didn’t manage to reach out an agreement of the mullahs before the 4 November and also couldn’t make Assad break with the Hezbollah even with the promise to be returned the Golan. The Republicans needed such victories to reassure their donators but also to help their candidate McCain. However even if he preserves his chances due to his conservatism, a quality that is estimated in crisis time, the diplomatic failures of the Bush administration have also an ambiguous influence on the Iranian politic of the United States and as well on the regime itself.

During those past three months, Washington multiplied the occasional attacks against the mullahs. There were limp attacks followed by agreement offers, and Teheran always refused to play constantly with those lines in order to force the Bush administration to reconsider its clauses.

The end of the Bush mandate put an end to the hopes of the mullahs because from now on they will have facing them an interlocutor who will dispose of a 4 years delay, which excludes any revision of the agreement clauses : a return to the project of transition of the mullahs Islamic republic to a pro-American Islamic republic that is based on the Iraqi model with the help of fake Iranian opponents such as Ahmad Chalabi.

It is question to find back this model of Islamic republic that Americans wished to impose to Iran in 1979 through the support to an incongruous Pack that was composed of Nehzat-e Azadi and Jebbeh Melli’s soft Islamists, People’s Mujahidin (OMPI), who put down the balkanization of Iran into the constitution of their party, and Iranian leftists who used to be also separatists. The objective was to decompose Iran from the inside in a democratic way ! However this much noisy Pack was deprived from popular support and the American had to come to terms with anglophile mullahs in order to get popular support. The mullahs kept the power and cut the umbilical cord during the storming of the US embassy where they helped themselves to numerous files of American links and bribes that were paid to other co-revolutionaries, particularly the Pack members.

30 years after, the Americans didn’t give up to the project of balkanization of the region and since 2005 they reactivated the Pack or at least its remnants in Berlin. The following year the Pack met in London and in June 2007 in Paris. This stopover in Paris was fateful to the Pack as until then it was acting in the greatest secrecy and denying having projects of Iran break-up, a project that was extremely, that goes without saying, entirely unpopular in Iran. In Paris the Pack hit a snag : some sympathizers of our website put at our disposal the names of the 72 participants and among them several separatists who are militantly in favor of Iran’s disappearance and the region’s balkanization (that is so useful to the foreign oilfield companies) in the name of the people’s self-determination right.

No meeting took place anymore in June 2008 and the Pack disappeared to reappear under a new name : The Progressive American Iranian Committee ! For the time being the Progressive American Iranian Committee (PAIC) is solely composed of media people from Mujahidin movements and there is among them a certain Hassan Dai who owes his fame to articles that were edited by the US mullahs’ lobby. Such articles were very detailed but they avoided dropping other American pawns such as Abbas Milani or the Bush administration itself that is however greatly involved via its main ministers.

This is a new departure to review the casting and redefine the visible objectives of the Pack (in order to avoid its collapse after the Paris meeting). There is anymore no project of regime half-change or transition via Iranian chalabi. The PAIC declares itself in service of the international community and the Iranian people.

The PAIC calls to a consolidation of the sanctions against the mullahs as long as they will not respect Human Rights or as they will be a threat for the international community. The threat against the international community implies the nuclear activities and the Hezbollah. The objective is obviously to deprive the mullahs of their negotiation assets. Without such assets, they have to accept the American deal without flinching. It’s at that precise moment that the PAIC will become again the Pack.

Regarding the nuclear threat, there is a funny detail : The Mujahidin are the ones who broadcast the (American) satellite images that are supposed to prove the existence of a military nuclear program in Iran. This is a perfect combination ; from now on the Muj (MKO) will be present under a fake identity at all stages of process as the progressive spokespersons of the Iranian people !


The PAIC logo is in the effigy of the Iranian flag with the Lion and the Sun. This flag is commonly used by the patriots but also by the People’s Mujahidin : another fake identity to attract the patriots into this shady game and in order to restore the ancient project of 1979 federalist Islamic revolution.

The criterion of Human Rights respect for such progressive organization dispels any doubts regarding its objectives ! The PAIC criterion of Human Rights respect is not to condemn the Charia but to require the release of the ones we would qualify as fake opponents who are figures from the Pasdaran militia and that the regime jail to make them up a political career of dissident. The PAIC is not interested in the condemnation of the decriminalized pedophilia but solely in the people that are manufactured in Teheran and promoted in Washington on the Voice of America channel, the only one that is broadcasted in Iran with no regime jamming. So we’ll be entitled to media operations around fake student dissidents, fake Islamist feminists etc !

Besides the harassment regarding the nuclear plan or the fake dissidents’ protection, the PAIC devotes itself for second mission of denouncing the regime’s lobby people into the United States. Actually it’s question to pave the way for the lobbying action of the mullahs in the United States in order to make them stay into the limits defined by the White House. The proof of such statement is that the PAIC has as a member a certain Bahram Moshiri, a self-declared historian who is linked with the Mehregan association that is financed by the astronaut Anousheh Ansari, one of the persons in charge of the mullahs’ money laundering in the United States. The funnier thing is that Hassan Dai, the preppy Muj president of the PAIC, denounced recently the Mehregan institution ; however he accepts one of its main contributors (another contact bridge with Teheran).

Still, last but not least, the final objective of the PAIC is to promote dialogue with Iran ! This means that the American give the choice to the mullahs. Besides such objective was the one of the AIC, the mullahs American lobby, an association that was the subject of the articles of Hassan Dai, the PAIC president. The (American) PAIC replaces the (Iranian) AIC ! Thus the American took back the monopole of an agreement initiative.


Bush’s failure to enter into an agreement with the mullahs didn’t modify the American objectives but it solely strengthened the position of the Mujahidin who were nearly sacrificed on the altar of an agreement with Teheran. This strategy will fail such as the previous one mainly because the Iranians are hostile to separatists, Mujahidin but also fake dissidents. That will be 4 years more of suffering for the Iranians who will have to undergo the Charia laws without the new Pack and its Iranian counterparts show themselves to help them. Such choice closes also the access of the true opponents to the American Medias.

As revenge such Muj choice that portends a blocking at every level made the Russians less worried as they were afraid of an immediate agreement between Teheran and Washington. They decided to not apply the reprisals for the Buchehr delivery. They just announced that they would be able to deliver to Iran this power plant as they know in the meanwhile that the mullahs will use it as an evidence to continue their anxiogenous activities ; such activities will generate very high tensions that will come out on the choice of new sanctions (as it is wished by the Americans and their PAIC pawn). This will be a golden opportunity for Moscow to strengthen its presence in Iran in the role of the elder brother.

Consequently the failure of Bush to enter into an agreement with the mullahs is firstly a political failure and he is reviving a new cold war in which Iran was formerly an ally of the United States and is from now on the enemies’ side. There’s nothing surprising : Washington persists in a project of balkanization that is an inheritance of the cold war.

In geopolitics, there are inevitabilities : they are not political but geographical. It’s the definition itself of such science : geography itself cannot be modified in theory and defines the selection of political alliances. Thus by its position and its borders with the East and Russia, Iran must necessarily keep its neutrality : this is what was doing the Shah and what the Americans didn’t want within the framework of the cold war.

They decided to modify such geographical data : to achieve this, they eliminated an ally to replace him by separatists and finally they found themselves with an enemy who stands up to them using the asset of Iran’s geographical composition and the interest that represents its unity for the other great world powers that are adversaries of the United States.

If each country is the bearer of a geopolitical fate, the United States due such fateful return to a new cold war (that is greatly contrary to their interests) to their political will to carry on with that absurd project, inheritance of the first cold war.

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