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Iran: Obama chooses as colister Biden, a great friend of the mullahs !

That’s official, Joseph Biden [1], the pro-mullah senator, will be vice-president if Obama is elected. Such nomination is important, especially before this election.

Every Iranian living in the USA know that the past election campaign of Joseph Biden were backed financially by the Islamic charitable association of the mullahs’ regime (IMAN.org), which is based in California, and by the Silicon Iran network.


Joseph Biden | The United States and Iran : Is Confrontation Necessary ?


In return, the senator did his best to help the mullahs. First of all, as President of the Congress Foreign Affairs Commission, he always expressed in favor of the recognition of the regional role of the mullahs, recommending a greater Iranian involvement in Iraq’s affairs. This is the disagreement point between the mullahs and Bush administration and it caused the failure of their both common agreement plan, which encourages Washington in increasing the economic sanctions in order to push the mullahs to give in on that precise point.

Biden did his best to help the mullahs so they avoid such sanctions: thus he was one of the 16 senators who voted the law classifying the Pasdaran and the 130 companies they control on the list of terrorist entities.

Otherwise, the law against the Pasdaran was voted, however Biden appeared as a valuable ally of the mullahs, ready to compromise in order to avoid the closure of the currency pump. Although currencies are cruelly lacking in Teheran, such nomination sounds like the promise of the lifting of the sanctions that are against the Pasdaran and the opening of direct and bilateral negotiations. This would constitute an implicit recognition of the mullahs as main regional interlocutors of the USA.

Thus the democrats contact in mullahs to dissuade them to close a pre-electoral agreement with the republicans through the allusion of a much brighter one through the intervention of their obliging Joseph Biden.

All this seems quite nice but the mullahs know that pre-electoral promises don’t last for long. Once in the oval office, Obama will close no agreement that will be in unique sense and contrary to the US interest and objectives in Middle-East and Central Asia.

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