These last few days, all those for whom the Mullahs’ regime is a regional necessity, a useful factor for the American supremacy in the Middle East and Central Asia, have spoken out to affirm the absolute necessity to pursue the dialogue with Tehran. The two most significant interventions came from Bush, the number one decider in the US, and from Brzezinski the designer of the re-islamization of the regime under democratic pretexts.

The general idea | Brzezinski is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations, the crème de la crème of the American Think Tanks ; in which high profiles from political institutes, influential industrials and bankers meet to decide the future of the planet. The CFR’s project for the Middle East and Central Asia consists of balkanization of the region through the mushrooming of diverse ethnical and religious groups.

The real goal is to weaken the Chinese regional power by barring it access to the oil resources of the Middle East and Central Asia. It also consists of exposing the western regions of China to Islamic activities in order to create chaos and engage this region into an ethnic and religious civil war, in image of the Afghan civil war ignited by USSR. This latter diabolic plan having been also designed by Brzezinski, an exploitation of the Afghan fanaticism that he admits being the father of proudly.

The balkanization of the region is an indispensable element of his project, for it would ultimately weaken OPEC and restore the exclusive exploitation of petrol to American and British oil companies. The independent Kurdistan within Iraq is a perfect example of a partial success of the American regional balkanization plan. The Iraqi Kurds in power claim to be nationalists, while acting otherwise : they are in no hurry to become a member of OPEC and have been selling off their oil concessions to foreign companies in exchange of a “Certificate of Democracy.” It is interesting to note that the CFR is actively lobbying for a tripartite division of Iraq.

Pakistan | Bush, his entourage and the CFR (Iran’s Vali Nasr being one its members) are also pushing their balkanization agenda in Pakistan by inviting General Musharraf to give up power in order to organize “democratic elections” and leave the head of the country to a non-military elected president. This would lead to a civil war, as George Friedman underlines in a recent article in which he stresses the important control that Musharraf has on the Islamist elements of the army and that his role is essential in the cohesion of the Pakistani state. By eliminating Musharraf the Americans will weaken the military the only opposition to anarchy and the division of Pakistan into 5 separate states, 4 of which would be Islamist.

Despite the evidence that the so called free elections would push the Islamist forces to power, the US and their puppet Benazir Bhutto insist on the necessity of the democratic path. One can only remember that the US also backed democratic elections in Palestine, which led to the victory of Hamas and the end of the peace process with Israel. Unfortunately, advised by elements close to the CFR, Sarkozy is also backing this suicidal option that will result in an important instability in a region close to China and India.

Iran | In 1979, an identical project eliminated the two national factors of cohesion in Iran : the Monarchy and the army. A Monarchy could not be divided therefore they had to transform Iran into a Republic [1].

In this new Republic, the power was to be given to Islamic-federalist party Nehzat Azadi and its armed banche the Islamic-Marxists of the MEK. However, since they did not have a popular base, they changed the revolutionary axis to Islam in order to mobilize the faithful masses. The aim being that the Islamic-Marxists would adopt a Federal system and divide Iran into numerous ethnic religious regions. The plan did not succeed for the Mullahs having a better network kept all the power. The Islamic-Marxists since affirm that the Mullahs stole them of “their Revolution“.

The hope of an Islamist-leftist regime still exists and can be reactivated if the Mullahs would accept to hold true free elections in a goodwill act towards democracy. In case of an overturn of the regime, the Islamist-leftists (who have evolved into liberal pro-American activists) would still have no chance of gaining power, since they lack a popular base in the country. That is why the Americans will preserve the Mullahs who are the only capable of organizing such biased elections.

The American scheme is simple : they will propose free elections under US monitoring. As a result of these elections political agitators will take power and decide to go in the direction of a federal state and divide the country into ethnical religious regions. In the past we have seen the results of this balkanization policy in Palestine, we are observing it right now in Iraq, and it is only the beginning, for Pakistan is the next country in line…

The particular Case of the Iranian Nuclear Crisis | After Brzezinski’s conspicuous intervention, insisting on the necessity of a renewed friendship between the Mullahs’ Iran and the United States, we were served with three other remarked interventions this week from members of the Council for Foreign Relations.

The first was by Henry Kissinger, who took advantage of his visit to Moscow for the Russia-USA Forum, to declare that a military strike against Iran should not be considered. That on the contrary a dialogue should be installed in the same mode as the entente with North Korea --- . Bush himself has mentioned this approach that evidently has no geopolitical logic, but to justify in a politically correct manner, the necessity of an off-basis entente while awaiting the return of the Islamist-leftist federalists to power in Iran.

John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, the authors of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007), are two other members of the CFR to have expressed their wish for an entente with Tehran through a pro-Mullah article published in the French newspaper Le Figaro this week. The article entitled “Iran : Towards an Unnecessary War ? “ the authors reassured us of the good intentions of the Mullahs. They believe that the Mullahs do not meddle into Iraqi affairs, that Hezbollah and Hamas are not a threat to stability in the Middle East and that Ahmadinejad’s statements on the eradication of Israel have been badly translated ! Since the authors’ biographies do not mention any studies of the Persian language, one is perplex of their semantic analysis of the Iranian president’s statements.

It is obvious that the US is tempted to sacrifice their ally Israel in order to succeed in their balkanization projects in the Middle East and Central Asia. Despite the fact that Israel has always followed US policies in the region, even the dangerous division of its neighbours in the name of peace, it may awaken too late only to witness that the balkanization of the Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia was a more important agenda to the US than the Israeli-American friendship. It is time for the nations of this region to establish a certain degree of solidarity, including Israel, if they do not wish to disappear in a near future.

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[1The balkanization of Iran | In 1979, the Islamist-Marxists of the time who had the favour of American and European media criticized these two obstacles : the army and the King. They were against the Shah, they refused his offer for free elections and only wanted his departure from Iran ; they criticized the army and demanded its neutralization. They were applying a scheme dictated by Washington. Today, the same Islamist-leftists have diametrically changed their position and do not wish that the regime be overturned. They only demand a slight democratization of the country. Amongst these Islamist-Marxists turned into pro-American Liberal Muslims, we can cite Ladan Boroumand, ex-Maoist and former partisan of Bani-Sadr, who in a recent program on Voice of America, demanded the democratization of the Mullahs’ regime, but clearly expressed his hostility against its overturn.