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Iran : A turkish sandwich in Tehran

The Turkish Prime Minister, Rajab Tayyeb Erdogan, is in Tehran. Before his arrival, he took a very hard line on the pet hates of the mullahs : Israel, France, Sarkozy. From his arrival, he expressed his support to the mullah’s right for nuclear enrichment. He also criticized the 5 greats which have nuclear bombs and prevent others from having it. Since two days, the man to whom Obama expressed his support to enter Europe became a clone of Ahmadinejad without necessarily triggering any critics against the White House. He is obviously on a recommended assignment. But what is the secret message of this speech ?

Since two days, Erdogan says what none of the US Muslim allies ever dared to say ! He repeats the slogans that made the mullahs’ success into the Arab world : right for nuclear, right for the bomb, departure of Americans out of the region. His popularity rating may undoubtedly speak to skyrocket. This is not his intention. He simply plays the part of a sandwich-man : he is currently showing to the mullahs that America can tolerate such speech. The condition is to become its regional ally. Erdogan’s message is : Look at me and do as me !

Into this advertising trip, our sandwich-man arrived in the company of his spouse who was duly covered but not with a chador. She was seen getting off the plane in the company of her husband but she disappeared quickly from official photos. The message is again : Look at me and do as me ! Play it in a way to appear less misogynous ! It’s easy. America may then forget to talk about female condition and Sharia.


At last our sandwich-man arrived such as the previous time with promises of investment, promises that also remain dependant on the end of the contentious issues with Washington. Among those promises, we can quote the completion of the gas contract for the phases 22, 23 and 24 of South Pars deposit to which the American big brother added an extension of USD 4 billion to make the mullahs restart the phases 6 and 7 that have currently broken down because of a lack of capital. We also told about a Turkish-Iranian gas pipeline that was already promised in 2007, about Nabucco or else about the creation of a free-trade zone close to the Turkish city Igdir in order to let the mullahs purchase or sell apart from any regulation on oil products, electricity or any bankable product !

Unfortunately for Americans, it’s almost sure that the mullahs won’t pay attention the nice recommendations of their Turkish friend because they know all the same they didn’t take the power in the same circumstances than Erdogan.

So to “do as him”, they should organize real elections that would be opened to any candidate and then Washington would be able to give the power in Iran to its own Islamist pawns who may come from this regime or not. Thus Washington will need to wait for this day or even for any other different agreement with the mullahs. It’s not tomorrow it will benefit from the mullahs’ perversity and from the Pasdaran’s know-how to destabilize every oil-producing and Muslim region it covets : Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus and Xinjiang.

As it is almost certain of the failure of this appeasement Turkish initiative, in the meantime Washington mentioned the impending adoption of a new sanction against Tehran. The committee of bank operations of the American Senate would sanction any company that would invest in the building of gas pipeline in Iran or that would lend it a tanker to deliver its oil. This is a small measure because the number of concerned companies is small or even nil. This is a warning. It will be voted this Thursday, a date on which Tehran will make known its negative answer to Washington’s previous appeasement initiative -an offer of exchange of 75% of its uranium stock against nuclear fuel.

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- Iran : Un sandwich turc à Téhéran
- (28 OCTOBRE 2009)

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