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Iran : Ebadi rewards a defender of the sharia

At the moment that Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, the former recipient of the prize, Shirin Ebadi, attributed her Human Rights Defender of the Year Prize to Ayatollah Montazeri. Montazeri was one of Khomeini’s first lieutenants and a partisan of an Islamic state based on the Sharia. This political choice was completely occulted by the Western press. | Deciphering |

This summer, in order to block the talks with the P5+1, Tehran imagined the Green Movement, a so-called popular opposition that contests the legitimacy of the leader in charge of the negotiations, Ahmadinejad. An international support of this movement would have legitimized the protest and would have de facto invalidated Ahmadinejad making negotiations with him impossible. Tehran was obviously hoping for Obama’s backing of the movement. However, the Americans having read into the Mullahs’ game did not fall into the trap. But the Iranian people took advantage of the situation to take to the streets and contest this regime in its totality. We then heard the two leaders of the Green Movement, Mousavi and Khatami call on the Supreme Guide to chastise with great severity “the agitators and the looters !” This uprising did not win the support of the western governments for they see the regime as an excellent economic partner.

Despite the lack of western backing, this uprising greatly embarrassed the regime. It decided to continue its promotion of the Green Movement without demonstrations, limiting the risk of the situation getting out of control. The Mullah regime changed its strategy by staging arrests followed by a very mediatised intervention of one of its own leaders, Karoubi, who denounced rapes of the arrested Green Movement prisoners in an occult detention centre of which we have no images (since it was a mystification.) Overnight, Karoubi, a former corrupt chief of the organisation in charge of remunerating those who led the regime’s terrorist actions and assassinations became the hero of the Green Movement !

At the same time some 400 Twitter animators of the Green cause started proposing the “courageous” Karoubi as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Fake opponents that the regime has “placed” here and there in the West joined this concert of praise in order to influence the Nobel Committee to nominate the old Mullah Karoubi for a prize that would have legitimised the Green Movement and its contestation of Ahmadinejad so helpful to the regime. Tehran placed a lot of hope on this nomination, for the press was giving light to this possibility, and six years earlier, the Nobel Committee close to the Norwegian oil giant Statoil had attributed its Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi, an active partisan of the Islamic revolution and its application of the Sharia.

By attributing the prize to Ebadi, the Nobel Committee helped Tehran to ameliorate its image and the Europeans ameliorate its economic relations with the Mullahs. In the Karoubi case, they had nothing to gain, for a prize would have blocked the negotiations, which would have been very detrimental for business. We thus escaped from a Nobel Peace Prize for the Green Mullah.

By according Karoubi a vast mediatised coverage (despite his gloomy past) and then by refusing him the Prize, the West also signalled to the regime that they appreciated the Green Movement as the expression of a democratic evolution of the regime (excellent for business,) that they were willing to dissimulate the past of its leaders, but did not appreciate the blockage mechanism that it contained.

This was followed by a Western media boycott of the Green Movement to calm Tehran. The tendency has changed recently, for the Obama Administration had decided to use the argument of “an internal political chaos” as an excuse to postpone newer sanctions that could lead to the regime’s demise. For the U.S. strategy requires to maintain the Mullahs in place, useful elements in their agenda for the Mid-East and the greater Central Asia. The Western press had since given great importance to a microscopic activity of the Green Movement in Iran. The U.S. media acted strongly by placing Mousavi’s wife, Zahra Rahnavard, in the third position of this century’s greatest thinkers, despite her ultra-Islamist works and her position as the head of a training centre reserved for Western terrorists ! Time magazine has recently acknowledged that it could name Iranian demonstrators as its Person of the Year.

Tehran immediately adapted itself to the change by exiting Karoubi from the scene for the moment and by pulling Montazeri out of its surprise box, a well-appreciated cleric in the West. The Mullahs have also been negotiating underground with their historic British ally who have been accompanying the Green Movement from the beginning in order to ruin the chances of an Iranian-American entente extremely detriment of their oil interests in Central Asia. The House of the Lords attributed its Global Defence of Human Rights Award to Shirin Ebadi on Wednesday December 9, 2009. The next day, Ebadi nominated Montazeri for her own Defence of Human Rights Prize, an appreciated cleric in the West engaging the Occidental governments to acknowledge his merits and therefore legitimize the Green Movement.

The choice is not innocent for Montazeri is the author of the Islamic system in power (the tutelage by the Supreme Guide) and its legitimization would be a confirmation of the Western recognition of this totalitarian regime. It is interesting to note that Montazeri a partisan of the execution of Christian converts from Islam has made laudatory speeches on Khomeini, of the regime in place and of the Sharia as a vector of freedom ! However, the regime has replaced this incriminatory tone by a softer one that press services such as the Iranian branch of RFI (Radio France International) have been diffusing lately.

Despite all these efforts, we found no trace of the Ebadi Prize in the Western media. It’s a blackout in opposition to the latest Mullah ruse to gain legitimacy for the Green Movement in the West as a political strategy to block negotiations and provoke a warring escalation that would force the U.S. to back out from an entente. But it has been to no avail, for even their most loyal allies, the British remained silent in an effort not to appear on their own way.

Discouraged by the boycott, the regime attempted a buzz by announcing the restitution of Shirin Ebadi’s Nobel Peace medal in order to send the journalists her way. One more failure, for the boycott remained. To attract the media, Tehran will soon imagine a new scenario in which Ebadi will once more be a victim.

The West must be biting their nails in impatience of the next scenario, but they owe it to their choice of using the Green Movement as an excuse not to impose newer sanctions on the regime. There is no possibility of an entente with this regime or any of its accolades be it Shirin Ebadi, Ayatollah Montazeri, Khatami or the others.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : Ebadi récompense un défenseur de la Charia
- (12 DÉCEMBRE 2009 )

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