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Iran : The terrible Ban-Ki Moon’s congratilations

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 13 2009 | The General Secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, congratulated officially the Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad for his June reelection : from now on the latter is officially the Iranian interlocutor of the Security Council.

Three weeks ago, Shirin Ebadi called Ban Ki-Moon for going to Iran to support the green movement of Ahmadinejad’s legitimacy contesting. If Ban Ki-Moon would have accepted to go away on this trip, he would have admitted the absence of legitimacy of the elected president. De facto, he would have made any negotiation worthless. He then would have blocked dialogue according to Tehran’s wish.

For the past three weeks, Tehran didn’t save its strength and its imagination to force any member of the international community to bring its support to this contest that is introduced as a great moment of democracy. As it failed, it bet on a trial of the supporters of this fake protest and it gave a rough ride to foreigners such as Clotilde Reiss to liven up the spectacle. As it didn’t obtain the expected effects, on Monday 10 August, Tehran mentioned some prisoners’ rape to obtain humanitarian support for persecuted protestors as an alternative to the political acknowledgment that is refused to Mussavi..

On this Monday 10 August, Tehran exceeded definitely the limits : Ban Ki-Moon understood he could not shut up for longer for fear of legitimating the protest. The same day, he sent written congratulations to Ahmadinejad by acknowledging him as the sole legitimate interlocutor of the Security Council, the organization that is in charge of the nuclear file with Germany’s participation.

Besides the congratulation text is concentrated explicitly on the necessity of a dialogue since the general secretary expressed the hope that Iran “will cooperate closely with UNO regarding regional ad world issues.” This means that on the 15 September Tehran will give its answer to the Six by avoiding to mentioning any internal crisis.

Those congratulations are also a liberating gesture for the UNO because from now on this organization and its subsidiaries will be able to criticize Tehran and its ostentatious persecutions that are supposed to snatch some international support for Mussavi. Thus this is a double setback for Tehran, a double misfortune.

Besides Tehran understood the danger because it backtracked about the authenticity of the rapes that were committed in jail. The regime emitted a denial through Larijani who is supposed to be a moderate but also Ahmadinejad’s so-called sworn enemy. Other people who made a statement about violation of Human Rights will take their word back and the regime will then announce prisoners’ release.

From now on, Tehran will need to find quickly an unheard solution to refuse dialogue on the 15 September. We can bet they will bring about some international crisis in the Middle-East unless hopeless mullahs opt for the radical solution of releasing the president’s position to organize new election with very uncertain outcome -a repeated situation.

The french version of this article :
-  Iran : Les terribles félicitations de Ban Ki-moon
- (13 AOÛT 2009)

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