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Crash : Iran doesn’t dare to accuse Moscow

After several crashes of Russian planes in Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Transport “yesterday forbade local air companies to purchase Russian second-hand planes”. The regime doesn’t accuse Russia of selling its old heaps to Iranians. It accuses Iranians of purchasing anything. This is a slight difference that shows the privileged ties between Tehran and Moscow.

Russians are Iran’s main providers of weapon, plane, truck, train and nuclear. They are also very reliable allies to prevent sanctions from getting hardened. In exchange, they sell off their stocks of old civil and military equipment to Iran and they ask to the mullahs to block any pipeline that would open up Central Asia in order to keep this great oil producing region for themselves. Such demand is counter to Iran’s commercial interests.

If Tehran contents with this unequal and unfair deal, that’s because it does well out of this : of course Russian diplomatic protection but also investments that defies American sanctions and make Tehran able to go on standing up to the United States by remaining hopeful that its need to access Central Asia makes it yield.

That’s why Tehran found a particular expression that doesn’t accuse Russia although repeated crashes raised some psychosis mood among Iranian plane users and some anti-Russian feeling among every Iranian. This is the reaction of a regime that fears sanctions and notably the gasoline embargo that is expected in September. This is the reaction of a regime that is much more fragile than what we believe.

The french version of this article :
- Crash : L’Iran n’ose pas accuser Moscou
- (19 AOÛT 2009)

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