© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – June 16 2009 | There was around one million and a half people in the streets of Tehran, which goes beyond the mobilization abilities of the regime for its mandatory demonstrations of the Revolution’s aniversary or the anti-Israeli day. Iranians would be following the request expressed the day before yesterday by Reza Pahlavi saying they should take advantage of the situation to show they reject the regime.

Few days after the announcement of Ahmadinejad’s victory, the regime organized itself supposed demonstrations in order to snatch from Americans an intervention in favor of the losing candidate that would have triggered the disapproval of every actors of the regime as a sign of interference into the democratical affairs of a sovereign State, a pretext for a future refusal to dialogue with Washington.

The operation was supposed to involve the opponents in exile and mostly the very popular Reza Pahlavi, a fervent supporter of a referundum for a change of regime, into a very logical process in which he would end up defending a person that is as unpopular as Rafsandjani and who is introduced as the leader of the contestation of the ballot results.

We then talked about some trap because the operation left him few alternatives but he managed to avoid the trap reducing the protest to the field delimited by the regime. Via two messages in Persian that were greatly broadcasted on the net throught a network of volunteers, he stated that he understood the disappointment of those who voted for Moussavi but that it was necessary to change the regime to leave a process being visibly sterile. As conclusion, he called Iranians to take advantage of the situation to « impose their will to a regime that is more and more divided and perceived badly in the world ».

The result of this responsible speech was the demonstration of Tehran that gathered together 1.5 million of unknowns who don’t belong to the 30,000 walks-on of the regime in this city. On the strenght of an amateur video that was made on the spot we notice that there were people in their fifties, i.e. those who made the revolution thirty years ago and lost everything. We see clearly that those people avoided to wear the green color clothes or accessories of Moussavi to such a point that those wearing some are a minority. What is even more surprising is that we see people wearing red color to be clearly distinguished from the Moussavi people ! Another revealing sign : those Iranians didn’t chanted those phoney slogans stigmatizing Ahmadinejad but that avoid criticizing the rest of the system.

We see also they they were hiding their face because the cops in civilian clothes that were disguised in demonstrators were filming the scene with their mobile phone. The crowd was peaceful and walked at top speed while the militiamen remained passive. Actually, Reza Pahlavi allowed Iranians to gain consciousness of their numerical strenght.

The latest slogan of yesterday was the call for a general strike, this other project of peaceful and civic disobedience defended by Reza Pahlavi. According to our information, the Bazar of Tabriz that got problems with the regime last year already started to strike. We also notice confrontations in every big Iranian cities -Ispahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Mashad, Tabriz and Rasht.

To give strenght to our compatriots, Reza Pahlavi broadcasted yesterday at the beginning of the afternoon his third press release to salute their presence and remind that he will be « their defender on the international scene ». He also spoke to the contingents of police to tell them « to not forget that those demonstrators who are in the street faced to them are their brothers and sisters who fight also for their own rights, the rights of the bassijis ». He also reminded to our compatriots that « the condition to restore their sovereignty was to not give up the fight and remain standing up » .

Few hours before, his mother, the Chahbannu Farah, very popular in Iran, also spoke to the contingents of police « as a mother and Iranian to encourage them to not use violence against their brothers and sisters ». She also reminded « the importance of solidarity for a national resistance that would make succeed the claims of freedom and justice ».

According to the Iranians in the country we contacted, the most important was « to overcome fear. Everyone think that others won’t give up ».

This mobilization is the result of public hangings, public humiliation scenes of suburban kids who were accused of small thefts, the role of the regime into drug diffusion and the leaders’ wheeling and dealing that destroyed the economy and the employment.

Faced with this quiet strenght that kept at bay the contingents of police yesterday and that promised a general strike, the mullahs’ regime decided to use agitators in the crowd to create incidents and open fire so to break the will of future anti-regime gathering. At least 5 people died, among them Kasra Sharafi, Mina Ehterami, Kambiz Shoai and Mohsen Imani.

During three days, so-called young people burnt buses or motorbikes but the regime didn’t shoot : it was necessary that people who are not from the regime go down town to do so ! Other difference with the two first days’ stages and yesterday’s walk : a strange lack of video images ! Although the regime opened the gates of YouTube to put at stage the protest of the two first days, this time it blocked communications.

Worried by the electoral future of Moussavi, the regime will undoubtedly claim responsibility for this crowd. It will be a way of coming even more numerous with more explicit slogans. This is a great day for every Iranaians : a day to gain consciousness of their strenght. They will know soon who are their friends or enemies in this regime or even outside the borders of Iran. This crowd that Reza Pahlavi qualified as « combatant and very capable ». showed its ability to overcome its fear, it needs now the support of free States. They will have to forget pretenses such as Moussavi, Khatami, the ballot’s validity but also their contracts in Iran so to invest on Iranians and solely Iranians.

Until now, this implicit request of Iranians remained disjointed : we don’t hear France, Italy and other trade partners of Iran. The worst example is given by Obama who avoids to mention the subject of people support and only wishes to speak with Khamenei to talk about the ballot and with this vague hope of agreement with the regime. However voices are raising in United States, some Americans criticize this attitude that is unworthy of Barack Hossein Obama.

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