© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – June 12 2009 | Last week we denounced several articles of the French press in which journalists published sentiments wished by the mullahs to give the illusion of a democratic State. In parallel with the tireless efforts of Delphine Minoui and her alter ego Marie-Claude Descamps, there are journalists who can be mistaken : we think it’s the case of Vincent Jauvert, great reporter of the Nouvel Observateur who decodes with talent international news on his blog.

Visibly talent is not sufficient : it is also necessary to know a little bit the contexts. In a note dedicated to the elections in Iran, Jauvert mentions an « exciting survey published in Washington on the initiative of a left think-tank, New America Foundation. »

Jauvert writes : We discover there the mind of the Iranian population, its aspirations, and its view of the West. The main results are as follow :

Ahmadinejad gathers the most vote intentions on the first ballot (34% against 14% for his challenger Moussavi) but as long as he doesn’t exceed 50%, there will be a second ballot in which everything remains possible.

The priorities of Iranians are as follows : economics (90%), free elections (87%), press freedom (84%), relations with the West (75%), support to the Hamas and the Hezbollah (60%) and at last nuclear weapon (49%).

52% of Iranians are favorable to the fact their country disposes of the atomic weapon (40% against).

But 70% would accept to renounce to it in exchange of economic help and international investments.

60% are favorable to unconditional negotiations with the United States.

62% are hostile to any recognition of Israel. »

The results are strange. There is a very simple explaination : the New America Foundation is not a left think-tank but a think-tank that is partially financed by the mullahs via a very rich Iranian person who cannot justify the origin of him wealth. We discovered him on the occasion of researches on a similar person : Anusheh Ansari, this billionaire Iranian who went in the space to shake together the flag of the Islamic Republic and the one of the United States and a Kuran to encourage Bush to dialogue with Iran. Her project failed thanks to this website and the diffusion of our investigation on the world scale by a small opposition TV channel we don’t know. At that moment, we discovered in the wake of Anusheh Ansari a small number of very rich Iranians who also display favorable positions for the mullahs. As we followed their trail, we discovered charities and research centers and also New America Foundation in which one of them was sitting : a certain Nushin Hashemi -she is not the only one Iranian of this organism.

A small study of this organism made us discover a surprising fact : New America Foundation is at the origin of a majority of press articles or expert appraisals that recommend dialogue between Tehran and Washington on the base of necessary American concessions.

We should not see there an anti-American initiative because the very rich representative of the mullahs, the board of directors of this foundation counts among its members Francis Fukuyama who is one of the pillars of a dialogue with Tehran and also the person responsible of the attribution of State Department support grants to the Iranian fake opponents that are sent by Tehran to the United States to promote the culture of dialogue and appeasement.

As we know this, the content of this survey dug out by Jauvert shows another meaning : it is not about what Iranians think but about what Tehran could decide if the United States would accept a dialogue on the base of Tehran’s requests.

Actually it is not matter of a report of the opinions of Iranians but an Iranian-American operation to prepare the American opinion to some concessions to allow Obama to live a great romance with the mullahs in Central Asia.

Let’s read again this survey that seeks to sound the limits of the American opinion !

According to New America Foundation, « 62% are hostile to any recognition of Israel ». This is how the lobbyist authors of this operation seek in convincing the American opinion to renounce to this demand according to the respect of the sovereign people of Iran !

However the nuclear issue is negotiable ! According to New America Foundation, « 52% of Iranians would be favorable to the fact their country disposes of the atomic weapon (40% are against). But 70% would agree to renounce to it in exchange of economic help and foreign investments ». This clearly shows that the nuclear issue is a way of haggling while the refusal to recognize Israel is the main line of the regime. Further than this, this founding element of the regime remains under the form of the loyalty of 60% of Iranians to a support to the Hamas and the Hezbollah !

We must precise that this support is extremely unpopular in Iran and this statement doesn’t show what Iranians really think but what the regime wants, i.e. assert that it will never renounce to its nuisance power in the Middle-East and in the Muslim world.

The think-tank also mentions the possibility of a reelection of Ahmadinejad who would have twice more votes than his moderate adversary, which is an invitation to respect this person…

New America Foundation is not the only one channel of promotion of the mullahs’ regime in the United States. This manipulating regime is much aware of the democracy simulation and disposes of other means to twist the opinion round. It is necessary to be vigilant to not be fooled. We have to consult. Or else we can, such as Vincent Jauvert, help to mullahs with no intention to do so !

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- (12 JUIN 2009)

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