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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – April 22 2009 | The Geneva conference was marked by the new speech of Ahmadinejad on Israel and the boycott of various delegations in protest in this obsessive speech. The fact to not analyze this speech would be a mistake : this speech is not an ideological obsession but a tactical necessity for a vaster plan.

The Western medias remain obsessed by “the mullahs hatred against Israel” and they don’t take into account the fact that such threat is above all a mean of pressure against the United States and also an easy way to appear as a charismatic leader of the Arab street.

Israel is a survival tool for the mullahs’ regime. However the strength of its approach lies in its ability to frighten, but solely to frighten with the intention of obtaining concessions for itself and not for the Arab street. Tehran uses Israel but also the Arab street for its own needs : survival.

In fact, this survival is threatened by the Americans who sanction heavily Tehran to make it involved despite it and in the name of its supposed interest for the region’s stability in a dialogue and appeasement process to force it to accept a compromise on nuclear and geopolitical field. The mullahs’ regime has the choice between terrible sanctions and an appeasement that would prevent it from being the threatening agitator.

It happens that both annoying choices offered by Washington are linked with the Security Council of the United Nations. Washington gets the legitimacy its sanctions out of the UNO resolutions that are against the Iranian nuclear program and the geopolitical compromises that Tehran avoids concern the Hamas and the Hezbollah, two organizations that have a brush with 3 among the 5 permanent members of the Security Council.

Tehran decided to attack those both non-choices from the root by criticizing the privileges of the Council -among them the veto right- to initiate a debate that would call into question the legitimacy of the Council and then the legitimacy of its past resolutions. But it happens that among the past resolutions, there are those protecting Israel, a subject that is much more unifyingthan the Iranian nuclear program. Once again, Tehran intends to use Israel and the Arab street for its own survival needs.

Such complex ambitions were impeded by the departure of the European delegations. Nobody listened anymore to the speech of Ahmadinejad and some people even wrote their article by assuming that he disclaimed once again the holocaust or called to destroy Israel. But Tehran took care to censor its controversial points from the speech in order to format it according to its ambition to call into question the Security Council. Its disappointment was therefore huge because it has been deprived from such a tremendous opportunity to initiate the debate in front of all the cameras of the whole world.

We forecasted that the regime would launch into a quest for new occasions of this type. Ahmadinejad gave the game away and confirmed such need. In an “improvised” speech he made in front of loads of “students” who came to welcome him, he announced that he would go “personally to every international conference to not let a small number of States speak in place of the international community as they do so since more than 50 years !” Nevertheless he added that if he would be regularly boycotted, he would organize the necessary conferences in Iran.

However things are not as simple as it is implied by “Ahmaghinejad”. If it’s true that Tehran wishes to squat the international meetings to do its little act, it can only initiate the debate within the UNO framework and in the presence of a big majority of member countries. Moreover Ahmadinejad went to Geneva because he was there undesirable. When it is question of a conference in which its presence is desired, Tehran shilly-shallies to not participate because it is faced again with those both non-choices : accept and make compromises or refuse and be sanctioned.

We can mention that in spite of Ahmadinejad’s promise made during his improvised speech, the regime lost an extremely rare opportunity to launch its quick-witted response against the adversaries of its nuclear program. Unless it organizes its conference with Muslim members who would stand up for its cause -which is not obvious because of the Saudi hostility to its leadership, at the moment it is again as it was on the eve of Durban 2 faced with its both annoying non-choices.

And then ? | We will then assist in a resurgence of the obsessive attacks against Israel in order to stir up the Arab street and then urge the reticent States to participate in a next conference in Tehran. The first gesture of the mullahs was to offer to the 200 jurists from the Member States of the Islamic Conference Organization the creation of an “international Islamic Criminal Court to struggle against the war crimes and the genocides that are perpetrated by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip”.

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