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© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – April 16 2009 | When the Six announced a dialogue free of the previous condition of an enrichment suspension by Iran, Ahmadinejad announced the continuation of the nuclear and ballistic programs of Iran in the name of its acknowledged right to enrichment, which got on Washington’s nerves. The White House denied that it ever considered such a dialogue with Tehran : actually it put off the inevitable !

Before its election and right after, Obama offered the mullahs a dialogue with no previous condition of enrichment suspension. He positioned this offer within the framework of the new age American diplomacy but the mullahs knew that such peace and love evolution was the result of a geopolitical necessity : the access via Iran to Central Asia, a key region for the future of the United States. So they hoped to make money from this passage in exchange of a regional role in the Middle-East which would be synonymous of a lift of the sanctions against them on the grounds of their support to terrorist movements, the Hamas and the Hezbollah.

But when Obama mentioned a dialogue with no previous condition, he solely renounced to the requirement of enrichment suspension but therefore without freezing the American sanctions that heavily penalize Iran. The fact to accept the dialogue and the compromise into such conditions would have been for Tehran synonymous of being defeated by the American sanctions. By accepting to make this first step, Tehran would also justify the sanctions that are against it as well regarding the nuclear technology as its support to the Hamas and the Hezbollah. By justifying such sanctions, Tehran would prove de facto the Americans right, who classified the Hamas and the Hezbollah among terrorist movements. Accepting the hand held by Obama would amount to a capitulation on all line. Tehran then understood why Washington has appeared so indulgent faced with its excesses and why it hasn’t stopped to renew anyway its offer of dialogue !

This is why Tehran refused and still refuses by varying the themes of refusal and that’s why Washington eludes the Iranian provocations by continuing to renew its dialogue offer.

Under Bush, the arm-wrestling between both of them would have materialized into sanctions, military operations and attacks. There’s presently a second arm-wrestling that would this time materialize into words, denials and dodges.

A week ago, Tehran mentioned lightning nuclear progress : Washington purely and simply denied the facts. Yesterday, Tehran evoked the pursuit of its nuclear and above all ballistic programs that are presently sanctioned by Washington with the hope to defeat the great dodge of Washington. But instead of reacting on the speech of Ahmadinejad, Washington reacted on an article of the New York Times regarding the giving up of the enrichment clause that pretends it would never consider a dialogue without previous condition with Tehran but that it could make a gesture to satisfy the demands of concrete concessions from the mullahs !

This is the dodge par excellence : Washington occupies the media space but it pushes the vice until ignoring superbly the words of Ahmadinejad to not be forced to sanction the mullahs.

Beside this approach that is deliberately evasive, there is the necessity of a pact with the mullahs in order to access to Central Asia but also to control the main Islamic agitator of the region. However Washington doesn’t confine itself anymore to avoiding any reference to the sanctions. We just learnt in the Iranian medias that it offered to make invest two great American motor companies in the SAIPA, the motor company of Rafsanjani, in order to give the boss of the regime a foretaste of this wonderful pact.

Conclusion | Washington offers secretly its presents and retains its sanctions with a lot of rhetoric. It’s in the meantime brilliant and absurd because this doesn’t change anything to the heart of the matter -Central Asia/Hezbollah- and mostly involves Tehran on a field in which it is the strongest.

As an answer to those real encouragements, Tehran took again a defiant attitude on the field of its adversary : it mentioned a packet of new Iranian proposals for the “solution to the Iranian nuclear problem and the great conflicts in the world”, a packet that is conceived by Ahmadinejad and of which we’ll have a foretaste during his explosive intervention at the “Durban 2” conference !

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