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Syria and Iran signed on Thursday 8 draft treaties that are about several fields (energy, medias, health, custom) and they decided to create a fund to finance investments in both countries.

The Iran-Syria alliance is as vital for Teheran as for Damas. Without Syria, the mullahs’ regime would be unable to supply the Hezbollah with weapons and such militia that ensures the interests of the mullahs in the region would lose its influence and also be defeated and controlled according to the American will.

Without Iran, without the Hezbollah and without the mullahs’ interference in Iraq, Syria would stop being a small regional power and Assad would even be overthrown by the Americans.

However Teheran needs more Damas than vice versa. Thanks to its geopolitical position, Syria will always be a key country to control the Near East.

That’s the reason why, even if they are weakened by the American target sanctions, the mullahs pet this unique and irreplaceable ally by giving it new presents.

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- Iran : Pourquoi les mollahs chouchoutent la Syrie
- (9 MARS 2008)

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