© IRAN-RESIST.ORG - Nov 26 2008 | The Washington wish to dialogue with the mullahs in order to get an agreement has never been so visible since the publication of the latest report of El Baradei : as this one mentions sufficient quantity of highly enriched uranium and related ballistic researches, the American officials ignore persistently the warnings of the AEIA to put forward the possibility of a dialogue… At the same time, Washington undertook a media sapping in order to justify and unmark such dialogue with the public opinion.

Such task were entrusted to experts who are actually American or Iranian lobbyists and who are at work since several years to better the image of the corrupted and bloody regime of the mullahs and to make such improvement facilitate the normalization of the diplomatic relations, the dialogue resumption and finally an agreement that would strengthen a regime that is in trouble since its birth.

Conferences were programmed, most of the time reserved for journalists. The most important of them was the organized meeting in November by the “Council on Foreign Relations, a non partisan organism” that works permanently on the future lines of the American diplomacy and whose guru is Zbigniew Brzezinski , the main adviser of Barack Obama and the author of the Arch of Crisis project from which the Taliban and the mullahs’ regime were born. The conference gathered together the fake journalist but true spy Akbar Ganji and some of the boarders of the Council such as Barnett R. Rubin who is also the director of the Studies Center of the New York University.

At the same time of this first initiative, there were also public conferences that were addressed to the student circles (fabulous spreading vectors via Internet). The most important of them will be held on the 3rd December… at the New York University with the following theme :
Iran-US relations : Imagining a New Paradigm
with the participation of the collaborators of the Council (Elizabeth Rubin, Barbara Slavin).

Many Iranians are already mobilized to make sure that this disinformation conference doesn’t go smoothly. They forget that the fight is lost in advance because Washington and especially the incredible and sprawling Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) already started to undertake their media sapping in the American press but also in the European press.

A first article was edited in this sense this week in Le Monde ! Corine Lesne, the correspondent of this newspaper in Washington, met experts who explained to her the subtleties of the Iranian issue.

Every of them are seasoned lobbyists who are involved since years into the process of improvement of the regime’s image and the minimization of its faults. All of them without exception recommend the dialogue with the mullahs. We count there two Iranians and three Americans from the Council of Foreign Relations. Corine Lesne offered them the columns of Le Monde for their lobbying activities avoiding at any moment to mention the career of each one or some compromising document.

The first of Corine Lesne’s list is James Dobbins, ex special correspondent of the Bush administration in Afghanistan who shares its opinions about the ineffectiveness of the war or the sanctions regarding Afghanistan in order to promote the dialogue option. The option of “ex of the Bush administration” is supposed to prove the impartiality of Corine Lesne. Unfortunately, this is solely a half truth : Corine Lesne conceals an important point of the resume of that “expert”.

James Dobbin (member of the RAND Corporation) was one of both initiators of the call that was launched last April to Bush in order to get the holding of a dialogue free of precondition with Iran. The call has been recently renewed and Kouchner reacted negatively. If Lesne avoids to mention this important point that justifies the presence of this “expert of Afghanistan” regarding the “Iranian issue”, it’s because the co-author of this initiative was a certain Thomas Pickering, member of the board of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC or AIC), the main organ of pro-normalization lobbying that is financed by the big American companies and among them Halliburton.

The second person questioned by Corine Lesne is rightly a NIAC member ! This is undoubtedly a coincidence. On this website, we are acting in order to make this organization known and due to this purpose we edited articles on its two main spokespersons Trita Parsi and Houshang Amir-Ahmadi. This is the reason why this organization that acted in strict secrecy for a long time changed its interface to put forward a certain Goli Fassihian.

After she offered the opinion column of Le Monde to this representative of a dialogue that would favor the American companies on the detriment of the European ones, Corine Lesne handed over to Karim Sadjadpur from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the think-tank that is partner with the NIAC and specialized in the financing of the fake Iranian opponents.

Sadjadpur is an Iranian linked to the IPIS, the center of studies and conferences of the Iranian ministery of Foreign Affairs. This center organized the revisionist conference about the holocaust. Sadjadpur is the author of a recent work that praises the intellectual and moral qualities of Khamenei, the supreme guide of the mullahs’ regime. He even organized conferences to blame the Clinton administration for having tried to get around the guide, who always had the last word, in order to talk with Khatami. Even if the remark is partially based on this, we should not trust the sentiments of such lobbyist of the regime. His task is to cover the maps since he asserted the contrary in 2003, id est the interlocutor is the president and not the guide. Sadjadpur tells whatever the regime asks him to tell.

After Sadjadpur, Corine Lesne, an apprentice lobbyist, handed over to Joseph Cirincione who would be according to her one of the “informal” advisers of Barack Obama regarding questions of proliferation. However this is not everything. An important element of Joseph Cirincione’s resume is missing and this is an element which gives him an unequaled credence in Washington : Joseph Cirincone is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Dobbins, the NIAC, Sdajadpur who is close to the IPIS and finally Joseph Cirincione… they are big references of the pro-mullahs lobbying we find in this article that is not much to look at. There’s also a newcomer : Clifford Kupchan, Iran specialist of the Eurasia group, a strategic consulting private firm that was created by a certain Ian Bremmer (ex-Hoover Inst., ex-Carnegie), member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Council recommends this firm and its reports to its interlocutors.

Thanks to an article that aims to be non-partisan (such as the Council), Corine Lesne introduced to the French opinion of selected experts two Iranians who are linked to the mullahs (who cut hands and hang minors) and three Americans ; all coming from a same organization but pretending to not know each other. It’s besides those three last ones who were authorized to conclude this article that looks like an opinion column.

Corine Lesne writes : Quid of the negotiations under the European aegis ? Sanctions ? They are barely mentioned. “Iranians are fed up to discuss with the subcontractors of the USA” [1], says M. Kupchan. Is the negotiation over ? “Maybe not. But it’s under artificial survival”, answers M. Cirincione. “The Europeans may be upset, says M. Dobbins. However if the problem is solved, they will be probably glad.”

Here is the main mission of this lobbying : convince the Europeans that it’s good for them to be hunted out of the Iranian market by the Americans. However it’s not a coincidence if it’s Corine Lesne who wrote this article. Corine Lesne knows well Trita Parsi, the NIAC director, and Brzezinski, the Council guru.

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[1In our past articles, we often stated that the mullahs didn’t wish to discuss with a subcontractor of the USA.