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IRAN : Kouchner, Obama and the prerequisite free dialogue

A group of twenty diplomats and Middle-East specialist academics recommended Obama to forget the military option and start negotiations with no prerequisite. The call had been launched in the days following a speech of Bernard Kouchner that warned Obama against such dialogue. There are two important points to specify : the much-touted group of experts is very linked to the American Iranian Council, the mullahs’ lobby in the United States and the head of the French diplomacy is on the wrong track : the offer of a Obama dialogue with no precondition won’t be accepted by the mullahs. Explanations.

During his mandate and in order to bend Teheran to his will and impose it an agreement in accordance with the American interests, Bush imposed heavy sanctions against Iran on the pretext of its nuclear activities. For its part, in accordance with its blackmail methods, Teheran refused to lift the veil on its true nuclear capacities as it hoped to use the latent threat of an escalation in order to obtain the American capitulation and an agreement in accordance with its own interests.

Those both strategies became a trap for both parties as they blocked any possibility of early dialogue and thus any possibility of agreement : Bush couldn’t give up the prerequisite condition so he would have been forced to give up his selective sanctions and he would have lost immediately any way of pressure on Teheran. On the other hand, the mullahs couldn’t accept a verifiable suspension that would contradict their nuclear expectations.

In these conditions, Teheran was quietly set up on its denial because the bad role was given to nasty Bush who didn’t accept any liberating compromise. The coming of Obama turned upside down this daily routine : Obama offers a dialogue with no prerequisite conditions. However the absence of conditions to get the resumption of a dialogue doesn’t change the bottom of the problem, id est the clauses of an Iranian-American agreement. Such clauses are diametrically opposed since Washington wants an agitator ally (a docile regional pit-bull) and Teheran simply wants an unrestrained agreement.

Thus Bernard Kouchner shouldn’t worry. The offer from Obama of a dialogue with no preconditions won’t be accepted by the mullahs. They don’t wish a dialogue with no preconditions but an unconditional agreement !

But soon the roles will be reversed thanks to this Machiavellian offer of a dialogue free of preconditions. The mullahs’ refusal will be more than suspect opening the way to a military option that is the supreme American means of pressure on Teheran. We’ll hear then the head of French diplomacy making the opposite speech and defending prior precondition-free dialogue.

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- Iran : Kouchner, Obama et le dialogue sans condition préalable
- (16 NOVEMBRE 2008)

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