The mullahs’ regime would prefer Barack Obama ! Here is a statement that could seriously harm in the democrat candidate who went to a lot of great trouble to deny links with the Islamic world. Would Teheran wish to prevent Obama from being elected?

This is greatly possible. Although the charming democrat senator always expressed his wish to negotiate with Teheran, the mullahs see in his shade the dark face of Brzezinski, the theoretician of the current American diplomacy. He thinks that America should take the control of the world oil reserves with the help of some friendly Muslim government that would declare by solidarity with the Chinese Muslims an embargo against China, the main economic adversary of the United States. The mullahs would accept to get an agreement with the Americans and their oilfield companies. However they wouldn’t like under any circumstances to obtain such a politicized agreement with the tough Brzezinski who gets also the mullahs own back since long time.

Litigation | Actually, since the election of Carter, Brzezinski started to implement his theory with the overthrow of Bhutto in Pakistan so to replace her by an Islamist who helped the Americans to set up the actions of the first Taliban in the neighboring Afghanistan. In Iran, for lack of Islamist servicemen who could overthrow the Shah, he formed a coalition of the Islamic forces in which he included the mullahs who were the only ones to benefit from a popular base and an organized (mosque) network. His objective was to use the mullahs to bring to power non-secular (non-mullah) Islamists such as BaniSadr (who was reinforced by the Mujahidin). However the mullahs kept the power and above all put an end to the American presence when they took the Teheran-based American diplomats hostage and confiscated their files.

Such hostage catch became one of the main stakes of the November 1980 elections. On the beginning, the democrats made several commercial offers to the mullahs such as weapon delivery or the restitution of the Iranian assets that were confiscated in the United States. But the intention of the mullahs was to break off with those cheat allies who wanted to use them so such offers failed. The mullahs’ regime asked officially to get the Shah handed over by Americans and above all into an American plane. The Carter administration couldn’t accept because it would have harmed its relations with Arabic allies. They could have thought they would be as well handed over in case of an Islamic revolution that would be stirred up by Washington.

In order to stay in control and keep on supervising the application of his theory, Brzezinski had to make Carter be reelected. So he found the way to hand over the Shah and the empress into an American plane and avoid dropping the Carter administration in this. This one granted the Shah to leave the United States to go to Cairo but it brought the plane to a standstill for four hours in the Acores in order to allow a Pasdaran commando to take action. The operation miraculously aborted due to meteorological conditions and due to a bad coordination with Ghotbzade, a former procurer in Paris who became the BaniSadr’s Minister of Foreign Affairs!

As Teheran was denying any military or diplomatic presents, the democrats even tried to arrange a rescue operation that also failed due to meteorological conditions. BaniSadr (the Washington choice for Iran’s future) who was the regime’s president at that time got the site bombed in order to eliminate any evidence of such ambiguous operation. Finally the mullahs closed a deal (that was negotiated by BaniSadr) with the Republicans in October 1980 and the hostages were freed less than a quarter of an hour after Reagan’s nomination speech on the 20th October 1980! This is how the mullahs made the choice of reason so to eliminate from their horizon the democrats and among them Brzezinski.

Strategy | Thus although they receive messages that are very conciliatory from Brzezinski and the democrats, the mullahs fear a vendetta. So they’d better prevent Obama from being elected and they made such statement at the moment when the Illinois senator was almost level with his competitor who was then advantaged by the crisis. In the meantime the political elimination of Obama on the 4th November would give an additional delay of 80 days to the mullahs and to the republicans in order to find an agreement. This is a double present from the mullahs to the republicans. But it’s a riskless present because they will use it as a friendly message if Obama is elected.

Appendix | The message was passed on to the medias by Larijani, the former golden-boy who is nowadays in disgrace and who is attempting to “come back” as he shows his loyalty to the regime’s survival. Such loyalty is being called into question because of his failed State blow and the links he tied with the republicans in 2006 via his trustworthy man, Mohammad Nahavandian, the current President of Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). As a volunteer to be a messenger, Larijani tries desperately to get himself involved in order to remain informed. The regime will certainly put him in his place.

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