© IRAN-RESIST.ORG - OCT 10 2008 | Ali Larijani, the Parliament president of the mullahs’ regime, is in situation of disgrace further to his effort to take the power without his mullah friends knowing. He is searching in getting back the kind favors of the regime so he is multiplying media statements. Larijani disposes also of the particular feature to drop clangers and say loudly what others say very low. In the past he held very interesting purposes asserting notably that the nuclear crisis was a pretext for the United- States “to force the regime to do whatever they want”. This time he expressed his great preoccupation regarding a Western reconciliation attempt with the Taliban.

Actually Larijani the idiot recalled the very big preoccupation of the regime regarding some reconciliation between the NATO Westerners and the Taliban. Indeed some meetings already took place, mainly between American and Taliban in Saudi Arabia via Navaz Sharif’s good offices, the former Pakistani Prime Minister, one of those docile and politically correct Islamists as Washington like them.

An agreement with the Taliban will pacify the Afghan territory and open a secured access corridor to Central Asia that will grant Washington the possibility to go without an immediate agreement with Teheran, or at least an agreement in which Teheran would dictate its conditions. This is equivalent in the continuation of American sanction policy until Teheran gives in all Washington requirements and among them some call the mullahs role into question on the pyramid of power.

This is a serious matter, all the more that to make such agreement possible, Washington assets that the Taliban broke with bad Al Qaeda! In pretext of negotiations regarding the IPI pipeline, the mullahs’ regime sent its Foreign Affairs minister to Islamabad in order to harvest information.

Although such agreement is still not confirmed, Teheran is panicking because it knows that the Bush administration is capable to promise the immunity and even the power to the Taliban in exchange of this incalculable access corridor toward Central Asia that would deprive China of a cheap and at its choice supply and also deprive the mullahs of their arrogance!

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- Otan - Afghanistan : L’Iran craint la paix avec les Talibans
- (10 OCTOBRE 2008)

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