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Hisham Al-Labadani, a close collaborator of the Hamas general secretary was forced out of his car and slaughtered under broad daylight by his attackers in a Syrian town. The Arabic virtual Medias put such assassination, as a retort of the General Sleiman one, the personal security chief of Bechar Assad, in the context of a war into the Syrian regime between the supporters of a an agreement with the West and the supporters of the continuation of an alliance with the mullahs. Although Mechaal is an ally of Teheran, such assassination aimed at him only and not at Teheran.

Recall of the facts. At the beginning of August, while the Syrian President Assad was in Teheran, the General Sleiman, his personal security chief was slaughtered. The murderers addressed a warning to the Syrian president. After he learnt about the murder of his friend and trust man, Assad went back from Teheran with a defeated face while his Iranian interlocutor, Ahmadinejad, appeared very smiling and pretty not united of the grief of his most important ally. The two men also didn’t recall the murder to accuse as usual Israel.

At that time we told about an Iranian lane and today such hypothesis of Iranian warning is commonly accepted among the Arabic websites. They assert that the assassination was aiming at restricting Syria in its opening search toward the West. Such conclusion seems slightly fake to us: further to an opening toward the West, Damas searches in becoming emancipated of Teheran.

Such emancipation is not riskless: Teheran provides freely oil and sometimes weapons to Syria and this one is being respected in the region thanks to Teheran’s allies, the Hamas and the Hezbollah. In order to replace suitably the mullahs, Assad turned toward Russia. It owns important energetic resources and it is in position of providing full panoply of the world best weaponry that would make Syria a neighbor that Israel should respect even more.

Besides Assad recently went to Moscow where he hold purposes that were greatly pro-Russian which let assume that the Syrian State leader searches in swapping the protection of the mullahs to get the one of the Russian, the historical allies of the Syrian baas party. Russians are fully conscious of the geopolitical interest of Syria and so is this last one: not only Syria can make them available a disposable land on Mediterranean Sea but also allow them to gain back the leadership of the region via the Hamas and the Hezbollah, freed by force from their link with the mullahs.

It’s in such context that the assassination of Hisham Al- Labadani happened, such as a warning aimed at Khaled Mechaal, a great mullahs’ friend. If it would be question of a murder carried out by Israeli services, we would have heard denunciations of Teheran but both remain mute!

The worries of Teheran are even more justified: it is maybe the end of a mullahs’ regional role. Khaled Mechaal and his friend Nasrallah, the Hezbollah’s leader, live in Syria: at the mercy of Assad’s men. Those both friends of Teheran are forced to choose between death or a pro-Syrian evolution of their movement.

Damas, that seems decided to go as further as possible into such emancipation, spot out its victory through the announcement done by Walid Moallem, its Foreign Affairs minister, of its decision to start direct negotiation with Israel, no matter what would be the results of the elections in Israel.

It’s a retort to Ahmadinejad’s smile after the murder of Sleiman, a powerful retort because Assad found a solution to the survival of his regime: an alliance with Russia (the cold war is coming back).

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