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Iran : Victory ! Polygamy won’t be eased !

If we believe Delphine Minoui, the mullahs regime press-core, the Iranian Islamic feminists, lead by Shirin Ebadi, would have managed to cause the fail of a new law adoption that would ease polygamy. Victory ! Polygamy won’t be eased and it will stay as it is.

It’s such a nice hypocrisy demonstration from Delphine Minoui and her supposed Iranian feminists. Such hypocrisy is due to the fact that each one signifies that the existing sharia law shows of a kind of equality that is not present in the new version. In that new law, the man must prove that he disposes of sufficient financial means to be able to marry several women even if in the sharia version, he would need the single consent of the previous spouses.

It’s pure hypocrisy because if the first spouse doesn’t give her consent, the husband simply has to repudiate her before throwing her in the street with no predisposition : the sharia gives him reason ! Polygamy is surely due to financial matter and find its origin into the prohibition for women to be financially independent. The eldest ones have to accept polygamy to not be homeless and without any pension (it is not envisaged by the sharia). The youngest ones are craving for this to escape misery and temporary marriage, such Islamic way of prostitution imposed to Muslim women is the main contributing factor that leads to a permanent practice of that activity (see the 5 part videos below).

As a revenge, for interested men, it’s the delight garden especially since the legal age of marriage is fixed at 13 years old. According to the regime statistics, there are still more than 900,000 minor spouses in Iran. Iran became a privileged destination for many pedophile from the Muslim world.

The hypocrisy of the supposedly friends of Iranian women (Ebadi or Minoui) shows different motivations. Shirin Ebadi and her feminist fellow workers from the State are supposed to prove that the sharia is compatible with associative action and feminism. The regime organizes shows such as this law – that changes finally nothing to the hard reality for Iranian women -, then they intervene to modify some clauses.

It’s at that moment that Delphine Minoui intervene in order to mediatize their action and explain that under mullahs regime, activist women dispose of the power to make fail the laws through associative action. All this is fake. Thise articles give a false image of the sordid reality that Iranian women faces and encourage true Western feminists to help, instead of Iranian women, the fake opponents such as Ebadi and her friends from the “1 million signature campaign” (such as the militiawomen Nasrin Afzali, Parvin Ardalan or the pro- Khomeyni poetess Simin Behbahani).

At last, we should precise that contrary to what states Minoui, the law project hasn’t been cancelled, it’s on the way to be adopted. However this doesn’t change anything to the situation of Iranian women: according to the sharia, marriage is a copulation contract and divorce doesn’t exist. The women denying such consent will be raped then repudiated. As a second hand woman, according to the appellation, she has to accept the temporary marriage continuity, until the day nobody will want her.






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