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IRAN – US : Obama adopts Ahmadinejad’s presidential Slogan

Defeated in New Hampshire, Barack Obama pronounced a speech in which he repeated several times: “Yes we can heal this nation. Yes we can repair this world. Yes we can.”

« It is possible and we can » (michavad va mitavanim) was also the leitmotiv of Ahmadinejad ! It is too many coincidences when we know that the foreign affairs adviser of the candidate Obama is a certain Brzezinski, the inventor of the Taliban and the designer of the alliance between America and the revolutionary Islam!
Recently, Brzezinski reminded the need for an agreement between Tehran and Washington. His efforts are not recent; in 2004 David Ignatius revealed in The Washington Post that he participated with Kissinger in meetings chaired by Jean-Louis Gergorin to encourage Jacques Chirac to continue the dialogue with Tehran...

Who is Brzezinski ? | Nothing is surprising; Brzezinski is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the agency that works on the future trends of the American diplomacy. In 1976, Brzezinski integrated the Carter administration in order to achieve his Arc of Crisis project co-designed with Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington. This project should lead to a reshaping of the Middle East and Central Asia and the sizing to power of Islamist groups that would have allowed Washington to create a combative front that could destabilize the Muslim southern provinces of the USSR and the east of China (the real economic adversary of the United States). The creation of the Taliban and the Islamic revolution of Iran were the two epicentres of the project.

Contrary to what we might think, the Taliban are not the result of the invasion of Afghanistan, but the opposite. The power in place prior to the invasion was already pro-soviet. Thereafter, in an interview granted in 1998 to the Nouvel Observateur magazine, Brzezinski acknowledged that since July 3rd 1979, according to its recommendation, President Carter signed the first directive on clandestine assistance provided by the CIA to the opponents of the pro-soviet regime of Kabul.
But Brzezinski had prepared the ground for the CIA agents to intervene on the ground. This preparation was the overthrow in 1977 of Zulfaqar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan, one year after the coming to power of the Carter Brzezinski team. Bhutto was replaced by Zia ul Haq, an Islamist who was totally at the service of the American project for the Islamization of the region.

In the same time, Americans began a campaign of destabilization against the Shah, to eliminate the main factor of stability in the region but also a regime that under its impulse was in a process of eradicating the power of Islam in Iran and to emancipate its alliance with America.

The objective of the Arc of Crisis project was a permanent destabilization of these regions, hence its name: Arc of Crisis, meaning "shock waves" that would undermine the other Muslim states and overthrow them to split existing countries into new ones – It is a kind of Balkanization of the region.



The objective was not to create an Islamic super state in Iran, but a group of ethnic states (Kurdish, Baluchi, Azerbaijani, ahwazi…), all Islamic (such as the current Iraqi model: Iraq divided in 3 with a non-secular constitution). To achieve this, it was necessary to eliminate the Shah and the regular Iranian army (guarantor of the security of the country). Thus, the Americans created an alliance consisting of all groups opposed to the Shah, all conducted by Islamic mullahs, but they did not expect that the mullahs took power in this group and drove other US pawns away as PMOI which had to propose a draft for the autonomy of the Iranian Kurdistan, the ante-room for the dismantling of Iran and the balkanization of the region. Today, times have changed, the mullahs’ regime is there and the Americans have to find a solution with this regime.

The Bush team tried to economically weaken the mullah’s regime, for a one-off agreement which would lead to a desire for an overture of Tehran. The idea was to organize free elections and the Americans hoped their federalists pawns would have the right to participate. In the same way, they undertook everything to weaken the Pasdaran militia, which replaces the regular army and represents a guarantee for the Iranian territorial integrity. Therefore, it makes no sense to celebrate its weakening because this weakening will be not followed by the liberation of Iran, but by its collapse and its balkanization.

The tie between Brzezinski and Obama | Apart from the fact that there is a continuity in the foreign policy of the United States and that the Bush team has applied the original concept architected by Brzezinski, the latter seems to have sensed the failure of the Republicans approach and prefers a rapid agreement with the mullahs in the absence of the implementation of the initial project, which is now dead.
Therefore, Brzezinski became active since 2004, through meetings with Chirac advisers, but also by signing a petition against the project of economic sanctions against Iran and finally by increasing the number of interventions on the absence of the danger for the Iranian nuclear program, the need for an agreement or the danger of a military confrontation. However, not having been heard although he was the architect of the Balkanization project and the alliance with Islamists, he decided to avoid a repetition of the Bush episode by dedicating himself with a candidate applying its rescue plan for the Arc of Crisis project without contesting his advice. This candidate is Barack Obama. He has Muslim origin.
In reality, if Obama is Muslim or apostate Protestant, if he was forced to go to the mosque when he was a child or not, or if his eloquence reminds the sermons that are taught in Coranic schools or not, it count but it does not matter: he is above all a symbol of indulgence towards Muslims, a kind of bridge. That is what Brzezinski needs to break the ice with Tehran.

"It is possible and we can", should be the Brzezinski’s motto! Specifically, his foal said, "Yes, we can heal the world. Yes, it’s possible". Imagine that as a welcome, Ahmadinejad (or his "moderate" successor) writes a letter to him to "repair the world". There would be a chance that the president Barack Obama does what he had already promised in his speech: to negotiate an agreement.

This agreement will look like a status quo. Hezbollah will keep its weapons and the mullahs will be reassured. The Lebanon will remain chaotic. Hamas could also save its face. As for the Iranian people, it must accept the situation and continue to freak out on drugs or escape from Iran. Israel will be not more at risk than it was during all the years of the existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The stakes of this agreement is that Iran becomes the ally of the United States to open an access corridor to Central Asia and its gas wealth so that the region ceases to provide China with oil or gas. Iran could also stop selling oil to China and finally the mullahs would cease to be the allies of Vladimir Putin who uses the Iran-Russia alliance to weaken the American presence in the Middle East and Central Asia regions. The name of this game is “who will lead the world”.

Obama and the other candidates | There is an important electoral machine behind Obama that is supposed to successfully conclude an agreement with the mullahs. All American oil industry who had gambled on Cheney’s group is interested in the potential of a dialogue with the Islam of Barack Hussein Obama.

It is tempting to believe that the Republicans (who are funded by the same oil majors) have agreed to sell hand: they put against Obama to a variety of insipid candidates without charisma. The only obstacle between the oil and arm lobbies who hope to recover the Iranian market is Hillary Clinton. If Obama pass this hurdle, it will be assured of victory in November 2008.

However, there is no reason to believe that the mullahs will accept the deal concocted by Brzezinski and proposed by Obama because ultimately the goal of the Americans is to balkanize the region and reduce the mullahs to a role of spiritual agitators. This project will reduce the field to an Iranian territory amputated of its rich soils in oil or copper. At the end, they will end up at the mercy of the United States and that the mullahs do not want it, with or without Hussein Obama.


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