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Iran : The "moderate" Mussavi knows how to talk to women !

According to the AFP, “the candidate to the presidential election in Iran, Mir Hussein Mussavi, committed himself on Saturday to reappraising the “unfair” laws towards women if he is elected on the 12 June”. This is the typical example of the disinformation that is spread by the AFP-Iran in order to give the illusion of a regime that is capable of being modified in a democratic way.

According to the AFP, in a speech that was made in front an average of 1,500 women in a sport centre of Tehran, the candidate Mussavi would have declared that he “would review every law that are considered as discriminatory and unfair towards women by presenting the necessary projects to the Parliament”.

AFP version is wrong such as it is proven by the front page of the daily newspaper “Islamic Republic” of which he was the first chief redactor. Mussavi said : “Nowadays, every solution to women’s problem lay into Islam !”


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Sometimes an image worth 100 fine talks but it’s also necessary to expose what follows the brilliant sentiments of this moderate candidate. Mussavi stated that “Iranian society is a religious society and thus feminist activist have the duty to seek advice from the old ulemas and ask them the fatwa that will guide them !”

He also specified that “the major issue with women is the image that exists in their mind as for their social role . In parallel with the necessary reforms, we need to change this - erroneous- image and then there won’t be any disparity problem !”

Into his long speech, Mussavi exposed around 45 measures in order to better female condition but every of them are “submitted to the conformity with the constitution of the Islamic Republic” which since its preamble restricts the Iranian woman social role to procreation. Maybe there will be laws but none of them will go against ulemas, the constitution of the regime that counts the most retrograde viewpoints of those same ulemas as regards Sharia.

This speech is eminently chocking. AFP flitted it and filled its news item by reminding the promise to withdraw the moral police patrols which is the regime’s recurrent slogan on the time of each election.

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- (2 JUIN 2009 )

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