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Iran : A kurdish sacrified on the altar of mullahs’ realpolitik

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – November 12, 2009 | On Wednesday 11 November at daybreak, the mullahs’ regime executed the Kurdish militant Ehsan Fattahian in the central prison of the provincial capital of Sanandaj because of his affiliation to an armed group. We found some implausible elements into his indictment case file and this makes us fear of some political operation.

According to the regime’s official version, Ehsan Fattahian, 27, was arrested last February at the border city of Kamyaran with other militants as he was holding weapons in his hand. If such version was true, then he would have been charged immediately with activities hostile to the regime and he would have been sentenced to death. However he was detained firstly for three months before he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. But at the end of his appeal proceedings that took place recently, his sentence was transformed into hanging due to the addition of new proofs such as the discovery of weapons at his home -his father’s home- which is very improbable because his father is currently at large.

Moreover Ehsan Fattahian was a simple sympathizer of the Komeleh, a Kurdish political party that doesn’t carry out anymore any paramilitary activity against the mullahs since around twenty years and rejects officially armed struggle through the Pejak, a Kurdish mysterious separatist group that was born in 2003 in Iraq under the aegis of the United States right after its arrival in this country.

All in all, the regime killed an innocent. But what is noteworthy is that it did it with maximum coverage into its own media. Right after the announcement of his execution, the Green Movement which owing to its pro-regime slogans finds it difficult to mobilize Iranians stepped in to defend the innocent Fattahian by promising to demonstrate in his favour. But here we are ! The Green Movement didn’t raise the improbabilities of Fattahian’s indictment file and it didn’t call for an immediate demonstration in his favour : it solely promised to dedicate its next demonstration that will take place in a month to the memory of the young Kurdish. Actually, it intends to exploit Iranian’s anger in order to mobilize the crowds it doesn’t manage to flock.

One month ago, the tandem regime-Green Movement played the same scenario : the regime sentenced to death Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani, a monarchist militant, and the Green Movement called Iranians for demonstrating in favour of his release at the time of the movement’s next demonstration within few weeks. They hoped for attracting this way the capital’s inhabitants who are very hopeful that the laic and progressive monarchy they knew before the Revolution will be back. Such attempt failed notably due to our efforts and Toloo radio’s ones. As it lost Tehran’s battle, the regime plays again the same scenario in Kurdistan with this time Ehsan Fattahian’s unjustified execution and with the hope for mobilizing Kurdish.

Fattahian’s case is particular but it’s not unusual. Generally there’s always some political aspect into prisoners’ hanging in Iran : it is question of intimidating the street. That’s why this never ends. Thus the regime acknowledged 5 new hangings on the 21 October : 1 case was Jundallah-related on the 2 November and 4 others on Saturday 7 November. Those executions we didn’t mention on this website and Ehsan Fattahian’s cynical murder, latest known hanging, bring to 266 the number of announced executions in Iran since 1 January 2009.

The french version of this article :
- Iran : Un Kurde sacrifié sur l’autel de la realpolitik des mollahs
- (12 NOVEMBRE 2009)

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