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Obama-Iran : The instrumentation of Mossadegh is a tactical mistake

In his Cairo speech to fasten the start of a dialogue with mullahs, Obama acknowledged the American contribution into Mossadegh’s overthrow in 1953. Washington implied that the Shah was an “American agent” in order to satisfy mullahs’ ego ! However calculation is wrong and such statement isn’t by far sufficient for Tehran. | Decodings |

Mossadegh, the true story | “During Cold War, United States played a part into the overthrow of an Iranian government that was democratically elected”, said Obama into his great speech made in Cairo. The name of Mossadegh is known worldwide but few people know his role into Iran’s history. He is known as the democrat Prime Minister who was overthrown by the king with the help of foreign powers. But Mossadegh was named at his post by the king who, in accordance with Iranian Constitution, was in position to depose him anytime : he thus didn’t need to call on illegal strength to make a coup against his own Prime Minister.

Actually, this is what happened : on the 15 August 1953, the king deposed Mossadegh who used to refuse any compromise with the West and lead the country to an unprecedented economic decline. But Mossadegh was supported by Shiite clergy, the street and also Bazaris who were then controlled by young renowned Islamists such as Navvab Safavi -close to Muslim Brotherhood- and he refused to bend himself to such order so to grasp the power with the help of his other allies : more than 600 army officers, every members of Toudeh’s communist and pro-Stalinian party. During three days, Mossadegh’s communist allies became the leaders of the street -a place dedicated to the clergy and bazar’s Islamists. Soviet troops were waiting at Iran’s borders to invade the country on the invitation of communist officers who hoped then to become the leaders of the country. The clergy got scared to assist in its Cristal Night and gave the order to its supporters -more numerous and more athletic than communist militants- to neutralize such danger by withdrawing from pro-Mossadegh coalition so to help the king’s loyal forces. In the absence of the real popular leaders of the street, everything toppled over within few hours and without any soldiering resort.

The American part | These historical facts were showed recently by 3 Iranian researchers whose books benefit from a great success in Iran. It’s Iranian street that deposed Mossadegh. However there was a double American intervention but this is not the one that is generally implied.

On the first hand, Americans informed Soviets that they wouldn’t tolerate any invasion of Iran which would launch thus an American response. On the second hand, they stepped in via their ambassador Loy Henderson with Mossadegh they used to know well because they helped him to hunt British out of Iran. Loy Henderson told him that he risked being the first victim of communist officers and he encouraged him strongly to not give out weapons to Toudeh’s cicil supporters. This is what happened. Nowadays this is one of the glorious points of his controversial mandate. Another American intervention held back Moscow which didn’t ask Toudeh’s officers to ignore Mossadegh’s refusal of weapon giving out and then try to make the coup.

Without such interventions, the street’s sturdy bosses wouldn’t obviously have lasted long faced with communist civilians’ submachine guns and Soviet tanks which were meant to back up.

However this is not what we can qualify as an active part into Mossadegh’s overthrow. On the one hand, Mossadegh was already over because of his own mistakes of alliance with powers he didn’t control at all. On the other hand, Americans intervened at high level to contain Soviets and prevent them from grabbing Persian Gulf and its reserves and not for Iran or the Shah they didn’t appreciate at all. Besides they have tried to overthrow him since 1961 to replace him by an instable military dictatorship that would have been easy to control such as they did in South America.

Instrumentation of Mossadegh | Despite those indisputable geopolitical realities –which are in the heart of the present region’s disorder- and the verifiable historical facts, the preposterous myth of Ajax operation is relentlessly used as a tool to please the mullahs. Such story that is full of rough geographical incoherence was initially conceived in the 60’s by American themselves in order to depreciate the Shah who had great ambitions that were in contradiction with American interests for Iran and the region in cooperation with non-aligned countries.

This story proved its efficiency when in 1979 Americans acted one more time to overthrow him. Such story permitted to mobilize a naïve international opinion as well as many pro-Western Iranians who made the historical mistake to take at face value the articles that came out about their country into the press of States that had interest in weakening it and replacing its educated elite by Islamist yobs who were ready to sell off everything cheaply in order to get wealthier.

Presently this regime is in a sorry state, they go out previous lies again. The myth of Mossadegh’s overthrow -and not of his collapse- is gaining life back with the pen of authors who are superficially leftists, pro-mullahs lobbyists, pro-agreement offices and journalists who draw their information from Wikipedia and not from Iranian specialist of this subject, every Mossadegh’s travelling companions [1].

Instrumentation of Mossadegh by Washington | Such come back, Americans already tried it under Clinton : at that time also, they used to organize chance encounters to exchange a hand shake in order to open dialogue and close a deal. Thus in 2000, Madeleine Albright such as Obama always mentioned with woolly word some American implication against Mossadegh. But later on, on the occasion of the publication of decommissioned CIA files about the year 1953, because their implication was phoney, they mentioned the loss of their files ! In the meantime they wooed Iran quite well. The most incredible episode was the hide-and-seek play into UNO’s corridors but Khatami refused to shake Madeleine’s hand.

The confession of American implication under Clinton didn’t permit to open any headway toward an agreement : this may not change because the object of discord between Tehran and Washington is not Mossadegh’s praise neither the Shah’s calumny but the recognition of the mullahs’ regional role via Hezbollah.

However, yesterday, since the end of Obama’s speech, there were no thanks about the declaration on Mossadegh but a virulent criticism formulated by the Hezbollah.

Tactical mistake | Americans mistook by thinking they would ease the game with the mention of their so-called hostile role against Mossadegh. Actually, the Shiite clergy on power doesn’t want pay tribute to Mossadegh such as a former ally who broke with Israel and forbid the sale of alcohol or mixed education to take the power. Through the example of Mossadegh, the mullahs are looking for making acknowledge the historical illegitimacy of the laic and pro-Western monarchy of the Shah so to make acknowledge their own legitimacy : the one of Islamist and anti-Western revolution and its results -Hezbollah. Obama did a big blunder : he just opened their appetite. He needs to go further, further from Mossadegh to Khomeiny.

It’s even more than a big blunder ; it’s an enormous tactical mistake : Americans hoped they would question the mullahs so they set on power a Khatami A. But Mossadegh was the symbol of the refusal of dialogue with the West. Tehran compares relentlessly its nuclear program to Mossadegh’s nationalization of oilfield and Ahmadinejad’s leitmotiv, the Justice -Adalat, is the word that was part of Mossadegh’s language.

Obama’s team just confirmed the right choice of mullahs to continue Ahmadinejad’s mandate for 4 years of refusal and provocations that will make Mossadegh appear as the champion of moderation.

PS | There’s no fatality in politics, solely wrong choices. Washington did wrong choice since 1976 with its project of green belt that aims to surf on the Islamic wave to disorganize oil-producing regions of the Middle-East, South of Russia and West of China. Such policy that pertinent theoretically is also inept pragmatically. It brought the mullahs to power as they hate their benefactors and decimated entire generations of Iranians. By not going further to those choices that make Obama shut up regarding Sharia’s horrendous crimes, America will destroy other lives and insult millions of Iranians without obtaining anything from the mullahs. It will need to admit its mistake to change its policy within less than three years. It will then change its interpretation on Mossadegh and the Shah.

As would say Orwell : “There are some questions that don’t need experts but solely men and women who know into which world they live”… So long as after this change, Iranians don’t forget in which world they live, or else they will repeat again the same historical mistakes.

The french version of this article :
- Obama-Iran : L’instrumentalisation de Mossadegh est une erreur tactique
- (6 JUIN 2009)

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[1Ali Mirfetros │ Jalal Matini │ Shemshiri –audio doc in Persian