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Iran : Each night, Musavi laments over Islamic Revolution

© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – August 14 2009 | During his candidacy time, every sentiments expressed by Mussavi arrived to us with drastically cut conclusions : the reason is that they were invariably much pro-Khomeini ! Such trend is going on thanks to our friends from AFP’s Iranian Bureau who are specialist in news that are favorable to the regime despite deplorable content.

Mir Hussein Mussavi, unfortunate candidate to the 12 June’s controversial presidential election in Iran, assessed on Wednesday that the recent news which put forward bad treatment inflicted on prisoners clearly show “the necessity of a deep change” into the country.

Into the version delivered by AFP’s Iranian Bureau which was recently called into question by Clotilde Reiss’s father because of its much pro-regime translations, Mussavi mentioned some democratic changes in accordance with the tradition of democratic initiatives of Iranian reformers !

First it’s necessary to specify that this reforming movement which was initiated by Khatami didn’t ask for any evolution toward a Western democracy but for a backward step to the precepts that were defined by Khomeini. It’s a backward step to the initial objectives of Islamic revolution. Besides this is what we find into yesterday’s Mussavi sentiments.

By “the necessity of a deep change” into the country, he meant that he would invite the children of the revolution to not make a spectacle of themselves so to please the revolution’s “foreign enemies”. Mussavi was surprised by the fact that “we try the children of the revolution into the same room than appalling counter-revolutionaries”, i.e. those young people who demonstrated in the street against the regime and who were killed -with his consent- by the regime’s snipers from the 15 to the 25 June ! However he specified that the organizers of the trial made most probably an error of judgment because according to him they are “people who sincerely care about the revolution”.

It was never question of any reform or democracy but, according to his own words, it was question of compassion for the revolution. This is because of such kind of speech and thanks to our interventions that since 3 days, Tehran nights are regulated with the shouts of “MARG BAR JOMHURI ESLAMI” -Death to the Islamic Republic- instead of “Allah Akbar”.


12 August 2009 | As they are put out by such slogans, the shouters of the regime try to cover them with the shouts of “death to the demagogue government” they yell into megaphones. However we still hear behind “Death to the Islamic republic”.


Iranians are starting to clean their speech. It’s time France does the same into AFP’s Iranian Bureau.

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