© IRAN-RESIST.ORG – JULY 20 2009 | The latest speech of Rafsanjani, that mentions a divine and popular joint legitimacy, filled with enthusiasm Western medias that from now on see him as the leader of the green movement’s young protesters. This is what several Iranian newspapers were happy about. However the ayatollahs who are the regime’s Islamist backing didn’t like this speech. Thus they summoned the culprit to Mashhad on the fringe of a yearly pilgrimage that is reserved to great ayatollahs.

The mullahs’ regime is in trouble : it always operated by denying any compromise with the United States, such attitude being eased by American intransigence. Since then, Washington reconsidered its strategy. Thus by inviting the mullahs to dialogue, Obama put them in a fix : so to avoid any compromise that would be perceived as a capitulation , Tehran decided to make again a new Islamic revolution to revive in a democratic and popular way this founding act of the Islamic Republic of Iran, an act that has been the first symbol of every choice that has ensued from it since 30 years. At the conclusion of this operation, the regime and his true political boss, Rafsanjani, would have denied any compromise by referring to the will expressed by young Iranians into their green revolution !

To do so, it was obvious that he would need to be one of the leaders of this revolution. So he started to adopt the language a revolutionary would use : a populist language. At the time when Americans mentioned the 2 months last delay before the sanctions reinforcement that the mullahs fear, the regime had to speed up the pace and back its sentiments in order to boost the process before the fatal deadline comes. Via every media means that are at the disposal of the regime, it encouraged Iranians to go down on the streets to pray behind him, which is according to Muslim tradition equivalent to the recognition of a cleric as a model to follow.

Iranians didn’t like such request and the propaganda services of the regime didn’t accept to modify the content of the calls by positioning openly as anti-regime and often anti-Islamic so to shake up this patriot and anti-mullah crowd which should be used as walk-on despite its will into the new Islamic revolution of the mullahs.

In anticipation of a human tide, Rafsanjani played for high sake on Friday’s prayer with a speech that ranked the legitimacy of people at the same level, indeed slightly above, than the divine legitimacy that is granted by the clergy so to get the power.

We didn’t see much of the crowd. That is why we assist in surge of calls for the reprisal of anti-regime demonstrations, i.e. millions of people in the streets. This is what worried old great mullahs : they fear that by necessity of result, Rafsanjani would exaggerate and the crowd would be present, not for a new Islamic revolution but to sweep the regime aside.

This is why he was summoned, the day right after his speech in Machhad, beside the calendar of yearly pilgrimage that is reserved to great ayatollahs. He will need to answer to powerful rivals such as Makarem Shirazi and mostly Safi Golpayegani who would have criticized recently every project that would consist in denigrating the Supreme Guide, the system’s keystone. The new revolution doesn’t seem to convince the old guard.

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